Episode:The Constellation Headquarters (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

Continuing our journey towards Paradise, the SoS team touches down on Edentia, our constellation headquarters. At this mid-point in our morontia career we are greeted by our Most High Fathers and introduced to their magnificent worlds.

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Keywords: Paradise, Ancients of Days, Most Highs, Constellation, Urantia

Summary by Kermit

The preface anchored us in terms of some of the facts of our constellation Norlatiadek, including our relation to the local universe of Nebadon and superuniverse rulers on Uversa via reflectivity. The number of the architectural spheres and their size relative to Urantia was explained. Time and distance reckoning are the same as those of Salvington. We are also informed as to the native inhabitants we will meet there, including the univitatia as well as previously encountered spironga and spornagia.

Our discussion included a brief closer look at the universe phenomenon of reflectivity as a literal expression of the cosmic presence of the Supreme Mind, expressed throughout the finite, with references from P9:7.2, p.105 and P17:2, p. 199.

Section 1

The Constellation Headquarters section paints a fascinating picture of the physical features of Edentia including highlands and abundant lakes and streams. The atmospheric make-up (three gas mixture) is also described. Transportation via these waterways and atmosphere are mentioned. In both cases the absence of the wild features of these realms is contrasted with those on Urantia.

Our discussion included mention that these heavenly realms are patterns for aspects of our life here. We are here told of the beauty of the highlands and presence thereon of the resurrection halls for beings who are exempt from various portions of the local system training regime.

Two Melchizedek colleges are located on Edentia, being the emergency school devoted to the study of the problems of the Lucifer rebellion and the bestowal school, dedicated to the mastery of new problems attendant upon Michael’s final bestowal on Urantia (in Norlatiadek).

Discussion here included a lesson on the etymology of the name Norlatiadek, with the suffix dek signifying the special recognition stemming from the aforementioned Melchizedek colleges, and Norlatia meaning “the north law place” (the constellations being the legislative centers of local universe administration).

The sea of glass and its utility are described with respect to seraphic transport, reflectivity display and space energy transformations, along with the 70 administrative triangles which make up one half of Edentia. Our discussion here included information about the distances involved.

Section 2

The constellation government is primarily legislative in function with the exception of two major tribunals located at the headquarters. The “on high” pattern of three branches of government are here revealed, with seat of the executive or enforcement units being the local systems, the legislative branch (composed of three groups here described in some detail) found on the constellations and the judicial functions found at the local universe headquarters level. Our discussion made note of this divine pattern for our own government of the United States and our need to challenge ourselves to keep these revealed patterns in mind when considering the reformation of our institutions required for social progress. Remember, change without growth is potentially evil!  

Section 3

We are introduced to the Most Highs of Norlatiadek, Vorondadek sons of the highest wisdom and unquestioned loyalty who rule the constellations. A ruling trio of Most Highs usually rule for 50,000 Urantia years rotating in the roles of Constellation Father, senior and junior Most High.

There is much confusion on Urantia concerning the various universe rulers. The authors point out that some of our teachers and prophets knew of the plural nature of the Most Highs, their subordinate relation to the Supreme rulers, and even more specifically who is referred to as Most High along with their particular role in ruling in the kingdoms of men, thus challenging us to scrutinize our olden records for stories congruent with the revelation e.g. Daniel.

The Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men and on thirty-three occasions in our history have we are told that the resident Most High observer seized control of planetary government as the Most High regent. In their rulings they are concerned with the greatest good, for the greatest number for the longest period of time as opposed to individuals. As such it was discussed that some individuals may find themselves caught in the crossfire of these emergency actions.

Because of the rebellion the Most Highs seized certain phases of planetary authority, which they currently retain. In addition, Urantia affairs concerning Michael’s terminal bestowal were supervised by the Most Highs, because Lucifer’s successor lacked full authority in the local system.

We further discussed the purpose of the authors’ detailed disclosure of universe government affairs and the workings of universe mechanisms in order to emphasize the literal nature of existence in these higher realms and to dispel magical explanations for real processes and events.