Episode:Consequences of the Betrayal (Part 3)

From Symmetry of Soul

In all their dealings with intelligent beings, God and his Sons are love dominated. The loving mercy extended to the rebels is a vindication of divine love, though it may work a temporary hardship upon the innocent. From the deep perspective of time, it is now reckoned that the good resulting from the rebellion is more than a thousand times the sum of all the evil.

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Keywords: Urantia, Divine Love, Wages of Sin, Adjudication, Annihilation

Summary by Kermit

5. The Wisdom of Delay

The authors provide twelve reasons for why Lucifer and his confederates were not sooner interned or adjudicated. We are told further that twelve additional reasons exist which would be partially comprehensible to us and that on Uversa they teach forty-eight such reasons. Our Mighty Messenger author acknowledges that there cold be an equal number of additional reasons unknown to him.

Mathematical reasoning applied to reason twelve gives us a ballpark idea of the length of time since the creation of the universes of time and space, being around 300 trillion years. Also, analysis gives further estimates of the age of Lucifer, being in the neighborhood of 4.7 billion years.

Discussion of point #1, where we are told that mercy requires that every wrongdoer have sufficient time in which to formulate a deliberate and fully chosen attitude regarding his evil thoughts and sinful acts, underscored how the choice for eternal life OR oblivion must be wholehearted.

6. The Triumph of Love

The technique of dealing with the rebels represents a vindication of divine love. While many innocent beings have undergone many trials and tribulations as a result of the extension of mercy to the wrongdoers, they can securely depend on the all-wise Judges to adjudicate their destinies in mercy as well as justice.

Discussion reminder that Ancients of Days dispense Justice, the Father and his Creator Sons are all mercy motivated.

Further that, such tribulations are transient afflictions. The fraternal consequences of misbehavior in a group can never jeopardize your eternal prospects.

Among the compensations for the trials, delays, disappointments occasioned by the rebellion is the fact that, in withstanding the sophistries of sin, mortal ascenders (Jerusem citizens) are now in line for becoming Mighty Messengers.

We are told that after twenty thousand years of Urantia time, the good resulting from the Lucifer folly came to equal the evil incurred. Now, the good resulting from the rebellion is said to be a thousand times more than the sum of evil therefrom.

Commentary: That evil and good can be quantified, is possible because spirit is a substance that is not innately divine.

An important point that was discussed, was that while evil can be overcome with good, the same does not hold for sin, since sin is the deliberate and willful rejection of that which is good.

Shortsighted and time-bound mortal minds are challenged to refrain from criticizing the farseeing and all-wise administrators of universe affairs.

Discussion of the words “farseeing” and “visionary”. In all four occurrences of the word “visionary”, in the revelation, it’s meaning is pejorative.

It is erroneous to think that, had the rebellion not happened, all evolutionary mortals would choose to enter upon the Paradise career. Mortal man has always possessed free-will.

As we ascend in the survival experience our understanding of why the rebellion was allowed to continue will increase. Yet, our Mighty Messenger author explains that even after his/her attainment of Paradise perfection, his experiential and conceptual capacity was insufficient to allow him/her complete satisfaction in such matters. It was only after assignment to superuniverse administrative duties that these capacities were enlarged to permit the comprehension of such many-sided problems in cosmic equity and spiritual philosophy.

The fill out last week’s show, we added four supplemental readings which included statements from the bestowal commission and Immanuel. First, Michael was assured that during his mortal bestowal, any being guilty of rebellion or instigating rebellion would be instantly extinguished. Second, that Michael is fully empowered to assume his universe authority, but that it would be for purely personal reasons, as any rebellion Nebadon at this time would be invested with the automatic seed of its own destruction.

The second reading described Jesus’ healing at sundown, where his human compassion, was so moved by the sight of his universe children, suffering in large measure as a consequence of the mistakes and misdeed of his own trusted Sons of universe administration.

Our third reading, was from the bestowal commission again, where Immanuel requests of Michael that he meet and adjudicate the blasphemous pretensions of Caligastia and Lucifer and forever end the shameful misrepresentations of these fallen children of light.

Our last reading was the description of Jesus’ six weeks retreat on Mt. Hermon, where upon he finished his achievement of the psychic circles, and became absolutely assured of his nature and of the certainty of his triumph over the material levels of time-space personality manifestation. Then Jesus asked the Father if he might be permitted to hold conference with Satan and Caligastia. Unlike the biblical representation of this encounter, the symbolism of which was intended for the backward ages of the world’s childlike thought, this encounter was a great struggle and trying ordeal for Jesus. “The will of my Paradise father be done”, was Jesus’ only reply to the rebels’ specious proposals about the incarnation bestowal.

Supplemental Readings