Episode:The Urantia Book—Thought Made Word (Part 3)

From Symmetry of Soul

Select mortals are chosen for the reserve corps of destiny, trained for service in various activities of world affairs, and held in readiness to act in possible planetary emergencies. A destiny reservist functioned as a contact personality when the fifth epochal revelation was materialized in the English language on Urantia. These favorably constituted humans, mostly unheralded, help to advance and maintain spiritual civilization.

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Keywords: Urantia, Revelation, Contact Personality, Destiny Reservist, Planetary Emergency

Summary by Kermit

In the last installment of our series examining the WHO and HOW of the fifth epochal revelation (5th ER) we turn our attention to the reserve corps of destiny, those men and women who serve the superhuman administration of world affairs in emergency situations. It is from this select group that the human contact personality, so instrumental in the materialization of the 5th ER, was chosen. Destiny reservists must possess sufficient mental capacity, adequate moral status, and requisite spirituality in order to qualify for such service. Additionally, all reservists have self-conscious Adjusters, personal destiny guardian seraphim, and usually function in the higher cosmic circles (psychic circles).

We had an interesting discussion on the mechanics of self-conscious Adjusters (also known as self-acting Adjusters), their function in various levels of mind, and their relationship with the cosmic circle status of the mortal of their indwelling. We encourage serious students to listen carefully to the broadcast archive for details that are beyond the scope of this review.

Usually an individual must attain the third cosmic circle in order to have a self-acting Adjuster and a personal pair of seraphic guardians. [113:2.1, p. 1242], [109:2.9, p. 1196] Being chosen for reservist service automatically brings a seraphic pair regardless of circle attainment, but what about the self-acting Adjuster? Adjusters can not “act” in individuals below the third circle. In lower circles, the Adjuster is referred to as incarcerated, or imprisoned, i.e. NOT self-acting. It is the seraphic guardians with their ability to span the wide range of cosmic levels from high to low, and their mysterious relationship with the Monitors, that enables an Adjuster indwelling a sub-third circler to become self-acting.

Concerning the selection criteria for reservists, three conditions are given.

  1. Capacity for being secretly rehearsed for emergency missions in the conduct of global affairs.
  2. Wholehearted dedication to some special social, economic, political, spiritual or other cause, plus the willingness to serve without recognition and reward.
  3. Possession of a Thought Adjuster of extraordinary versatility and experience in dealing with impending world emergency situations.

Reservists are assigned to each of the twelve corps of Master Seraphim. When speculating about the 5th ER contact personality one might wonder which of the twelve corps was he a member. We have no idea.

Additional commentary on the reserve corps included speculation on the discrepancy between Urantia with twelve corps of Master Seraphim and the average number of such corps on average inhabited worlds (seventy). The specificity of the numbers of reservists serving at the time of the transmission of the revelation (962) suggests that the revelators are inviting us to engage the revelation with our individuality consciousness as well as our spiritual consciousness.

We further speculated on the possible effects of the transaction phenomena associated with the rehearsal and performance of reservists, from the standpoint of either enhancing their already superior qualities of health, efficiency, and tranquillity or degrading these qualities through the stress of transmitting over two score of the Urantia Papers. It must have been a remarkable individual indeed who could treat the unusual subjective phenomena certain to be associated with this enterprise with such indifference.

Perhaps the closest the authors come to delineating the mechanism of transmission for those portions of The Urantia Papers requiring a contact mortal, is found in the explanation of the ability of “the better adapted secondary midway creatures” to make contact with an Adjuster, through the penetration of the mind of the latter’s indwelling (mortal destiny reservist contact personality). These “cosmic adjustments” are cited as the method whereby the revelation was “materialized in English”. This led to further wonderment at the meaning of “materialize”. We are reminded that it could simply refer to the process of getting the words of the revelators on paper and into book form.

We are told that the contact destiny reservists are little known to their fellows except perhaps during rare occasions when they may function more publically in helping to avert some breakdown of evolutionary culture or the extinction of the light of living truth. We wondered about those rare cases where notable historical figures could have been acting in the capacity of a destiny reservist.

In another reference [113:2.6, p. 1243] the author gives the seraphic unit of assignment designation for the guardian angel of the human contact personality, again appealing to our individuality consciousness in our engagement of the revelation. The pointed reference to the human contact personality in both Paper 113 and 114 led to our speculation about whether the Chief of Seraphim on Urantia (a supernaphim) would require the human subject for transmission of these papers.

The membership in the Urantia reserve corps was greatest during the days of the Adamites and Andites. With the dilution of the violet blood, the numbers declined until Pentecost, when with the bestowal of the Spirit of Truth and universal bestowal of Thought Adjusters their numbers have steadily increased.

At this point our Chief of Seraphim author discloses the existence of another corps of over one thousand mortals. The cosmic reserve corps of universe-conscious citizens, whose insight of cosmic citizenship far transcends the sphere of their terrestrial abode. This would suggest a group of individuals who are not unconscious of their membership and have a working relationship with our superhuman planetary administration. From a reference [43:3.4, p. 488] one of our SoS team suggested that perhaps the prophet Daniel might have been a cosmic reservist as he is said to have fully understood the nature of the Most High observer.

The ad hoc nature of our planetary government and administration is alluded to when we are told that our world is governed differently from the loyal inhabited worlds of Satania. We wondered if we were to take heart being told that our planetary governments have not been so inferior; while only one or two worlds may be said to be worse and a few may be slightly better, but the majority are on a plane of equality with us.

Regarding our future, and the termination of our unsettled status of planetary administration, no one seems to know and widely disparate opinions prevail among our celestial benefactors. We are reassured that we are not cosmic orphans, we are known even on Paradise and just as lovingly cherished and faithfully watched over, notwithstanding our history of rebellion. Fear not! The Father himself loves us!