Episode:The Betrayal Begins on High (Part 3)

From Symmetry of Soul

The Lucifer Rebellion was system wide, and many angels on high were involved in disloyalty. On Urantia, the sophistries of unbridled liberty and the delusions of self-assertion did deceive a young and undeveloped world. But since the day of Pentecost the traitorous rebels have been servile before the spirit ministries of the Father and the Son. The faith of a child of God is an effective armor against sin and iniquity.

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Keywords: Urantia, Faith, Pentecost, Devil, Judgment

Summary by Kermit

Before beginning our reading, we addressed some loose ends from the previous week.

We looked at the two words:

  • DEMAGOGUE, meaning leader of the people; often leading by appealing to popular desires and prejudices instead of rational argument. AND
  • DEMOCRACY, the people rule. Demagogues lead people towards autocracy rather than democracy.

The rebellion was not a religious war, but a philosophic one. The current day residue of the rebellion has little or nothing to do with the devil worship or even atheism. Today’s expression of the rebellion is much more sophisticated, having to do with the study of the “ideas of liberty”. Gabriel advocated the ideas of God the Sevenfold (the ascension scheme).

Liberation Theology is a good example of the study of the ideas of the God of Liberty

The idea of liberty in the spiritual consciousness is very powerful and can blind immature creatures. Sophistry consists of both fallacy (deception) AND seduction, making it both dangerous and attractive.

Present day Urantia mortals are beginning to engage in genuine philosophic thinking, as opposed to the primitive ideas and superstitions concerning God and the so-called “evil one”.

7. History of the Rebellion

The system wide rebellion encompassed thirty-seven disloyal Planetary Princes. As we are told, only on the planet Panoptia did the courageous leadership of a pivotal planetary mortal (Ellanora) prevent their Planetary Prince from carrying his people into sin.

Even though the system circuit supervisors suspended the broadcast service and all other avenues of interplanetary communication, the rebel sophistries of unbridled liberty and self-assertion were afforded every opportunity for deceiving the primitive and cosmically immature citizens of our young and undeveloped world. These circuits will not be restored so long as the archrebel lives within the confines of Satania.

Discussion: These circuits are not accessible to planetary mortals, thus, their restoration would not be obvious to planetary mortals.

Orders of local universe sonship above the Lanonandeks did not join the Lucifer secession. The greatest toll of deceived and ensnared personalities was to be found among various angelic orders, Morontia Companions, Mansion World Teachers, and midwayers, as well as Material Sons. This was the most widespread and disastrous of the three rebellions that have occurred in Nebadon. Many ascending mortals, on the lower mansion worlds, who had not yet fused with their Adjusters, did fall, not one member of the Jerusem ascendant citizens participated in the rebellion. The survival experience of mortal ascension is here cited as the greatest security against rebellion and safeguard against sin.

For over two years of system time, Lucifer retained his system administrative authority, when Lanaforge replaced Lucifer as system sovereign. Dethroned and shorn of all governing powers, the rebels were still allowed to roam the entire system to seek further penetration for their doctrines. Yet, in over two hundred thousand Urantia years no Satania worlds were lost above and beyond the original thirty-seven.

8. The Son of Man on Urantia

Michael engaged Satan and Caligastia as a mortal of the realm and not as local universe sovereign, thus terminating the Lucifer rebellion throughout Satania, aside from the planets of the apostate Planetary Princes.

While still free on Urantia to prosecute his nefarious designs, Caligastia has absolutely no power to enter the minds of men, neither can he draw near to their souls to tempt or corrupt them unless they really desire to be cursed with his wicked presence.

Note: The term “really” connotes the functioning of personality. The Master continually commands us to “fear not”. Thus, should you experience any fear in relation to this material, treat it as a litmus test leading you to re-consecrate yourself to the Master’s injunction, realizing that faith is an effective armor against sin and iniquity.

9. Present Status of the Rebellion

Lucifer was taken into custody by the agents of the Ancients of Days upon Michael’s assumption of full sovereignty of his local universe, and has since been a prisoner on satellite number one of the Father’s group of the transition spheres of Jerusem.

Likewise, is Satan detained on the Jerusem prison worlds, since the opening of the case of Gabriel v. Lucifer at the time of the presentation of the Urantia Book revelations. Prior to this time, he was free to come to Urantia because we had no Son of standing in residence, until Machiventa Melchizadek was proclaimed vicegerent Planetary Prince.

Currently, Lucifer is wholly inactive. System circuits will not be reinstated until the Uversa decree signalizing the annihilation of the interned rebels is issued.

Our author believes that all rebels who were ever going to accept mercy have done so. Thus, all await the Uversa decree