Episode:Ascending Sons of God (Part 3)

From Symmetry of Soul

Though mortal destinies do vary, there is no favoritism, in the selective operation of the divine plan of mortal survival. The Father engages each of you with an absolute love, thus providing every facility and all power for insuring your ultimate attainment of the Paradise goal of divine perfection.

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Keywords: Urantia, Destiny, Life After Death, Perfection, Paradise

Summary by Kermit

We finished the sections on Spirit-Fused Mortals and Ascendant Destinies.

Spirit-Fused Mortals

They fuse with an individualization of the Infinite Spirit upon resurrection on the mansion worlds and ascend up to the local universe level, where they become permanent citizens (with some exceptions), enjoying a universe destiny-heaven much like the one envisioned by our planetary traditions.

The reconstruction of their mortal memories was the topic of extended discussion and worth listening to the archive for a great lesson in cross referencing the revelation. Many of the details of this process also apply to Father-fused mortals, with respect to those mortal memories that have not attained the level of spiritual significance.

Ascendant Destinies

Here we see an interesting symmetry where, three levels of universe domain become permanently inhabited by one of these types of ascending mortals. The local universe becomes the home of the Spirit-fused mortals, the superuniverse is home to the Son-fused mortals and the universe of universe is the workplace of the Father-fused mortals. All of this pertains to the so-called finite age.

One result of these differential destinies is to be found in the accumulation of authoritative wisdom in the local and superuniverse domains. This wisdom then becomes crucial in the settling of these domains in light and life.

Some of the Son and Spirit fusers are selected for advancement to higher domains of service even the Paradise-Havona domain.

While the Spirit and Son fusers attain destiny in their lower domains, the Father fusers are still considered unfinished creatures, sixth-stage spirits.

We are told that these differential finite age destinies do not represent a preference of one group of ascenders over another. The Father’s love for his sons is not less than true, holy, divine, unlimited, eternal, and unique. The significance of these various ascendant destinies is utterly eclipsed by this love of the Father. Sonship is the supreme relationship of the creature to the Creator.

Along with the description of the absolute love of the Father for us and the glimpse of our destination, we are introduced to the idea of “obligation”-Ultimate Duty- that we should recognize all that has been provided for our ultimate success.