Episode:Seraphic Guardians of Destiny (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

How does the overcare of the universe become personal through the ministry of the seraphim? Join the SoS team as they resume studying Paper 113 of The Urantia Book, Seraphic Guardians of Destiny.

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Keywords: Urantia, Seraphim, Destiny, Angels, Guardian Angels

Summary by Kermit

113:3. Relation to Other Spirit Influences

Seraphim effect a personal co-ordination and unification of the numerous impersonal spirit ministries to us.

Use of the word co-ordination and related words point to mother-like word in the cosmos. Agencies of the Creative Mother Spirit, having to do with the whole.

More specifically the Seraphim correlate/integrate the complete range of spirit influences from physical controllers, adjutant minds spirits, Holy Spirit to the Infinite Spirit, then “adds” correlation of the spirits of the Father and the Son (Thought Adjuster and Sprint of Truth).

Holy Spirit encircuitment is the personal spirit ministry of Creative Mother Spirit. She is ubiquitous, her presence defines the boundaries of the local universe, she fills all space. As we become plugged into her, we touch her allness and by so doing us to experience OBJECTIVE consciousness.

The spirits of the Father and the Son are unified and co-ordinated on the lower levels of our spiritual experience by our Seraphim.

Because of their origins and nature our angels are the custodians of mind patterns, memory formulas and soul realities in our transitions from physical existence to morontial. Soul is “morontia brain”, memories saved in spirit form by adjuster, but mind patterns etc. kept by the seraphim.

Spirit of Truth limited by creatures acceptance of “sum and substance”

Holy Spirit become increasingly effective in the spiritualization and sanctification of the inner life of those who more closely obey the divine leadings.

On the spiritual level they are co-ordinators, intellectually they are interpreters, physically they work with physical controllers and midway creatures. How? Conjecture they are facilitated by the Supreme Being.

Conjecturing speculation by authors was discussed-they may have strong beliefs and ideas about what’s going on, but they only are authoritative in realms of their own experience.

At this point we delved into a deep discussion of the Supreme, the summary of which I would not attempt, but direct you to listen to the archive of this broadcast. Out of this discussion came a helpful bit about the names of the Supreme-when acting in different capacities; as a HE Supreme Being, as SHE the Universal Mother, and as IT the Almighty Supreme

Importance of having other readers and mentors, learning, sharing teaching. emphasis on study groups

113:4. Seraphic Domains of Action

Seraphim operate from the outside in, while Thought Adjusters operate within and through the soul. As mind stimulators to seek to promote circle making decisions. Seraphim manipulate the environment (social, ethical and moral)- providing fodder for a whole program of speculation

Usually unaware of them meaning sometimes aware they guide us in new AND progressive experiences. rarely leads to a life of ease...but rugged hills of moral choosing

Discussion of the word EASE. When in the path or doing God’s will it becomes EASIER. The Kingdom believer finds it easier to do the right thing. the gospel yoke is easy and my burden is light” ... but a burden.

Worship prompted by TA while prayer prompted by S. S manipulates mortal environment to augment cosmic insight to become more aware of the TA and co-operate more with the spiritual mission.

No communication between TAs and Ss, but they work in perfect harmony each more active when the other is less active.

The seraphim, Thought Adjuster and Spirit of Truth ministries all integrated in the enveloping and evolving presence of the Supreme.

Universal Mother focalizer of the “finite whole” key to the secret of how S can “personalize all these impersonal spirits”. again you can go back to the archive of the broadcast

113:5. Seraphic Ministry to Mortals

Don’t invade sanctity of human mind or abridge prerogatives of human choosing.

Seraphim act independent of your direct appeals regardless of your passing whims

“Not guardians of your day” destiny decisions.

Don’t seek directly to influence you. Don’t arbitrarily intervene, but on the orders of their superiors they can and do act. Direct intervention not to be expected.

Circumstances must be extreme (they move into a Fatherlike mode, “interventional”). These interventions more likely tied to destiny events not to merely save your life as such, but save your life so that you can performs some important task.

Overcome the fear, trust and obey for there is no other way.