Episode:Personality and Selfhood (Part 6)

From Symmetry of Soul

Our grand journey of discovery of the nature of personality and selfhood culminates with the sweeping flourish by the revelators.

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Keywords: Universe, Personality, Soul, Spirit, Urantia

Summary by Kermit


Technical points: Mind pursuing reality to its ultimate analysis. Describes a moving up from material interaction, into mind. This is moving up a spectrum from individuality (matter), to associativity (mind), towards the unity of spirit. Leaving the substantiveness of matter, it still remains real to the mind, still aware of individuality end of the mindal continuum. Going upward further, we begin to leave the individuality point of the mind continuum below and move up the higher domains of spirit with the fact of unity.

Science, Philosophy, Religion same threefold reality individuality, associativity, unity.

What can we relate to in human experience?

Restrict phenomenon to an initial experience with unity, leaving behind the philosophical and material considerations-“melt” into the unity experience “bliss out”. Back to “thinking, feeling, wishing”. Abandon the complexities of co-ordination of the threefold nature of reality, just focus on the unity-like aspect.

Bliss out not to be confused with reflective worship. Don’t “stay” with the unity-like experience, but persist to the fullness of the spiritual domain and reflect off of the top of it.

Thinking about the self in time and the initial journey of discovery. The material self encounters matter, with more maturity, and upward journey of discovery begins. Thinking thus leads to wisdom. Continuing the journey, wisdom leads to worship. Here we experience possibly higher and higher levels of the spiritual domain. This is just the first half of the journey. This experience has begun to transcend time. At the top of this domain we find eternity and infinity brought “down” by deity to engage us in this journey of self.

Journey up, grasp with personality and bring eternity down into time!, thus transforming the whole self. True worship leads to true wisdom, which eventuates in the finality of thought.

What is meant by finality of thought?

An experience of something being self evident, not a product of thought. Creates a sense of knowing without thinking. Think about the progression DISCOVER, RECOGNIZE, INTERPRET AND CHOOSE. Discover is the upward journey, when at the “top” comes recognition. Turning back down we have true interpretation (self-evidence). Now choose!

Selves have high journeys of discovery, but not yet at the reflection point of recognition. Not using the personality to grasp a relationship with the cosmos as yet and bring down and allow a reformation of the self. Then and only then choose. Don’t purpose an untransformed self that hasn’t been made to conform to the cosmos. Don’t purpose an ill-formed mind.

If one has made a self part of an ongoing selfhood, you have eternalized a little thread of self. The true meaning of “realize”, to wrap it around eternity. It will continue on with you forever. The Father only sees in eternal terms, He’s not experiential Deity, He’s existential Deity. He sees the finality of you the eternalized you.

The worship factor overlooked in the panorama of selfhood.

Not enough emphasis in various religious groups on reflective worship. Today we see secularized “religions” where worship is not emphasized ore even acknowledged.

The three cosmic domains: CAUSATION—DUTY—WORSHIP. The 6th adjutant of worship compared to the 6th level of meaning WORSHIP.

The worship experience of an animal-origin being, engaging the upper levels from the bottom up. Different from reflecting from the top of the cosmos above and NOW worship. This is not then the worship experience of a SELF, it is now the sublime experience of a true personal self basking in the presence of unity.

118:5.3, p. 1299 Mortal consciousness proceeds from the fact, to the meaning, and then to the value. Creator consciousness proceeds from the thought-value, through the word-meaning, to the fact of action. Always must God act to break the deadlock of the unqualified unity inherent in existential infinity. Always must Deity provide the pattern universe, the perfect personalities, the original truth, beauty, and goodness for which all subdeity creations strive. Always must God first find man that man may later find God. Always must there be a Universal Father before there can ever be universal sonship and consequent universal brotherhood.

To truly begin to understand who we are and who God is and their coming together. The bidirectional flow need to be held in our consciousness simultaneously. We are “up-welling facts” and God is a “down-welling fact”, coming together with a super-additive consequence (eventuation). Eventually, one has thought of self-evidency. Not merely belief, but literal “knowing”.

Stressing worship, in eternity worship leads to wisdom. Think of the description of the experience of worship on Paradise, in eternity. We don’t have to wait to reach Paradise to worship in eternity, if we choose not to stall in the bliss of unity, but reflect off the top and bring it down. Grasp eternity down here. This is all made possible through personality. Mere self can not grasp (faith-grasp) the cosmos, but personality, coming from eternity can, and reform the self. the first thing we experience as we begin this is worshiping in eternity. Practice makes perfect!

We worship on Paradise, leads to wisdom as we go out into the Grand Universe, which will eventuate in the finality of the finite.

Do not be satisfied with mere unity. Experience the threefold fluctuation of light, here as three insights. Everything we have “down here” is a downstepped version of Paradise pattern.

Challenge ourselves to take delight in developing a relationship with the three cosmic domains. It brings a satisfaction beyond mere spiritual experience.


Speaking to the unification of the evolving self. We (our bodies) are designed so that our “tissues” can master these energies, which are fundamental to the unification process. Actual chemical processes are involved in fostering our connection to spirit energy. We are creatures (created) the way has been prepared. Then choose to consecrate our mind and will to this unification, engage the fullness of these gifts.

We have all we need to accomplish this. We just need to choose, after having, discovered, recognized and interpreted.

Here we are presented with the challenge of self-mastery. This applies to both human and superhuman. The good “bad examples” of which are Judas Iscariot and Lucifer respectively.

Self-mastery is really striking step with the downward reach of God, as opposed to self assertion.


Two great phases of increasing dominance over the self and in the universe.

1. pre-finaliter-God seeking experience, seeking The Father, heading towards Paradise. Not just seeking the Father, but augmenting self-realization, through identity expansion and actualization.

2. post-finaliter Coming away from Paradise Coming away from Paradise with a facet of God to reveal. The facet of the Supreme Being of experience. What do they mean? Details of this are revealed in P117:6.6, clarifies this. Eventhough we can not directly experience the Supreme Being, there is a manifestation of the personal purposive nature of the Supreme Being which is personally experiencible within the finite, by a finite creature, which is called the Universal Mother. This is the Supreme Being of experience.

Our journey to Paradise is God the Father seeking and God the Mother acquiring. Our assignment from Paradise becomes, God the Mother revealing.

117:6.6 In and through the experience of finaliter attainment the experiential mother qualities of the ascending self become tremendously affected by contact and infusion with the spirit presence of the Eternal Son and the mind presence of the Infinite Spirit. Then, throughout the realms of finaliter activity in the grand universe, there appears a new awakening of the latent mother potential of the Supreme, a new realization of experiential meanings, and a new synthesis of experiential values of the entire ascension career. It appears that this realization of self will continue in the universe careers of the sixth-stage finaliters until the mother inheritance of the Supreme attains to finite synchrony with the Adjuster inheritance of the Father. This intriguing period of grand universe function represents the continuing adult career of the ascendant and perfected mortal.


Descending personalities also have analogous experiences to ours, e.g. Paradise Creator Son, leaves Paradise as God The Father-revealing, going down through creature bestowals He’s acquiring God The Supreme. Following the bestowals, as a Master Son, He now becomes God the Supreme revealing.

This reciprocal relationship between Michael and Creative Mother Spirit and the Finaliters will be very important in seeking God the Ultimate.


Selfhood of survival value requires the transfer of the seat of identity of the material self to the evolving soul and beyond with the spirit endowment to spiritual status.