Episode:The First Epochal Revelation to Urantia (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

The superhuman material staff of the Planetary Prince was tasked with the uplift of Urantia’s primitive human culture. These one hundred men and women were organized for service in ten autonomous councils of ten members each, patiently teaching the skills of civilization from a world headquarters in Mesopotamia for three hundred thousand years.

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Keywords: Urantia, Civilization, Culture, Superhuman, Revelation

Summary by Kermit

5. Organization of the One Hundred

The one hundred were organized for service in ten autonomous councils of ten members each. We read and discussed the first six of these, reflecting on the six normal evolutionary stages of progressive civilization, contrasted with our own path in all of its atypical charm.

  1. The council on food and material welfare.-Ang
  2. The board of animal domestication and utilization.-Bon
  3. The advisers regarding the conquest of predatory animals.-Dan
  4. The faculty on dissemination and conservation of knowledge.-Fad
  5. The commission on industry and trade.-Nod
  6. The college of revealed religion.-Hap

These groups are organized so as to initiate the progression of civilization through the stages of the quest for food, security, and material comfort.

The Paradise pattern of The Father being the “thought” God and the Son being the “word” God is shown in the administrative relationship, first with Lucifer and Satan (Satan being the spokesperson for the Luciferian enterprise) and then with Caligastia and Daligastia (Daligastia being the presiding head of the ten councils)

Because of the nature of their work, it was suggested that perhaps the corporeal staff may have come from planets in comparable stages of development to Urantia i.e. primitive. The fact that they were all Jerusem citizens without having fused with their Adjusters adds an interesting dimension to this argument.

Conventional ideas of evolution being a random process are here directly contradicted. Advances in transportation, language, communication were TAUGHT to primitive man, rather than discovered by primitive man. Evolution is programmed, patterned, purposive. The universe is mind made and personality managed.

Early “communal notions” and natural selection were supplanted by increasing personal consciousness and social selection. Such ideas challenge today’s modern idealism.

Fandors appear on almost all evolving worlds as downstepped expressions of the passenger birds on the local system headquarters worlds.

Conquest of predators was not completed. Now we are in the troublesome predicament of having to figure out which species should be purposed to extinction, or allowed to go extinct without the authoritative direction of heavenly leadership. We were reminded that species become extinct when the Universe Mother Spirit ceases to uphold them.

The educational methods of the staff led to the enoblement of work.

Interesting relationship between the colored races, their favoritism for a specific adjutant mind spirit and the type of written language they prefer. i.e.:

  • blue man: adjutant #4 knowledge; individuality; alphabet
  • yellow man: adjutant #5 counsel; associativity; concept symbol
  • red man': adjutant #6 worship; unity; pictorial

The path to light and life is facilitated by one language. In applying idealistic consciousness to material domains, we attempt to prevent loss of many languages.

We are told that peace is promoted far more by trade than the “sentimental sophistry of visionary peace planning”. transportation, language, and communication foster trade which leads to peace.

The introduction of money by the staff required and depended on the development of faith and trust in early man.

We are here told that Urantia civilization was literally forged out between the anvil of necessity and the hammers of fear. Cross references to the anvil and hammer image were cited in Paper 9:1.8, p. 100, and Paper 23:2.5, p. 258. The fundamental message herein is that pain and suffering are ESSENTIAL to progressive evolution and are just as much a part of the divine plan as the perfection of the central creation.

The College of Revealed Religion helped initiate mankind on the climb up the levels of meaning through the conversion of primitive fear to fear of the Lord. Hap’s prayer provides reinforcement to advanced concepts including, private property, biologic evolution, and life on other planets

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