Episode:Last Ministry of the Master—Jesus' Final Tour (Part 9)

From Symmetry of Soul

Then turning to his apostles, Jesus said: "From olden times the prophets have perished in Jerusalem, and it is only befitting that the Son of Man should go up to the city of the Father’s house to be offered up as the price of human bigotry and as the result of religious prejudice and spiritual blindness. O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which kills the prophets and stones the teachers of truth!"

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Keywords: Urantia, Jesus, Closing Perean Tour, Warning His Apostles, Turning to Jeruselum

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

We further explored the coined phrase “born again again.” These two rebirths designate an initial “born again” experience where upon one is initiated to a life through faith in the prevailing evolutionary religious systems of their environment, leading to unquestioning loyalty and devotion to a particular creed, doctrine, or institution—an outer life phenomenon. This second rebirth we have coined is in reference to the discovery and pursuit of the ministries in higher mind of the inner life of spirit. It liberates the individual, free to question everything in the quest for meaning and value. The ministries themselves foster the quest, and reality itself provides the corrective experience of tribulation when the pilgrim stumbles into error and evil, leading to the acquirement of wisdom.

Personality and the grace gift of Holy Spirit mindal encircuitment initiates the individual into realm of the inner life wherein, the potentialities of the meaning and value of life are every bit as substantial as actualities in the outer life.

171:3 The Perean Tour

Details concerning the specifics of this two weeks plus Perean tour are sparse. Noteworthy is the fact that many gentiles lived in this region and would not be going to the Passover. Abner and his crew thus had opportunity to foster religious teaching, even the religion of the spirit anchored in eternity transcendent of the evolutionary religion of the Jews. Accordingly they were instructed by Andrew to continue their evangelistic labors uninterrupted by the Passover, and even in complete disregard of what was so soon to happen at Jerusalem. Additionally, Abner was advised to permit the women’s corps to attend the Passover in favor of their ministrations to the sick, further fostering spiritual considerations over material concerns.

This was Jesus’ last encounter with Abner while in the flesh. His final words hinted at Abner’s uncompromising attitude, praying that Abner acquire wisdom in loving and understanding his brethren.

The outward courage of the apostles and immediate followers in going to Jerusalem in spite of the death decree on the Master’s head is marvelously accounted for by the recent resurrection of Lazarus. At one and the same time, this stupendous event made Jesus’ resurrection easier to accept, albeit reinforcing beliefs in the material nature of the Kingdom of Heaven. Nevertheless, their hope and faith were genuine and enabled them to follow their master into the jaws of death.

171:4.1-4.7 The Teaching at Livias

Noting the date Wednesday, March 29, we see that in little more than one week Jesus will be on the cross. The Master, in possession of knowledge of the swords which had been procured and distributed by Peter and Simon Zelotes, assembled the twelve and admonished them against putting their trust in the uncertainties of the flesh or the frailties of man’s defense against the trials and testing which lie ahead. Once more he plainly and directly explained to them of his impending delivery into the hands of the chief priests and religious rulers, thence to the gentiles, humiliated and put to death, with his promise to rise on the third day. And again, amazed and stunned, his apostles were unable to take his words literally, neither did they dare ask him a question for explanation. Such was their reverence of the Master. Do we revere the 5th ER to the extent that we fail to challenge and question its statements in our truth seeking?

Comparing the parallel Bible passages of these events in Luke, Mark, and Matthew with their omissions and inclusions it is easy to see how and why even the best Christian scholars were not in possession of many facts permitting them to penetrate to many of the truths of Jesus’ life and teachings available to us through the 5th ER.

After two thousand years the 5th ER delivers us from the shackles of the atonement with Jesus’ pronouncement. “From olden times the prophets have perished in Jerusalem, and it is only befitting that the Son of Man should go up to the city of the Father’s house to be offered up as the price of human bigotry and as the result of religious prejudice and spiritual blindness.”

Notes by Brad

  • Don't be so sure you would have done better than the apostles in not hearing what Jesus was plainly saying.

  • Being a serious student
    • Get beyond the facts of the paragraphs. How do they point you in the direction of truth?
      • For example "the women's corps went to Jerusalem." So what? What's that fact to us?
      • Try reflecting on it. Was Jesus telling them to, for a short while, stop ministering to the sick, and focus on the inner life?
    • Being born again again
      • The evolutionary process can produce a profound "born again" experience.
      • And a first step that should be honored and recognized by others.
      • But a fervent identification with an evolutionary religion won't get you to Paradise--not even past the local system.
      • The 5th ER reveals we can guard against setting too low a ceiling. Aim higher: take the ceiling off the building.
      • Revelatory ministry can allow us to be born again again.
    • The 6th adjutant must have no identification with the outer life to be born again again.
      • What might there be in the outer life your are identifying to in an unquestioning, religious fashion?
      • Have you surrendered your questioning mind to some part of the outer life? Take charge of your active and questioning mind again!
    • In section 3, Jesus is trying all he can, before being crucified, to get the message out: transcend the dogmas and rituals of your evolutionary religion.
      • Don't found your religion on organ music and stained-glass windows. Those are in the outer life.
      • Doing this among the Gentiles is more potentially fruitful than among the Jews
    • Put The Urantia Book to the test.
      • Don't be unquestioningly loyal to The Urantia Book! It's not an object of reverence--it's an object in the outer life.
      • The Urantia Book does not ask for sacred-text status. It claims to be able to stand up to scrutiny.
      • Try to falsify it.
      • Only after doing this yourself, can you being to stand on it.
      • Don't assume you can stand on it. Find out if you can stand on it.
    • Make your unquestioning loyalty on the inner life only.
      • That is, keep yourself an active and questioning self.
      • The meaning and value of life require a fluid human
      • One with adaptability and progressability--the potential to be adaptable and progressable.
      • Potentialities are just as solid and real in the inner life as actualities are in the outer life!

  • Thankfully, the serious student can be willing to let spirit ministry see around one's blind spots.
    • Don't count on a so-called modern psychologist for that ministry.
      • They might lead you astray because of the lack of philosophical grounding.
  • "Thankfully" an inappropriate unquestioning loyalty eventually produces a fall.
    • You will be confronted with your inappropriate initial assumptions.
    • Can you then own up to it? And ask a question about you problematic initial assumption(s)?

  • An exceptional religion--one based on the inner life--is what Jesus was attempting to found.
    • "I am the resurrection and the life" is about the inner life.
      • Our inner life is resurrected, not our outer life. Lazarus was the one exception to the rule.
    • Consciously or not, the American Founding Father were trying to found an exceptional nation--one founded on the inner life.
      • Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have nothing to do with the outer life directly.

  • Jesus said "disregard" the crucifixion and all the events about the happen.
    • That's not exactly a Christian idea, is it?

  • Pauline Christianity is an evolutionary religion. Yet another outer-life construct. The Abnerian kingdom of heaven was a revelatory religion.
    • But let's not set up a dichotomy. Evolutionary religion has its place.
    • Just don't be satisfied with evolutionary religion.

  • People are going to Jerusalem for the Passover instead of following Jesus in this last week
    • They'd prefer the "first mile" of compulsion, duty...

  • Did Jesus' resurrection of Lazarus have the intended effect?
    • No. It hardened the Pharisees hearts even more.
    • And emboldened his followers even more in their outer-life delusions about his material power to assume the throne of David.
    • And confused people for 2,000 years