Episode:Experiential Deity—God the Supreme (Part 4)

From Symmetry of Soul

Will you fail the God of time, who is so dependent upon the decisions of the finite mind? will you fail the Supreme personality of the universes by the slothfulness of animalistic retrogression? will you fail the great brother of all creatures, who is so dependent on each creature? can you allow yourself to pass into the realm of the unrealized when before you lies the enchanting vista of the universe career?

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Keywords: Urantia, The Finite God, The Supreme Whole, Cosmic Morality, Eternal Survival

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

SoS has several times used the term "end from the beginning" to characterize the reciprocal interplay of the power-pattern and personal-purposive aspects of the evolving Supreme Being from the time viewpoint. An observable representation of this mystery can be seen in the final three bestowals of our Master Son. The three bestowals in the likeness of mortal ascenders are performed in reverse order—spirit pilgrim, morontia progressor, and material mortal. The fact that the three bestowals were in the form of three different ascenders belies the reality that they were the same person, Michael of Nebadon. Such end from the beginning paradoxes are inescapable in the efforts of time-bound minds to grasp even the concepts of eternity.

SoS attempted to add some specificity to the final sentence of [117:3.5] to clarify the meaning of the reference to “the impersonal spirit of the Paradise Trinity” in liaison with the functioning of the Paradise Creators. We unpacked the impersonal spirit of the Paradise Trinity to mean the influence in reality of the facet of Deity, the Paradise Trinity relative to the finite, i.e. the Trinity of Supremacy. This adds specificity to the summary statement made previously. “The Experiential Deity of the Supreme Creators, within the power-personality unity of the Sevenfold, expressed in Supremacy is the Deity of the Almighty.” This suggests the functions of the Supreme Creators in liaison with Mother Deity in liaison with the Sevenfold, find expression in Supremacy via liaison with the Trinity of Supremacy. Be attentive for the interplay of the Mother and the Trinity. The individuality of the whole and the Whole ever work together.

117:4 The Finite God

The Finite God, as an individual is fully transcendent of the finite. The historic monotheistic God which encompasses all of the reality we know is not literally a finite being but God of the finite. This is the Supreme Being, the Supreme Father. Again, the Deity and Reality domains and their mysterious interplay must be appreciated. To understand the Supreme’s struggle for self-realization demands conceiving of the Deity of the Supreme influencing the reality domain whereby the Supreme Being coalesces (realizes) in the Reality domain as an individual. From the time viewpoint we can imagine the growth of the Almighty to become The Almighty Supreme, the substance of the Supreme Being. The mystery whereby Deity reality-izes is through the function of the Paradise Trinity, or in this case the Trinity of Supremacy. The Paradise Trinity, the existential predicate for Reality, is the only facet of Deity to directly engage reality. How novel is this? All of our thoughts of God, our relationship to God, and our relationship to reality has a new foundation, the Paradise Trinity! We can now begin to glimpse the reason for how discombobulating this material is for us.

Our author suggests that the Supreme struggles for expression, much as we might think of ascenders struggling to attain perfection levels. His divine evolution is based on and depends on the wisdom-action of all universe creatures, i.e. creature action synchronized with the Mother. Here is another reminder of the necessity for the additional consecration of mind to the universal harmony of God the Mother in the creature’s quest for cosmic advancement. Why do religionists act? in response to the Father, why sometimes unwisely? because of lack of synchronization with the Mother.

The Supreme is introduced in the Foreword as the sixth level of the functioning of Total Deity, described as creature-Creator-unifying Deity. Much of this section and our discussions dealt with the creature responsibilities in the unifying process culminating in the reality of the Supreme Being. We touched on many intriguing details of these complex transactions, including the cosmic implications for the Supreme as well as the physics of a creature’s rejection of the eternal career. What happens to the Thought Adjusters and personalities, indestructible facts from the Father, of such deserters? We entertained an abbreviated case study of Lucifer in trying to understand the inner dynamics of going to iniquity, underscoring the truth of Proverbs.14:12-“There is a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof is death.”

Listen again for the complex details as to why our author describes the unique personality of a nonascender as returning to the Supreme. Hint, its more “end from the beginning” language, another reminder about time not being a reality.

Also listen again for the unpacking of the phrase “spirit of Supremacy”, and how Deity influences reality via spirit. Vis á vis the Thought Adjuster, think that the Deity of the Father does not directly interact with creature mind energy, but does so within as a spirit fragment. And along similar lines, the facet of Deity, the Supreme, creature-Creator-unifying Deity, is an indispensable necessary factor in the Thought Adjuster’s weaving of a soul (unifying) in the creature.

Genuine morality is shown to be inextricably linked to creature duty to fostering the evolution of the Supreme, as hinted at by the references to the role of the universe mechanisms of reflectivity in appraising the “capital J Judges”, the Ancients of Days of its progression.

So it is that as individual creatures we are irreplaceable due to our uniqueness of personality, but hardly are we indispensable to the evolution of the Supreme. “The more man withdraws from God, the more nearly he approaches nonreality—cessation of existence. When man consecrates his will to the doing of the Father’s will, when man gives God all that he has, then does God make that man more than he is.”