Episode:Paradise Sons of God (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

As ascending sons of God, we mortal-origin creatures grow increasingly perfect by experiential participation in the creative technique known as evolution. The descending sons of God are beings of high and divine origin, dedicated to the ministry of service on the worlds and systems of time and space. They come down to assist us in our progressive climb to Paradise.

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Keywords: God, Heaven, Paradise, Creator, Urantia

Summary by Kermit

The Paradise Sons of God compose the first three orders of Descending Sons of God, the Creator Sons—the Michaels, the Magisterial Sons—the Avonals, and the Trinity Teacher Sons—the Daynals.

Commentary on the phrase describing Ascending Sons of God, achieving their status by experiential participation in the creative technique known as evolution. Also an important distinction drawn previously between the three persons of deity, the Universal Father, Eternal son and the Infinite Spirit and the Paradise Trinity.

Regarding the Paradise Sons: the Primary or Creator Sons are the offspring of the Universal Father and the Eternal Son, the secondary or Magisterial Sons are the offspring of the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, and the Trinity Teacher Sons are the offspring of the Father, Son and Spirit otherwise known as the Paradise Trinity. They are as one with respect to service, worship, and supplication. Note, that all have the Son in common

2. The Magisterial Sons

Since we will study the Creator Sons in detail in the next paper we turn first to the Magisterial Sons

They are not creators, but planetary ministers and judges, numbering about one billion in the grand universe. Each Son serves on many many worlds. In their magisterial missions they function as philosophical and wisdom uplifters. Our Urantia book could be seen as an answer to our philosophical emergency, to provide a philosophical foundation, worthy of uplift when our own magisterial son comes.

In addition to their administrative services on higher levels of universe administration, they have three basic functions on the inhabited worlds. Judicial Actions, Magisterial Missions and Bestowal Missions. We covered the first two of these last week.

3. Judicial Actions

The Avonals in their judicial actions sit in judgment of the realm to bring an end to a dispensation, execute mandate of an age and reassign the space creatures of planetary ministry to the tasks of the new dispensation. On these missions they come as spiritual beings invisible to material creatures.

Dispensational adjudications may occur prior to or subsequent to magisterial and bestowal mission. On either of these missions the incarnated Son will judge the passing of a planetary age, as did Michael of Nebadon on his Urantian bestowal.

4. Magisterial Missions

These missions usually preceed bestowal missions. On a planet’s premier magisterial mission, the Avonal Son is always incarnated as an adult male of the realm. He is Adjuster indwelt. He may also serve in similar capacity on numerous other worlds, and may even return to the same world. Subsequent magisterial missions to a planet may or may not be incarnated, but in no case are they born of woman. That distinction is reserved for a bestowal mission, occurring only once on any inhabited world. It is interesting to reflect on the augmented nature of an Avonal Son, veteran of multiple incarnations, hence multiple Adjuster indwellings. What is the nature of the Sons’ soul residue of such multiple incarnations?

Of course, the choice of Michael to complete his sevenfold bestowal career on Urantia wholly deranged the sequence of appearance of Paradise Sons for all time.

Because a Michael-bestowal world is the individual and personal ward of our Master Son, future appearances of Paradise Sons is a matter unknown to even the angels in heaven. Urantia may yet receive an incarnated Avonal Son on a magisterial mission. But it is a certainty that Michael of Nebadon will sometime return to Urantia, but no one knows when.

Finally, we enjoyed a lengthy side study of the use and meaning of the biblical terms used by the authors “right hand of the Father and “bosom of the Father”. I would direct serious students of the revelation to the archives of this broadcast for an enlightening lesson and explanation of the workings of the Father’s personality circuit.