Episode:The Second Epochal Revelation to Urantia (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

The Garden home of Adam and Eve was prepared in advance of their arrival on Urantia. Dwellings, roads, and walls were built with artistic care; many fruits, cereals, and nuts were under cultivation. It was much like a large park, with exquisite landscaping that rendered it a gem of botanic beauty. The tree of life, the superplant whose fruit would enable the Material Son and Daughter to live indefinitely, was planted in the center of the Garden temple. But the divine plan for a new dispensation of grace and mercy was not realized.

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Keywords: Urantia, Adam and Eve, Melchizedeks, Garden of Eden, Tree of Life

Summary by Kermit

5. The Garden Home

The Edenic peninsula was laid out, with administrative headquarters, homes for workers, schools, and domiciles for the immediate progeny of the expected Son arranged around a centrally positioned exquisite stone temple of the Universal Father.

The description of the extensive work of building thousands of miles of irrigation ditches, twelve thousand miles paved paths and roads, and the over five thousand brick buildings occasioned considerable speculation as to how this was accomplished by a mere three thousand volunteers using even “advanced” technology of the day in a span of eighty-three years. Superhuman assistance in the form of primary midwayers, master physical controllers and other angelic helpers with these formidable tasks was not ruled out, nor was it ruled in.

The sanitary arrangements of the Garden appear to have involved routing sewage well down river, outside of Eden into the environs of the surrounding peoples. This would indicate a pragmatic approach to their attention to purely material matters. The importance of disease prevention through cleanliness and proper waste disposal were not again appreciated on Urantia until the later time of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The food supply included greatly improved types of fruits, cereals, and nuts, with many varieties of food plants subsequently lost to the world.

Though not completed upon Adam and Eve’s arrival, the Garden was already a gem of botanic beauty. Never before nor after this time has our planet harbored such a beautiful and replete exhibition of horticulture and agriculture.

6. The Tree of Life

We spent considerable time discussing and speculating about different aspects of the tree of life. The notation about the tree of life also being found on the constellation and local universe headquarters, as well as the Havona spheres, yet not on the system headquarters, was cited as instrumental in clarifying the origin of some of John’s visions. His heavenly glimpses of the new Jerusalem (Jerusem), which includes the tree of life, must have conflated Jerusem and either the constellation or local universe headquarters.

The use of bible citations concerning the tree’s leaves contributing to the “healing of the nations”, as well as the reference to becoming as Gods if the fruit of the tree were consumed (by the Nodites), and again the reference to “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”, all contributed to sparking our curiosity as to the precise nature of this unusual plant. This is to say nothing about how the plant, being a material life form was brought to Urantia originally.

The tree’s history was summarized from the time of the Planetary Prince and its use by the corporeal staff and the modified humans, through the long years of use by Van and Amadon after the rebellion. It also maintained Adam and Eve’s dual form of physical life, until their default, whereupon it was abandoned, unsuccessfully used by the invading Nodites and finally destroyed by fire along with the Father’s temple.

7. The Fate of Eden

Four thousand years after the departure of Adam and Eve from the Garden, and after having been occupied by Nodites and other peoples, the whole Edenic peninsula sank over the course of several hundred years.

The author makes a point of describing this sinking as a natural occurrence, having no connection with the Adamic default. However, Solonia also points out that “the sinking of the Garden was timed to occur at just about the date of the accumulation of the reserves of the violet race for undertaking the work of rehabilitating the world peoples.” This strange statement evoked speculation that the action of the Supreme was somehow involved in this natural occurrence.

The paper ends with information about the Melchizedeks’ instruction to Adam and Eve, that unlike on normal planets, the Garden was not intended to be the permanent home of Adam and Eve. The material pair were further instructed that they were to go out to the surrounding peoples, establish racial, continental, and divisional centers from which Adam and Eve would coordinate their worldwide ministry of biologic uplift, intellectual advancement and moral rehabilitation.

Paper 74

Designed to work in pairs, our Adam and Eve were rematerialized on Urantia some 35,915 years B.C. The question was asked why does the author give us such precise dating. It was mentioned that this precision is included to assist us in more accurately aligning the findings of our anthropologists and archeologists with respect to Sumerian civilization and the revelation’s information about the Andites.

1. Adam and Eve on Jerusem

The pre-Urantia career and family life of the pair on Jerusem was revealed. Almost as a disclaimer for blame for the pair’s subsequent default, the author takes great pains to describe how they were given exhaustive instructions and a detailed account of Urantia affairs prior to their departure as the biological uplifters of our planet.