Episode:The Betrayal Begins on High (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

Self assertion was the battle cry of the Lucifer rebellion. In the name of “personal liberty”, the rebels openly defied their superiors in the celestial government and were emboldened when those rulers on high allowed the rebellion to take its course. This war in heaven was very real; it was a philosophic, not merely a physical, battle; it was fought in terms of life eternal.

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Keywords: Urantia, War in Heaven, Sophistry, Lucifer, Satan

Summary by Kermit

4. The Outbreak of the Rebellion

At the annual conclave of Satania, in the presence of the assembled hosts of Jerusem, the Manifesto was issued. Satan allowed that worship could be accorded the universal forces—physical, intellectual, and spiritual—but that allegiance could only be acknowledged to Lucifer, “friend of men and angels” and the “God of liberty”.

Discussion: While nihilism on earth represents a materialistic philosophy, nihilism on high becomes much more complex when the domains and energies of mind and spirit come into play.

Use of the terms, “friend of men and angels”, portrays Lucifer as a friend of the common folk, a typical tactic of the demagogue.

Self-assertion became the battle cry of the rebellion. Self-government was good for all, not just certain orders of creatures (Melchizedeks). “Equality of mind” and “the brotherhood of intelligence” were advocated. Lucifer maintained that all government should be limited to the local planets and confederated into the local systems. He further denounced the location of the legislative activities on the constellation headquarters, and the judicial activities on the universe capital. He contended that both functions of government should be located on the system capitals, and set about to establish a legislative assembly and tribunals under jurisdiction of Satan.

Discussion: Lucifer removed the component of personality as a determinant in universe destiny, claiming that universe achievement is automatic (self-generated) as opposed to the product of purposive intelligent effort and struggle. He advocated the compression of the federated vertical universe administrative hierarchy to a horizontal confederation of legislative and judicial functions at the system level.

The mercy motivated delays of justice were cited by Lucifer as evidence that the government of Michael was unable to stop the rebellion.

Discussion: The use of the word ‘liberty’ was examined. Introducing the concept of liberty to an immature, spiritually conscious individual entails danger (risk of domination). An interesting example of contemporary implications of these issues is to be found in the emergence of Liberation Theology in the 50’s and 60’s in Latin America. Rather than being about ‘theology’, it is about the re-distribution of political power from an oligarchy to the “people”. The major danger here is that oligarchies did indeed exploit and oppress people, the violent remedy of revolutionary action, however did not produce the fruits of advancing civilization, but increased suffering and misery. Sophistry contains a compelling element of truth, that obscures the danger of the elevation of the self in the place of God.

We were reminded of the instructions Jesus gave to his followers amidst the scribes and Pharisees in his last temple discourse. Until the Most Highs, who rule in the kingdoms of men, remove those who sit in Moses’ seat, he admonished his followers to cooperate with and be subject to these elders of Israel.

5. Nature of the Conflict

In response to Michael’s policy of non-interference, Gabriel assumed command of the loyal hosts of Satania and announced that he would speak for Michael and that all beings would be left free to make their freewill choice as to where to direct their loyalties, saying that the “government of the Sons for the Father desired only that loyalty and devotion which was voluntary, wholehearted, and sophistry-proof.”

For a few years, there was chaos and confusion on the mansion worlds. Lest we conclude that Michael’s inaction in allowing the rebellion to run its course, was related to the fact that he ruled Nebadon as vicegerent of the Father, the Melchizedek author conjectures that, should another such upheaval occur, Michael with his sovereign authority to deal summarily with insurrection, would likely not act differently.

It should be taken to heart that this war in heaven was real and terrible. Unlike material combat, this conflict was fought in terms of life eternal.

6. A Loyal Seraphic Commander

At the outbreak of the rebellion on Jerusem, the head of seraphic hosts joined the Lucifer cause, taking a large number of the system administrator seraphim astray. The brilliant personality and charming ways of this of Lucifer spiritually blinded this leader. Here we see again that appeal to the spiritual faculties makes rebellion attractive and deadly to immature creatures.

Manotia, the second seraphic commander assumed command of the angelic hosts of Jerusem, and continues in service on Urantia to the times of this writing.

It is worthy of note that the language of Lucifer’s Declaration of Liberty, in his call to the ‘liberty-loving, free-thinking, and forward-looking intelligences of the misruled and maladministered worlds of Satania can be heard today in the slogans of the social and political isms and movements of today in their promises of self determination and self glorification.