Episode:The Corps of the Finality (Part 4)

From Symmetry of Soul

The seven Corps of the Finality represent the divinity response of the grand universe to the future needs of the undeveloped potentials in the outer universes of future-eternal activities. And the seven probably signify the present activity of the Ultimate Trinity engaged in mustering the forces of the finite and the absonite in preparation for these inconceivable developments of outer space.

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Keywords: Urantia, Seven Finaliter Corps, Finite Evolution, Destiny, Ultimate Adventure

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

Long time listeners of SoS should be familiar with what could be called an appearance-reality gap. As creatures in the cosmos, our attempts to perceive reality are rewarded with ever more refined appearances. Yet the appearance-reality gap is never entirely bridged. When confronted with the question of who and what are we really, in cosmic terms, we reflect on the revelation’s disclosures of our Paradise ascension from animal-origin “blobs of protoplasm” through manifold metamorphoses spanning stupendous measures of time and space to the status of perfected finaliters. But what does that really mean? We can barely have a rudimentary concept of finality. Consider that as faith sons of God we do not receive our universe name until we experience Adjuster fusion. Consider the impossibility of deducing that a caterpillar is destined to become a butterfly. The natural approach to the study of the Corps of the Finality is to envision the Corps as the culmination of the long Paradise ascent towards perfection. We have attempted to adopt a top-down perspective in approaching the meaning of finality.

31:10 The Ultimate Adventure

The exalted nature of the Master Architects is underscored by the designation of the senior Architect as the overseer of the seven Corps of the Finality, noting that each of the seven heads of these corps is a member of the Supreme Council of Destiny on Paradise with Grandfanda the chief. Pause to ponder that Grandfanda was once as we are now. This should certainly serve as an inspiration for a new and profound self-respect.

Instead of envisioning the Corps of the Finality as an end point in our ascension, think of finality in terms of the end of time-tethered sequences and the threshold of future eternity and beyond to endless cycles of eternity. And all of this corresponding to the master universe attainment of completion in Light and Life.

The seven Corps of the Finality variously mentioned elsewhere in the revelation are here listed together. Reflecting on the list of corps we detect logical kinship with the mortal, Paradise, and Havona finaliters. Another subset of the Trinitized and Conjoint Trinitized finaliters represent the offspring of perfect and perfected beings. Listen to the discussion of some of the details (sparse as they are) cited elsewhere in the revelation which provide further information about the composition and nature of the Transcendental Finaliters and Unrevealed Sons of Destiny.

Ponder the significance of the statements, “The gathering together of these seven finaliter corps signifies reality mobilization of potentials, personalities, minds, spirits, absonites, and experiential actualities that probably transcend even the future master universe functions of the Supreme Being.” And “These seven finaliter corps probably signify the present activity of the Ultimate Trinity engaged in mustering the forces of the finite and the absonite in preparation for inconceivable developments in the universes of outer space.” Note, reference is made to the “present activity of the Ultimate Trinity”, which incidentally from a time viewpoint does not yet exist! Finality here represents the embodiment of the doings of the wholeness of the master universe, superadditively combining time and eternity in a top-down perspective.

Our authors forecast the outer space levels as being populated with new orders of exquisite and unique beings in a material universe of sublime ultimacy. A realm under the matchless ministry and supernal overcontrol of the Supreme Being, lacking the presence of actual finite experience! An experiential handicap they say, for which we who have participated in the evolution of the Supreme Being will help them compensate. Stop here to consider how as ascenders we will have compensated the eternal perfect beings of the central universe for their lack of experience with imperfection as those of higher levels of spiritual existences atone for our deficiencies in the realities of higher spiritual experience.

Without direct knowledge of the plans of the Master Architects, our authors cite the organizing of the yet wholly physical creations of the outer space domains, the mobilization of the perfected ascendent beings of time and space in association with the other six finaliter corps, and the emerging almighty sovereignty of the Supreme over these supercreations as a logical basis for concluding that these corps are destined for some future service in an ultimate adventure.

And as is they sometimes do our authors tease us with quantitative clues from which we can extrapolate some ballpark estimates of the size and number of new creations forming in outer space.