Episode:Bridging the Gulf (Part 3)

From Symmetry of Soul

There are no royal roads, short cuts, or easy paths to paradise. In the schools of the morontia life, we encounter sympathetic teachers and understanding ministers. These angels encourage us as we overcome procrastination, equivocation, insincerity, problem avoidance, unfairness, and ease seeking.

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Keywords: Angels, Heaven, Paradise, Gospel, Urantia

Summary by Kermit

48:5.1-5.3. The Mansion World Teachers

Deserted, but glorified cherubim and sanobim. A sense of loss they might experience and then they are left behind. Whereupon they may pass into the intimate embrace of the Universe Mother Spirit and go forth to the system training spheres as MWTs. Billions and billions of them.


MWTs teach in individual, group, class and mass training.

Mansion World schools schools of thinking, feeling, and doing (100 divisions each!) Constellation Worlds schools of ethics, administration, and social adjustment Universe headquarters schools of philosophy, divinity and pure spirituality

These schools ascend in sophistication, complexity from mansion worlds to universe headquarters. Thinking, feeling and doing patterned after the thought God, word God, and action God. Three fold pattern apparent, and key to reality.

118:5, p1299 mortal thought consciousness proceeds from the fact to the meaning and then to the value. Creator consciousness proceeds from the thought-value, through the word meaning to the fact of action. Train ourselves to see as God does.

We are challenged to view these groups of three disciplines in harmonized relationship as opposed to singly. Also, they correspond to another three fold pattern associated with the ascending levels. Pattern within pattern.

Mansion World realm = individuality Constellation = associativity Universe = unity


That which we fail to learn on earth must be learned from the MWTs. There are no shortcuts. They help us eradicate the animal vestigial traits: procrastination, equivocation, insincerity, problem avoidance, unfairness, and ease seeking. Postponement is in no sense avoidance! We can deal with these HERE. The road to progress. Effort, struggle, conflict, faith, determination, love, loyalty and progress. Time no longer available as a technique of dodging situations or of circumventing disagreeable obligations. Work on these NOW.

Those things we avoid here will be waiting for us on high.

P 118:1 p1295 Patience is exercised by those mortals whose time units are short; true maturity transcends patience by a forbearance born of real understanding.

The “morontia process” begins here. It’s one life, not a discontinuous existence.

They work here on earth.

The facets of cosmic character, patience being the foundation and gateway to cosmic character. Altogether, they are patience, altruism, tolerance, forbearance, fortitude and forgiveness.

84:7.28 p 941 ...The family is the fundamental unit of fraternity in which parents and children learn those lessons of patience, altruism, tolerance, and forbearance which are so essential to the realization of brotherhood among all men.

100:6.4 p 1100...The morbid recognition of human limitations is changed to the natural consciousness of mortal shortcomings, associated with moral determination and spiritual aspiration to attain the highest universe and superuniverse goals. And this intense striving for the attainment of supermortal ideals is always characterized by increasing patience, forbearance, fortitude, and tolerance.

140:8.13 p 1580 It seemed to be his purpose in all social situations to teach patience, tolerance, and forgiveness.


The MWTs receive no special training as they served as seraphic associates on the mortal spheres. They are in all ways suited to their roles. After long periods of service on the Salvington circuit they are re-embraced by the Universe Mother Spirit and emerge with the status of seraphim.


These sixth order of seraphim servers (See Paper 39: The Seraphic Hosts)

Also, each of theses seven orders of seraphim are composed of seven sub-classifications.


A reminder that our morontia career starts at the inception of the soul, with the TAs indwelling, after which we have potential capacity for supermortal function.

Even though we may not make stellar progress on earth, our soul is present and receives ministry and is minded separately from our conscious mind. We are encouraged and our hope kindled in the knowledge of these things. We move forward by sincerity and decisions. We can make progress in eradicating the animal vestigial traits. Even if we aren’t’ making maximum progress, as long as we are not actively doing damage we are progressing.

P133:6 p1478 Jesus’ definition of the soul-“moral choice and spiritual attainment, the ability to know God and the urge to be like him are the characteristics of the soul”


Seraphic Evangels-help us choose wisely among the optional routes of advancement. The “four and twenty advisors” supervise all 37 of the rebellion scarred worlds, whereas, the other worlds, have their own set of advisors. (See P 45:4 p. 513 lists make-up of the four and twenty)


They are dedicated to the proclamation of the gospel of eternal progression, the triumph of perfection attainment. They proclaim the conservation and dominance of goodness.

Spirit world governed on the principle of respecting freewill choice as long as it isn’t detrimental. What about the choices of Lucifer et al? Weren’t they detrimental? Choices were freewill, not imposed. However, consequences of freewill choice will obtain.

Michael’s being a mercy dominated son, established Nebadon, perhaps loosening some constraints to enable mercy to more fully function, but also allowing more vicissitudes.

No act of good is ever lost and the outworking of bad allowed to redound to the good.

The law of conservation and dominance of goodness is a high ideal and sometimes a hard sell on Urantia. We must challenge our consciousness more. We do live on a disordered world. Not a simplistic issue.

How do we promote this confidence in the ultimate triumph of good with those who have strong skepticism about God’s existence in the face of conditions on our world today?

The very fact of their skepticism testifies to their ability to consciousize a more perfect state of affairs. How do they have this ability to decry the lack of the ideal unless they have some inner inkling of unity. Without the inner unity consciousness, they wouldn’t recognize how far the world is from it! World inhabitants have long harbored a vision of the ideal of perfection (Havona) as opposed to the vision of a “perfecting” realm.


Description of their work on Urantia with John and Paul, deftly using their gospel words to introduce the corrected version of the 23rd Psalm, attributed and here confirmed to be from David. One of the most memorized scriptures of today. How fortunate we are to have this scripture restored.


They let us know of the work of these beings as pertains to the entire system and into the future ages when mansion worlds will no longer serve as steppingstones to the spheres on high.


Racial Interpreters Remind us of the mortal racial differences which will persist on high. Technical point about race commissioners-Spirit-Fused mortals after attainment of the Nebadon Corps of Perfection, in their training to become High Commissioners serve on mortal spheres.

Questions about Urantian races, genetically with today’s technology we can’t distinguish among races. Adding to that our current inability to objectively dialogue about racial/ethnic differences because of the hyper emotionalism that is thereby triggered, we are quite far from a progressive approach to our racial issues on Urantia.

The high degree of racial admixture serves to mask racial differences on the molecular level.

We are reminded that there are distinct racial types with definite social tendencies. TUB reminds us of the historical failure to harmonize racial amalgamation, it is happening now for better or worse. It remains that resolution of these issues pose significant challenges.

We are here challenged to recognize heavenly patterns projected onto our material level in referring to these Racial Interpreters as skillful sociologists and wise ethnic advisers. All of this lends reinforcement for our earthly work in these fields, (sociology, ethics etc) and challenges us to “strike step the cosmos” in these efforts.

Comforting to know that these ministers are working with us here and now notwithstanding our disordered and confused state.


We are left with an intriguing commentary on the revelation of higher realms that was given to Paul, with some detail about his self-acting adjuster, who was responsible for “making a projection” to the mansion world #3

Also given the information that some of our wise men saw a vision of the “heaven of heavens” of which the 7 fold mansion worlds is the first, Jerusem the second, Edentia and the constellation spheres the third, Salvington et al the fourth, Uversa the fifth, Havona the sixth and Paradise the seventh.

So...just how far into our Paradise ascent have our wise men been allowed to see?