Episode:Surviving Mortal Death and Harmonizing the Soul (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

Setting the stage for an in-depth study of the plan of progressive attainment (the Paradise ascent), the SoS team examines the details of our terrestrial escape and the disposition of the various aspects of our being (body, mind, spirit, soul, and personality), incorporating a synthesis of the distinction between selfhood and actual personality.

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Keywords: Urantia, Death, Soul, Paradise, Personality

Note: Michael McQueen filled in for Kermit Anderson.

Summary by Kermit

Beginning of mortal ascension starts with death. three types.

112:3 Spiritual (soul) death

Spiritual death-iniquity, occurs before physical death, adjuster disengages, but angels remain on duty for the subject. Illustrates that the full measure of mercy is extended each mortal.

What does it take to become soul dead “down here”?

Led to extensive discussion of error/evil, sin and iniquity

Allow revelators to reorganize and clarify our thoughts associated with these four words. These word must be redefined according to the revelation for us to understand the truth of the revelation.

evil associated with very bad things, but in reality, evil represents immaturity, good intentions but instead give “badness” form in your mind, no soul damage incurred.

Sin represents the willfull and deliberate disloyalty to deity and causes damage to our soul.

When you recognize good and bad and deliberately choose bad becomes sin which incurs soul damage. because adjuster builds the soul and is attached thereto, TA also subservient to your will, you will the adjuster to conform your soul to cosmos or not. Sin takes a step to unravel soul. Soul is a weave of material and spiritual. Substance aspect to soul, literally, draining vessel of soul of its value. Wholehearted sin (iniquity) purposes your TA to this state, becomes empty vessel, or dead soul.

The nature of the sin must be ACTUALLY wrong, not misperceived badness.

Several other sections in the book were cited to help flesh out and clarify our discussion.

Paper 148 Training the Evangelists section Evil, Sin and Iniquity.

146:2 p.1638: conscious and persistent pursuit of iniquity destroys the communication between person and God.

67:1.5 p755

  • Error, lack of intellectual keenness
  • Evil, deficiency of wisdom
  • Sin abject spiritual poverty
  • Iniquity vanishing personality control

p1301, paper 118:7 Supreme and Ultimate, Time and Space

  • error-self confusing
  • evil-self disrupting
  • sin-self destroying
  • iniquity-self destruction

with extensive discourse by Chris on the mechanics of these stages of degradation.

Keeping in mind sin can be forgiven, while iniquity destroys the self

Reminder, sin must be ACTUALLY sin and not violation of some religious convention, or cultural taboo.

Paper 89 Sin Sacrifice and Atonement p984:10 “sin must be redefined as deliberate disloyality to deity.” Degrees of disloyality.

partial disloyalty of indecision divided loyalty of confliction dying loyalty of indifference death of loyalty exhibited in devotion to Godless ideals

guilt is consciousness of the violation of mores, not necessarily sin. No real sin in the absence of conscious disloyalty to deity.

Choices we make are against the backdrop of our animal nature, and we must take into account our animal nature.

Animal self cannot sin, only a person can sin or choose a disunity relationship with the cosmos. Impossible to be born into sin.

Intellectual (mind) death.

aberrations of intellect-mind exists between material substance and spirit substance. anchored on both ends. mind can be affected from either end. bottom up or top down.

point 1 soul death, from top down, 7th adjutant is disconnected. adjuster can’t relate to self without 7th adjutant encircuitment.

when we go from bottom up (brain injury) and same thing happens as above, self dies as human, but soul is not damaged. coma etc. leads to religious confusion concerning end of life decisions.

body, mind, spirit, soul all things, plus personality to unify harmonize these energy systems, body and mind damage doesn’t affect the soul. only sin and iniquity cause soul damage.

considerable detail of these mechanisms and processes were discussed

Physical (body and mind) death

precise wording “citadel of the mind until it ceases to function as an intelligent mechanism.”

if one is slowly dying the adjutants drop off one by one from top down, 7-6-5-4 etc. if a slow process could be stretched out over a long time or can occur quickly.

When 7th adjutant is disconnected, adjuster leaves, but material momentum of body continues. Soul taken by seraphim.

vanishing mind can vanish quickly.

what about “near death” experiences? (I don’t plan to elaborate on this part of our discussion, but refer listeners to the archives.)

the irreparability idea, damage can occur, process that disrupts 7th adjutant, but this can be restored and you have a “momentary intellectual death”. adjuster can leave unceremoniously, but when TA re-engages not unceremonious, but associated with “phenomena” out of the body, journey, meeting dead relatives, attributed to TA’s leaving and reconnecting. Interpreted as a SELF experience. likened to Pentacost and experiences at the time of the reception of the SoT.

some of these experiences are not good, and people think they’ve seen a glimpse of hell.

the interpetation of these boarderland transactions varies according to individual’s notions, projected onto the experience.

avoid the temptation to be fixated on these things and be so “death mystical minded, that they are no earthly good”

3.5. next we talked about the disposition of the soul and Thought Adjuster after death as well as the role of personality in reconsciousizing the ascender were extensively discussed.

spirit transcription of your memory resides with the adjuster, related to your higher self-parallel memory.

soul itself-phases and forms of soul-a morontia thing (form) what’s filling the form, phases, quality of self literally part of the soul structure, quantity and quality. no literal memories in the soul, but “phases and forms” to associate with TA’s held memories. 1:40:26

identity-important in understanding the difference between selfhood and personality PERSONALITY is not a thing it’s a phenomenon that identifies with a thing specifically a self.

down here and now personality is identified, focused upon mortal adjutant mindal self. next life P. identified with/focused on morontia body and mind. the associative aspect of personality must have an identification point. iniquity causes you to cease to be an identification point of personality. the purposing personality cannot come to identification point. when adjuster “plugs” back into soul, re-animation occurs. soul is now part of the body. personality re-identifies.

great confusion even or particularly among UB readers the differences between self, soul, personality. needs reflection for deeper understanding as to how these components work as a system. NOT MAGICAL.

harmony is to be arranged into conformity cosmos

3.6 and 3.7

dis-adjustered souls are unconscious, during the long or short sleep of death. The self (material or morontial) is NOT conscious. The only thing that is conscious is the adjuster.

identity safekeeping-soul, future morontia brain, future identification point for personality 1:54

Personality harmonizes the system-self of adjutant mind, self of the adjuster and self of your soul. upon resurrections two selves morontia self and adjuster self two selves fuse to become one. personalty influence imposed upon the energy system simple or complex, trying to make system conform to the cosmos, reflect harmony of the cosmos.