Episode:Our Local Mother—The Divine Minister (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

The spirit presence of the Divine Minister is anchored on Salvington and extends to the boundaries of Nebadon. Upon this foundation, our local Mother and Father each pour out their personal spiritual ministry, the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Truth. In addition, the Divine Minister extends her mind ministry to engage and guide her universe children.

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Keywords: Paradise, God, Creator, Mother, Breath of Life

Summary by Kermit

We studied Paper 34 section 4. The Local Universe Circuits. We further supplemented the text to include Paper 36:5 The Seven Adjutant Mind-Spirits.

There was a brief commentary on the personalization of the Creative Spirit and the parallel process whereby the impersonal nature of the Infinite Spirit is augmented to the Infinite Mother Spirit through the addition of Mother type deity. Thus, existential deity is augmented by experiential deity.

4.1-4.4 The Local Universe Circuits

The three distinct spirit circuits in Nebadon are: the Son’s Spirit of Truth, the Divine Minister’s Holy Spirit, and the intelligence-ministry of the adjutant mind spirits.


The Son’s Spirit of Truth presence is analogous to that of the Seven Master Spirits. This Comforter is the spiritual force which ever draws all truth seekers towards Him, and an inherent endowment of the Creator Son. By the way, Comforter means bringer of great strength.

Commentary on the reciprocal and complimentary relationship of the Master Spirits and the Reflective Mother Spirits whereby the Master Spirit is the “source-center” of the Cosmic Mind and the Reflective Mother Spirits are the “center-source”. This is analogous to the Creator Son and the Universe Mother Spirit’s reciprocal and complimentary function.


The Spirit of Truth functions undisturbed, irrespective of the personal presence of the Son, as it is functionally centered in the person of the Divine Minister.


The Universe Mother Spirit acts as the universe focus and center of the Spirit of Truth as well as of her own Holy Spirit. This requires the Spirit to be personally present on the universe headquarters world. The more personal the local universe Mother Spirit, the more she becomes the “center point” of her universe on Salvington, a centered expression added to her original source presence. Thus “center-source”

In the transition from Creative Spirit to Creative Mother Spirit, her manifestation transitions from a source phenomenon to a “center-source” phenomenon. Thus, highlighting the profound effect of personality as a “centering” influence

Commentary on the profound implications of functional relationship wherein the Creator Son pours out his spirit on all flesh, which requires a spirit substrate or medium capable of collectively engaging all individuals (something which the Son can not do). So, her type of third source personality allows just such collective personal engagement. She therefore becomes the distributing medium of the Spirit of Truth, as well as her Holy Spirit.


The Creative Spirit only bestows mind subsequent to her endowment with personal prerogatives. Human beings and subhuman orders of evolutionary life are endowed with adjutant mind ministrations.


The adjutant mind spirits of: wisdom, worship, counsel, knowledge, courage, understanding, intuition, while not personalities apart from their Creator Mother, are similar in character but diverse in power. The names of the adjutants were derived from the Douay-Rheims version of the book of Isaiah chapter 11 verse2, some taken directly, while others were suitably modified.

Paper 36:5, p.401 The Seven Adjutant Mind-Spirits was read in its entirety. They can be thought of as the children of the local universe Mother Spirit, yet not personalities, but phases or circuits of her mind energy. The first five are likened to instincts.

We are challenged to take note that the names of the adjutants are most descriptive only in a full personal context. In animals they are facets of mindal energy. Each of the first six adjutants represent an impulse or energy that is intended to drive an individual up the levels of meaning, into the three cosmic intuitions.

Regarding the spirit of worship, it’s important to recognize that this adjutant is not the spirit of true worship which is found in the sixth and highest level of meaning, the third cosmic intuition, but first and foremost the energy of zeal.

It requires the seventh adjutant, wisdom to “inform” the other six adjutants which way is up so that the combined adjutant energies can be configured into a symmetry, such that the adjutant energies actually become the spirit of something. Thereby do these seven facets of mind become directed into the unity that lies above it.

Interestingly, the adjutants’ actually grow experientially, and their work in animals enables them to be more effective in humans. Thus animals are indispensible to not only man’s physical evolution, but his intellectual evolution as well.

Prior to the ability to learn from experience, mind ministry is in the domain of the Master Physical Controllers. Creature mind prior to deity recognition is the exclusive domain of the adjutants. Creature mind subsequent to the spiritual response is instantly encircuited into the Holy Spirit of the local universe Mother Spirit.

The adjutants are not directly related to the spiritual function of the Holy Spirit in man, but are preparatory thereto and do not repercuss in the Supreme Being in the prepersonality phase.

Human mind has no survival qualities apart from spirit identification.

It doesn’t matter how fancy our sixth adjutant notions are, if they aren’t genuinely connected to spiritual insight, three cosmic intuitions, they have not survival value. The Thought Adjuster doesn’t copy them into soul substance.

The section concluded with an interesting discussion and clarification concerning references in the Book of Revelation concerning John’s visions of the seven spirits of God, the four and twenty counselors and directional control creatures, called beasts who are ably assisted by the first functioning mind spirit, the adjutant of intuition. An intriguing last paragraph made reference to the bodily structures, which enable creatures, even some humans to sense universal directional orientation.

The study commentary contained some very profound insights that defy distillation into a summary and can be the better appreciated by listening to the archives of this show.

[193:2.2] And the fruits of the divine spirit which are yielded in the lives of spirit-born and God-knowing mortals are:

  • loving service (love, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance)
  • unselfish devotion (joy)
  • courageous loyalty (peace)
  • sincere fairness (long-suffering)
  • enlightened honesty (gentleness)
  • undying hope
  • confiding trust
  • merciful ministry
  • unfailing goodness
  • forgiving tolerance
  • enduring peace