Episode:The Corps of the Finality (Part 3)

From Symmetry of Soul

The Architects of the Master Universe are the governing corps of the Paradise Transcendentalers. This governing corps numbers 28,011 personalities possessing master minds, superb spirits, and supernal absonites. The presiding officer of this magnificent group, the senior Master Architect, is the co-ordinating head of all Paradise intelligences below the level of Deity.

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Keywords: Urantia, Transcendentalers, Master Architects, Eventuation, Absonite Levels

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

The post review discussion spoke to the statement about personality “lacking in the reality of ‘thingness’.” To be more precise, personality does not manifest in reality as an energy “thing.” However, appropriate use of the term “thing” spans a hierarchy of domains and is not restricted to the material realm. The sophisticated nature of the revelation demands reflective interpretation of words beyond machine-like application in gaining a correct understanding, let alone finding truth.

31:8 The Transcendentalers

In a general sense a Transcendentaler can be thought of as any type of being transcendent of the finite domain. In relation to us finite creatures, the revelators use the term transcendental to designate absonite beings. Another term used by the authors for absonite beings is eventuated. Additional precision is to be found in the contrast between the terms transcendental and eventuated, with transcendental pertaining to that which is above, yet somewhat intimately in touch with the finite. Eventuated then implies that which is further above and less intimately in touch with the finite. This contrast is illustrated in the two types of master force organizers, the Primary Eventuated, and the Associate Transcendental Force Organizers.

Our limitations of comprehension and revelation mandate restrictions delimit the discussion of the Transcendentalers. They are after all concerned only with the superadministration of the affairs of the master universe and have nothing to do with Havona affairs or those of the seven superuniverses.

We attempted to arrive as some way of thinking about the idea of eventuation. Derived from the word “event”, literally to come out, try to think of the evolution process holistically such that the time required for the evolutionary process to unfold is wholly encompassed in a non-linear holistic (transcended) manifestation. In comparison with finite realities including creators e.g., Creators Sons, eventuators are far transcendent. Absonite eventuators are far above the Supreme Being. Imagine how much further transcendent of our existence is the Universal Father.

We have commented before that the revelators tell the story of everything in the perspective of the Seven Absolutes of Infinity, otherwise known as the Reality viewpoint. SoS finds utility for understanding in attempting to translate Reality-speak into Deity-speak. Adopting the concept frame of the Deity perspective, challenging as it is, can serve to simplify otherwise hopelessly complex cosmic transactions and convoluted reality relationships. Listen to the discussion concerning the possible role of the Deity Absolute in the origin and destiny of the Transcendentalers wherein we attempt to understand things by adopting the Deity perspective and see the Deity Absolute as the facet of Deity, the Absolute Potential. Further relational interactions of a complex nature involving God the Ultimate and the Paradise Trinity were discussed, from which my takeaway morsel is that the Paradise Trinity serves as the fulcrum interface between the Reality and Deity perspectives.

In a curious “end from the beginning” event we are told that our first serious contact with a Transcendentaler occurs at the time of taking the Trinity oath of eternity as a member of a new finaliter company, administered by none other than the chief of Transcendentalers, the presiding head of the Architects of the Master Universe!

31:9 Architects of the Master Universe

The previous statement becomes all the more astounding when we learn that the senior Master Architect is the coordinating head of all Paradise intelligences below the level of Deity! The introduction of the Master Architects describes them as personalities possessing master minds, superb spirits, and supernal absonites. Note the term supernal can be thought of as "transcendent but still in touch with in a top-down mode," whereas supreme is interpreted in a bottom-up perspective and indicative of the finite. For the intrepid truth seeker efforts at interpreting the revelation in a Deity perspective can open the door to insights into the nature of the Architects, disclosure of which is proscribed by the revelation mandate.

[30:1] section IV discloses that eventuated transcendental beings as the Architects exist on four levels of personality activity (corresponding to the ultimate domain of the four outer space levels), and on the seven levels of the absonite. The total number of Architects is 28,011. The seven groups are classified beginning with the Paradise Level, and expanding out through the Havona, Superuniverse, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Quartan levels, with the number of Architects functioning in increasing numbers beginning with the senior Architect on the Paradise level, three on the Havona level, seven on the superuniverse level, and following with 70, 490, 3,430 and 24,010 on the four outer space levels. Further attempts at eventuation of a 28,012th were unsuccessful.

In a clue to their transcendent nature our authors conjecture that the three Architects functioning on the Havona level with the counsel of the senior pre-eventuated Architect contributed to the planning of Havona!

Aside from Solitary Messengers and Inspired Trinity Spirits, no other creatures or entities functioning in the presently organized universes maintain any organic association with the Transcendentalers and Architects. The Architects are closely associated with the Creator Sons, in aspects of their site assignments for organizing their local universes as well as their co-membership with the Supreme Being in the first experiential Trinity, the Trinity Ultimate.

Notes by Brad

  • A transcendentaler is above us for sure, but still touches us down below (the etymology of the word transcend)
    • Hence, they can associate with us on Paradise when we are finaliters.

  • Might "the west of Paradise" as the home of Transcendentalers hint that it isn't a cosmic coincidence that our planet rotates in the direction in does? To guide our thinking?