Episode:Our Local Universe—Nebadon (Part 3)

From Symmetry of Soul

There is in the mind of God a plan which embraces every creature of all his vast domains, and this plan is an eternal purpose of boundless opportunity, unlimited progress, and endless life. And the infinite treasures of such a matchless career are yours for the striving!

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Keywords: God, Universe, Infinite, Eternity, Urantia

Summary by Kermit

32:4.3-4 God’s Relation to a Local Universe

The Father never intervenes concerning associations of his creatures in a local universe. The Creator Son rules supreme in all matters of ethical associations, the relations of any division of creatures to any other class of creatures or of two or more individuals within any given group. However, no limitations are placed upon the Father’s freedom to intervene with any individual creature throughout all creation. Further, if/when the Father does intervene with one of his creatures, we might imagine such an intervention could disrupt the Creator Son’s rule or some subordinate deity’s plans. The presence and adaptability of mind is sufficient to respond to such changes. Example: The Supreme Mind can take any set of finite facts and direct them to the grand universe being settled in light and life. (holistic adaptability)

Did the Father not abstain from intervention in the ethical group associations of his creatures, He would lose his ability to love individuals absolutely! Logic demands that the Father be transcendent of the finite in order to engage us absolutely. That is, for the Father to love each of us as if we are the only being in existence.

It is the Universal Mother, The Supreme Being, who can engage all finite beings simultaneously (the individuality of the whole of the finite), linking us into one grand whole! the grand universe.

This is a transformative aspect of the FEF because it allows God to be bigger than we’ve allowed him to be before. It allows our relationship to the Father to be so much greater than before. It may feel like we are loosing something to say that The Father never intervenes, but we gain infinitely more than we are losing, i.e. His absolute love!


The Father’s presence in his creatures as the Thought Adjusters, have no discernable connection with the affairs of a local creation, neither are they directly co-ordinated with the administration of the local universe or its subdivisions or the rule of a Creator Son. It is not divinely possible for the Father to manifest his presence other than through the His prepersonal fragments. How does this work? What about the Bible verse... “with God all things are possible?” This is qualified in TUB with the phrase, “Within the bounds of that which is consistent with the divine nature.” Thus, God is no longer a magical being.

Within the limits of the laws of reality, which He Himself has established, He does all that is possible, but He does not transcend his own laws.

108:4.3, p.1190 regarding the performance of Thought Adjusters, independent of all other spirit ministries, yet in perfect synchrony therewith.


The Father, through the personality circuit is cognizant of all the thoughts and acts of all his children everywhere. The author does not fully comprehend how God is so fully and personally conversant with the details of the universe of universes, i.e. the non-personal aspects of the universe of universes. All non-personal reality is connected to the Paradise Isle, with which the Father as Universal Controller is also connected. Think of the hand of God, through the personality circuit engaging us “at the top”, while the second hand of God engaging us from below, the material foundation, thus the two hands of God, one below and one above supports, sustains and fully knows each of us.


The Father is personally, spiritually present to our universe and our heart by our Master Spirit whose characteristics are the derived likeness of the association of the Father, Son and Spirit.


The ideal and infinite love of The Father is seen in its outworking whereby the Father freely distributes himself and intrusts his Sons with the performance of every function possible for them to perform. This applies even to mortal man.


In this self distribution we see the proof of the magnitude and magnanimity of the Father’s divine nature. Whatever the Father withholds from us is fully compensated for through the bestowal of the Mystery Monitors.

This portrait of our God so transcends the confused and conglomerate being of our monotheistic traditions.

32:5.1-3 The Eternal and Divine Purpose

We are here informed that we are all part of an eternal project which the Gods are supervising and outworking in accordance with the eternal purpose of the First Great Source and Center. Our struggles of material existence are a transient scaffolding to bridge over to a promised land of spiritual reality and supernal existence. The idea of an eternal purpose and the thought of eternity itself is virtually impossible for us to comprehend. Everything familiar to us has an end, not the least of which is our own self.

We are here challenged to recognize that what looks to us in the chronology of any series of events as an isolated stretch of time, a straightaway drive, is really inadequate, disconnected and wholly unsuited to account for the transactions of time with the underlying purposes and basic reactions of eternity.

Commentary: “The whole marvelous and universal mechanism moves on majestically through space to the music of the meter of the infinite thought and the eternal purpose of the First Great Source and Center.” What is our author trying to say... “music of the meter of the infinite thought...?” Music signifies a unity consciousness, meter signifies individuality (material) consciousness, woven together as one, wherein unity and individually were never separated. The authors of the revelation never miss an opportunity to find a different angle at encouraging cosmic consciousness as opposed to merely spiritual consciousness, or merely material (individuality) consciousness.


The author next, spins a rather complicated and convoluted sentence designed to break the linearity of our thought process in attempting to understand eternity. To us everything looks like a “straightaway drive”. He likens eternity as a cycle and the eternal purpose as an endless circle, a cycle of eternity synchronized with the material cycles of time. Then bringing the narrative abruptly into a personal perspective, he tells us that having failed Adjuster fusion, we must die! The only alternative to fusion which enables us to survive and strike step with eternity.

Commentary: Author wants us to think of a circle. How do we strike step with a circle? What does it mean to reality-ize part of our mindal self? It means to engage it with personality, personalize it, eternalize it. You are wrapping part of yourself around the circle. Not just aligning with a long infinite line. An endless circle, how? Personality can do this! Wrapping a measure of your self around the cycle of eternity. Think of the eternal purpose, a measure of which we are eternalizing-purposing. In this short life we are not going to get very far with this process of reality-izing ourself into an eternal selfhood. By doing this we benefit by being engaged with the infinite!

Think of this endless circle as an ellipse, beginning our careers in the middle of one of the elongated sides (which appears as a straightaway drive), stretch our consciousness to where we begin to see the beginnings of a curved reality, then with the help of revelation, begin to see we are part of a vast ellipse. Listener is directed to Paper 105:0.


Reference here is made to the author’s belief in a delimited universe of elliptical shape around the central dwelling place of the Universal Father, thus eternity is likened to the elliptical structure of the Master Universe. This reflects the author’s belief that there is no pervaded space beyond the fourth outer space level.

Commentary: On the various authors of the book and the effort we need to expend on engaging the revelation with not just the unity or spiritual consciousness, but the triunity consciousness which includes the threefold unity of individuality, associativity, and unity-cosmic consciousness. The revelation is constructed to get us to use our individuality and unity viewpoints to achieve a stereoscopic 3-D cosmic vision.

More commentary on the revelation. What does it mean to say we’ve “encompassed” the revelation and are ready for more? Somewhere we’re told something about our circumscribed minds. How big is your circle? Just know that our vision (to all appearances to the contrary), is as circumscribed as it can possibly be and still have eternity open to us. Let go of any exultation of our minds. Stop using the Father’s absolute dimension in our personality to absolutize our little circle. It’s intended to recognize the absolute nature of His love, not to exult our self to absoluteness. It’s our duty to use the Father’s gift properly.


Here we are told how impossible it is for the author to make comprehensible to our finite minds the values and qualities of eternity. Here the author is attempting to get us beyond ourselves.


It’s no surprise, when reading such magnificent promises and assurance written so beautifully to experience strong emotion.