Episode:The Eternal Isle (Part 3)

From Symmetry of Soul

Worship is the highest privilege and the first duty of all created intelligences. While the Isle of Paradise contains certain places of worship, it is more nearly one vast sanctuary of divine service. In the universe ascension plan, evolutionary mortals climb from the lowest material worlds to the spiritual heights of Paradise and are mustered into the Corps of the Finality. What a glorious destiny for the animal-origin children of time, the material sons of space!

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Keywords: Urantia, Heaven, Cosmology, Afterlife, God

Summary by Kermit

We finished our year long odyssey beginning with our study of mortal death and concluding with our admission to the Corps of the Finality.

Paper 27:7 The Conductors of Worship

We spent the first half of this episode on this last group of supernaphim, the Conductors of Worship. All supernaphim crave this assignment.

Worship is the highest privilege and first duty of all created intelligences. Worship, the quality of which depends upon the depth of creature perception, eventually attains the glory of the highest experiential delight and the most exquisite pleasure known to created beings.

Here we try to wrap our heads and hearts around this section, where we are told worship will be for us the acme of creature experiential delight, in which we would forever remain, did not these angels enable us to give full expression to our worshipfulness to the point of satisfying the Deities as well as ourselves. We are even given the promise that we will not be required to report for assignment until WE are fully satisfied in our worship.

Commentary: We had a fascinating discussion concerning the adjutant mind spirit hierarchy culminating in the spirit of worship, followed by the spirit of wisdom, and the sequence of our engagement of the supernaphim on Paradise, with Custodians of Knowledge, Masters of Philosophy (wisdom), and Conductors of Worship. We are asked to challenge ourselves to move from our subjective, adjutant “spirit of worship”, through our subjective relationship with “the spirit of wisdom” to develop an objective engagement with knowledge, up through the cosmic intuitions of the Holy Spirit and develop an objective relationship with wisdom in order to access the 3rd cosmic intuition (6th level of meaning) of true worship.

We also engaged in further discussion about the presentation of our ascendant jubilees. As it reads, “The first jubilee marked the mortal agreement with the Thought Adjuster when the purpose to survive was sealed...” We had some difference of opinion on the meaning of that wording. I would encourage interested listeners to go back to the archives and listen to the discussion.

Our commentary even included a discussion of what might possibly be meant with regard to the threefold fluctuation of the light of the Deity abode. It was suggested that the heights of experiential worship are impinging on the existential domain of the Father, thus triggering His luminous response.

Following the supreme satisfaction of the fullness of worship, we are qualified for admission to the Corps of the finality. With the taking of the oath of eternity, begins the endless service of the Paradise Trinity, and as finaliters we are face to face with the challenge of God the Ultimate.

Paper 31. The Corps of the Finality

The Corps of Mortal Finaliters is the present known destination of the ascending Adjuster-fused mortals of time. This corps also contains five other groups of glorified beings. The finaliters are mobilizing on Paradise, ministering extensively to the universes of space, and administering the worlds settled in light and life. Yet, the conjecture of Uversa is that their future destination is to be the now-organizing universes of outer space.

During the present universe age, the finaliters return to the service of the universes of time, being assigned to the superuniverses (save the supercreation of their origin), where they acquire the sevenfold concept of the Supreme Being.

They are self governing and being answerable only to the Paradise Trinity, their policies are subject to no outside influence.

3. Glorified Mortals

Ascendant Adjuster-fused mortals compose the bulk of the primary Corps of the Finality. Organized in companies of one thousand, at least 990 of which are composed of predominantly glorified mortals, with adopted and glorified seraphim. One per cent of each company is composed of nonmortal and nonseraphic personalities, such as Havona natives, glorified Material Sons, glorified midway creatures, and Gravity Messengers (those mysterious modified and personalized Adjusters).

The present activities of the finaliters does not justify their tremendous course of ascendant training and lengthy universe discipline. Greater tests of trust and more sublime services of responsibility must await the next universe age.

Being still sixth stage spirits, another step in their careers is expected. Three facts require consideration:

  1. Spirit classification is determined by actual advancement from one realm of universe service to another. During minor sector service mortals are designated first stage spirits. They become second order in the Major sectors, third order upon going to the central training worlds of the superuniverse, fourth stage upon reaching the sixth circle of Havona, fifth stage when they find the Universal Father, and sixth order when they take the Trinity oath as finaliters. The authors surmise that seventh stage spirit classification will be simultaneous with their eternal assignment for service on unrevealed spheres and concomitant with the attainment of God the Supreme.
  2. Finaliters have complied with the command to be perfect, but have not achieved finality of ultimate spirit status. They have experienced the fullness of Deity worship, but not finality of experiential Deity attainment.
  3. Finaliters possess experiential knowledge of the fullest possible life of intelligent existence, and have been trained to the limits of their capacity respecting every detail of administration of all the universal creation of time and space.

Thus, is seems evident that the present assignments of the finaliters are more like postgraduate courses in universe understanding and superuniverse administration. Why all this training in universe administration?

10. The Ultimate Adventure

The authors point out three certainties.

  1. The gradually organizing vast new system of universes which are apparently uninhabited. As it is put, “the clustering of at least seventy thousand aggregations of matter, each of which is greater than any one of the present superuniverses.”)
  2. The age upon age of the Paradise mobilization of the perfected and ascendant beings of time and space.
  3. The concomitant powerizing of the Supreme Person of Deity as almighty sovereign of the superuniverses.

All of which leads them to speculate that the assembling Corps of the Finality are destined to some future service in the universes of outer space. What a glorious destiny for the animal-origin children of time (children of God the mother), the material sons of space (sons of God the Father).