Episode:The First Epochal Revelation to Urantia (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

About five hundred thousand years ago, Caligastia, the Planetary Prince, arrived on Urantia. No prince of the planets ever embarked on a career of world rulership with a richer preparatory experience or with better prospects than did Caligastia. But already was this brilliant Lanonandek Son falling in love with himself.

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Keywords: Urantia, Revelation, World Rulership, Tree of Life, Mesopotamia

Summary by Kermit

Paper 66: The Planetary Prince of Urantia

One of the many unique features of our planet is the fact that human will appeared on Urantia a half million years prior to the advent of our Planetary Prince. Urantia’s designation as a decimal or experimental world, gives rise to unusual happenings and this deviation from the usual course of development was part of a plan to produce a pre-blended or pre-Sangik race of humans who were to be subsequently up-stepped by contact with the corporeal staff and further combined with the offspring of Adam to produce a race of world leaders. (See Paper 77:2.2 for details). But, alas, the rebellion prevented those plans from being realized.

On an average world, a Planetary Prince arrives around 100,000 years following attainment of erect posture.

Discussion: A note, the TEACHINGS of the Planetary Prince constitute first epochal revelation to the planet, and the same principle holds for the Second Epochal revelation (Material Son and Daughter), while Jesus himself WAS the Fourth Epochal Revelation to the planet.

1. Prince Caligastia

Prior to his assignment as planetary prince to Urantia, Caligastia had served honorably on Lucifer’s personal staff. He repeatedly, unsuccessfully sought a commission as Planetary Prince to a decimal world before being assigned to Urantia. Foreshadowing his later betrayal, he is here described as being possessed of “a certain characteristic restlessness coupled with a tendency to disagree with the established order in certain minor matters.”

Our Melchizedek author presents some interesting first person reflections on his initial enthusiasm for Caligastia’s commission to Urantia. At that time, he failed to comprehend that Caligastia was insidiously falling in love with himself, not fully understanding the subtleties of personality pride.

We were further reminded of the dangers of personality pride that most surely go before his fall. After all, it is pride, not sin that goes before a fall.

2. The Prince’s Staff

Daligastia, also a secondary Lanonandek Son, was Caligastia’s associate-assistant and with a large number of angelic co-operators and a host of other celestial beings, came from on high to advance the interests and promote the welfare of the human races.

The story of the origin, nature, and doings of the corporeal staff of one hundred men and women is truly extraordinary. From over 785,000 ascendant citizens of Jerusem (un-fused with their Adjusters) who volunteered for this unusual service, one hundred were chosen. Leaving their Thought Adjusters behind, they came to Urantia via seraphic transport, were given material forms and received the germ plasm of one hundred of the descendants of Andon and Fonta, in accordance with the Life Carrier plans, mentioned above.

Discussion: We engaged in interesting speculation as to why surgeons from the neighboring local universe of Avalon were employed to perform the germ plasm transplantation, as well as the mysterious methods of Thought Adjuster direction and seraphic guidance, in causing the one hundred Andonite tissue donors to all rendezvous at the Prince’s headquarters.

3. Dalamatia—The City of the Prince

Dalamatia was situated in the Persian Gulf of those days, where the climate and landscape were such as to induce primitive Urantians to make certain initial advances in culture and civilization. The great task of those ages was to effect the transformation of man from a hunter to a herder, and hopefully later to evolve into a peace-loving, home-abiding farmer. The corporeal staff continuously gathered about them the superior individuals of the surrounding tribes to be trained and inspired, thence to return to their peoples as teachers and leaders.

4. Early Days of the One Hundred

Aside from the technique of their appearance they did not resort to supernatural methods nor superhuman manipulations. Yet, these superhumans made a profound impression on the surrounding primitives. The tendency of mortals to regard such extraplanetary teachers as gods presents a serious obstacle to their good influence.

These one hundred were threefold beings:

1. The were corporeal (flesh and blood), relatively human, embodying the Andonic life plasm. They had the capability of becoming coparental to some new order of physical being. The original plan was for these physical offspring of the one hundred to serve as their successors upon their departure with the advent of the Planetary Adam and Eve.

2. While material beings, they were reconstituted superhumans of a high and special order, having ascended through the progressive experiences of the seven mansion worlds. Thus, possessing greatly expanded souls of ascendant growth, being provisional citizens of Jerusem, they were unfused and detached from their Thought Adjusters.

While instructed not to engage in sexual reproduction, the staff explored every imaginable phase of intellectual and morontia liaison, the results of which brought forth the primary midwayers. These midwayers were visible to the planetary staff and celestial associates, but invisible to the surrounding humans. Eventually 50,000 primary midwayers were produced. The surrounding primitives were taught of their existence and constituted the sum total of the spirit world to these evolving mortals.

3. The one hundred were personally immortal, by virtue of the life currents of the system which circulated through their forms. These life currents were disconnected through the rebellion. The fruit of the tree of life provided the compliments of the Satania life currents enabling the one hundred staff and the one hundred Andonite tissue donors (and recipients of the compliment of the system circuits) to live century after century.