Episode:God the Father—Nature of God (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

The reactions of a changeless God, in the execution of his eternal purpose, may seem to vary in accordance with the changing attitude and the shifting minds of his created intelligences; that is, they may apparently and superficially vary; but underneath the surface and beneath all outward manifestations, there is still present the changeless purpose, the everlasting plan, of the eternal God.

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Keywords: Urantia, God, Perfection, Justice, Righteousness

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

We commented on the quality of abstract thought evinced by the human authors quoted in the the selected passages concerning the infinity of God. We noted how abstract thinking goes hand in hand with the various threads of man’s evolutionary development. As we saw in our arc on religion in depth, abstract thought moved man’s religion of matter to the religion of mind. All of that being said, overmuch reverence for and reluctance to move away from the past is not conducive to religious development and growth. The origin of the word "abstract," meaning to draw from is precisely what we are called to do in engaging the 5th ER in order to approach the truth of the revelation. (Note that abstract is not extract... extract means to draw out)

2:2. The Father’s Eternal Perfection

We found intriguing the author’s use of compound quotes from biblical sources conjoined to produce single sentences. We observed how the olden passages captured the ideal of God's infinite and eternal nature. In light of our enlarging picture of the remoteness of Father from time space creatures due to his existential nature, we attempted to penetrate the quoted passages for just how it is that God is literally and eternally present in his universe of universes. Listen to the archive wherein we step through the logic of the statement, “He inhabits the present moment with all his absolute majesty and eternal greatness”, all the while remaining un-experiencable to finite creatures. The particulars of this chain of logic give us a platform for grasping something of how eternity is transcendently present with time. So it is that God’s plans and purposes are eternal, perfect, and forever changeless and not to be imagined as temporal.

The olden prophets did grasp something of God’s changeless nature but it was tenuous and they readily reverted to imagining the micromanaging anthropomorphic God of the ghost cult. Truly is the perfection of divinity and the magnitude of eternity beyond the full grasp of our circumscribed mind, yet by virtue of the Holy Spirit encircuitment of these circumscribed minds we finite creatures have a thread of supremacy which serves to illuminate truths of eternity.

Regardless of appearances to the contrary, God is changeless. Whence the appearance of change? — Mother Deity. We considered the possible chilling effect that overemphasis on the changelessness of God could have on prayer. The ignorant prayer to change God is still preferable to abandoning prayer altogether, for it is an evolutionary step towards the maturing prayer and thanksgiving which leads to worship. Jesus’ exhortation to Fear not!, should encourage us to embrace the changeless Father and liberate him from our prison in time.

On Paradise perfection is undiluted, in the universes it is relative and best envisioned in truth as perfectingness rather than as the fact of imperfection. It is the Trinity of Supremacy (the Paradise Trinity in relation to the finite) which leverages our thread of supremacy to grasp perfectingness. The gap between the existential Father and the experiential creature is bridged via a complicated cosmic physics by Mother Deity, allowing us to in truth glimpse a manifestation of God’s perfection. But first we must de-anthropomorphize Him.

God’s primal perfection is derived from his inherent goodness through his volition. Through his cooperative subordination to the Paradise Trinity he is righteous.

How can the Father actually participate with immaturity and imperfection in the evolving career of every moral being of the entire universe? It is through his personal liberating touch (the gift of personality) that he overshadows the hearts and encircuits the natures of all mortal creatures who have ascended to the universe level of moral discernment (Holy Spirit encircuitment). Additionally of course, contacts with the indwelling divine presence further enhance his participation with us in our partiality.

2:3. Justice and Righteousness

Here our author steps us through an explication of the workings of universe justice in relation to sin and iniquity. The description of the sacredness of due process of cosmic justice should make us highly suspicious of any appeal to abrogate or suspend due process in our dealing with civil and criminal issues in this life. It is only when a creature manifests undiluted evil, complete error, willful sin, and unmitigated iniquity, and after a period of transient mercy-tolerance pending the action of justice-determining and fairness-finding mechanisms of the universe tribunals of righteous adjudication does a person actually become as though he had not been.

We discussed a number of details concerning these transactions. Listen to the archive and carefully re-read this section for further clarification.

Notes by Brad

  • The gift of abstract thought
    • It must be cultivated, but all humans have been capable of it, including the best thinkers of old.
    • But it does evolve over time as all things evolve.
    • Ab + stract: draw + from.
      • ab- ‘from’ + trahere ‘draw off’
      • That's what we're doing here in our study. What can we draw from the 5th ER? The more you can draw, the more you can get to the truth. Truth cannot be defined with words, so you must go beyond the words.
  • The -al suffix

  • A shout out the the "circular simultanaeity" of eternity. It's not an infinitely long line.
  • Can you shrink the present moment down to a point of zero duration?
    • If so, God can be absolutely present in that moment.
    • But we cannot experience a zero-duration point.
    • "To see a World in a Grain of Sand / And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, / Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand / And Eternity in an hour." --William Blake

  • We can grasp the truth of the magnitude of eternity. But not the fact. It is beyond our minds.
    • This author reports sometimes trying late at night and it kindof hurts. He decides to stop, to avoid pulling a mental muscle, or otherwise freaking out.

  • Should we keep praying, given all this?
    • Don't take prayer away from evolving mortals. Prayer in ignorance is better than no prayer at all.
    • "Is prayer melting away as I study this?"
      • Consider that prayer is a means to an end, not an end unto itself.
      • Prayer leads up to thanksgiving and worship. So don't lose your grasp on prayer.
    • And try to avoid using [91:9] "Conditions of Effective Prayer" as a new form of mumbling of magic phrases--secret knowledge only we readers possess. It doesn't really work that way. That's old wineskin thinking.

  • Fear not.
    • The physics of God the Father is quite complicated--even inscrutable.
    • But you can relax and trust that it all is there.
    • We are de-anthropomophizing God the Father here--an important exercise. But He is still God the Father.

  • God the Father had to choose to be righteous (in an eternal sense, anyway)
    • He had to choose to cooperatively subordinate himself to the Paradise Trinity.

  • An "experience of" versus "experience with."
    • This contrasts God's relationship with imperfection. He does the latter only.
    • As it is with God's relationship to evil.
  • Moral discernment implies that you, a human, have an upper domain in the hourglass analogy of mind.
    • A moral being (moral in the general sense) embodies the cosmic harmony of the whole cosmos, by grace.

  • Section 3 starts by blowing up the whole ghost-cult notion of God. He cannot be bribed. Get over it.
  • Righteousness is a big-picture word. It is a higher word than "just".
    • That's why "God is righteous; therefore is he just."
    • Just implies law-abiding and honest.
    • "You should realize that there is a great reward of personal satisfaction in being first just, next fair, then patient, then kind. And then, on that foundation, if you choose and have it in your heart, you can take the next step and really show mercy; but you cannot exhibit mercy in and of itself." [28:6.8]

  • Annihilation literally means "go to nothingness" (nil).
  • What do we mean "God is not mocked?"
    • In a ghost cult, you can convince yourself that God can be mocked--pull one over on him.

  • In the absonite, the Supreme Being is oneness--indivisible.
    • But when downstepped down into the finite, it is (of necessity) it is divisible.

  • Love and law are together. And they are not at odds.
    • Yes. The capital-J Judges are out there.
    • But fear not. Sleep well tonight.
    • And they aren't dark hooded figures. All of this justice is, in a certain very real sense, automatic.