Episode:The Melchizedek Order of Divine Sonship (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

Ascending mortals from all the constellations of Nebadon—as well as throngs of student visitors and observers from other realms—pass through the Melchizedek University, the spheres surrounding Salvington. The Melchizedeks, known locally as emergency Sons, are always ready to serve, whether on a planet, in a system, in a constellation, or in the universe. Urantia's planetary crisis of spiritual darkness motivated a Melchizedek to volunteer for just such an emergency mission during the time of Abraham.

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Keywords: Urantia, Order of Melchizedek, Emergency Sons, Planetary Crisis, Abraham

Summary by Kermit

We finished our introductory material on the Melchizedek Order of Divine Sonship, in preparation for our study of the third epochal revelation to Urantia.

3. The Melchizedek Worlds

The Melchizedek worlds specifically, consist of the first seven of the seventy primary satellites encircling the headquarters sphere of Salvington, and their forty-two tributary worlds. All 490 worlds surrounding Salvington (70 primary and 420 tributary) are collectively known as the Melchizedek University.

The pilot sphere, named Melchizedek is described as the most interesting place in all Nebadon for ascenders. We are told that even after attaining Paradise our memories of our first day there.

The other six Melchizedek worlds are devoted to some phase or aspect of LIFE, which is not strange when you consider their origins and kinship with the Creative Mother Spirit, the source of the life spark.

It is on each of the six tributaries of Melchizedek that mortal ascenders are occupied with a review of their experiences on each of five levels of their ascension career, from planetary life, up through the mansion worlds, system headquarters, constellation satellites, constellation headquarters, and culminating with a correlation and coordination of these five epochs into a new wholeness. (Note the implication of mother deity here with words like coordinate and correlate.) All of this is in preparation for entering the Melchizedek primary schools of universe training.

This review enables the ascender to consolidate and integrate the individuality, associativity, and unity aspects of their personality and soul growth, under the dominance of mother deity, (through the mother deity nature of the Melchizedeks and seraphim).

The administrative troubles of Nebadon have turned the whole universe into a vast clinic for near-by creations. Student visitors and observers flock to these Melchizedek colleges, as the order of Melchizedeks in Nebadon is renowned throughout our whole major sector (consisting of ten thousand local universes)

4. Special Work of the Melchizedeks

We are told that the Melchizedeks serve in unique assignments and unusual circumstances. They serve in all exigencies — physical, intellectual, or spiritual. They are not often summoned to function in the presence of sinful rebellion, however, in a local universe embracing upwards of ten million inhabited worlds, many things out of the ordinary occur which occasion their service.

The capacities in which the Melchizedeks serve are manifold. They easily make themselves visible to mortals, and can even incarnate in the likeness of mortal flesh, as we are about to study in this series.

We speculated about the nature of the Melchizedeks’ activities in this regard. It was noted that they can incarnate in the likeness of many different orders of universe creatures. Incarnating in the likeness of mortal flesh, as Machiventa did, has happened only seven times in Nebadon.

36:4. Melchizedek Life Carriers

To complete our background study of the Melchizedek Order of Divine Sonship, we read the intriguing section in Paper 36 on the Melchizedek Life Carriers. Here we learn of the existence, if not the purpose of the mysterious midsonite worlds, and their midsoniter inhabitants. The midsoniters are reproducing beings who come into being as the result of a mating of a materially modified Melchizedek with a selected Daughter of the material order of sonship.

These midsoniters live on their midsonite worlds (one per local system) until one thousand standard years of age, whereupon they are translated either to an intervening sphere or the midsonite sphere in the finaliters’ group of worlds.

The purpose of these interesting creatures is not presently known, neither do the finaliters discuss the destiny of their wards. There are other references to these beings in the 5th ER, and it was suggested that clues to a deeper understanding of them can be inferred in deciphering details given to us concerning the pattern universe.