Episode:Jesus in Galilee—Advancing Ministry (Part 4)

From Symmetry of Soul

The last week of the sojourn at Bethsaida, the Jerusalem spies became much divided in their attitude toward Jesus and his teachings. Three of these Pharisees were tremendously impressed by what they had seen and heard. Meanwhile, at Jerusalem, Abraham, a young and influential member of the Sanhedrin, publicly espoused the teachings of Jesus and was baptized in the pool of Siloam by Abner.

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Keywords: Urantia, Jesus, Physical Healing, Saving Faith, Unstable Minds

Summary by Kermit

Commentary on the Review

At the prompting of a caller we examined the authors’ use of the word “afterlife” in the revelation. It occurs three times, the first of which we encountered last week. In each of its three usages the word is preceded by “entire” or “whole.” Afterlife has two senses:

  1. the life after death, and
  2. the remainder of one’s life (in the flesh).

Depending on the intended sense, the meanings are very different. The context of its use in our reading of the previous week strongly suggests the second sense of the word. Yet, after deeper discussion, the first sense of afterlife can be seen to apply when one takes into account the evolutionary experiential process whereby life events and creature choices in response thereto are eternalized in the growing soul. SoS went on to suggest the revelators’ intent and purpose in their deliberate use of the language. Listen to the archive for the whole story.

Also following up the section on the discourse on Job, the midwayers stress the seriousness of the effects of mindal disruption instead of merely confusion when they refer to wrong ideas portrayed in the Book of Job rather than merely incorrect. Altogether, our post review discussion pointedly underscores the depth of meanings to be found in the revelators’ precise use of the English language.

148:7. The Man with the Withered Hand

Here we see a masterly demonstration of the Master’s ability to turn the machinations of his enemies back upon them. In his continual effort to replace the negative injunctions of the Hebrew religion regarding the Sabbath with positive encouragement to do good on the Sabbath he heals this unsuspecting man with a withered hand. We note how in this healing in direct response to the challenge of his enemies Jesus begins to express the Supreme Father in combining the power of the Almighty with his personal creator prerogatives.

Unfortunately his lesson is not immediately appreciated by the onlookers, who are minded to kill the Pharisees until restrained by the Master. The Pharisees in turn abandon their own strict observance of the Sabbath as they rush off at a distance of far greater than one thousand yards to report the incident to Herod in hopes he will move against Jesus, but to no avail.

148:8. Last Week at Bethsaida

Jesus’ advancing ministry is now beginning to have far reaching effects. The six Jerusalem spies are now divided in their attitudes toward Jesus’ teaching--three of them soon to confess faith in Jesus and join the Kingdom believers. One Abraham, a prominent and influential member of the Sanhedrin publicly espouses the teachings of Jesus, shocking all of Jerusalem. It is becoming clear that the Hebrew authorities are going to move against Jesus’ and the Kingdom believers soon. Interestingly, Abraham’s conversion and monetary support was instrumental in sending forth the hundred evangelists on the second preaching tour of Galilee.

148:9. Healing the Paralytic

The midwayers describe this event as “one of the strangest and most unique episodes in all of Jesus’ earth life.” Here Jesus extends his challenge to the religious authorities when he dares to heal the persistent paralytic who has his friends make an opening in the roof of the Zebedee home down which they lower him into Jesus’ immediate presence, in the middle of an address to the assembled throng. Not only does Jesus heal this paralytic, he dares to forgive his sins, thus moving closer to his direct declaration of his divinity and a showdown with the Jerusalem authorities.