Episode:Thought Adjusters—Mission and Ministry (Part 4)

From Symmetry of Soul

The Mystery Monitors act independently in the minds of the children of men, unceasingly urging the creatures of their indwelling toward divine ideals, always luring them upward toward the purposes and aims of a future and better life. And Thought Adjusters function in perfect synchrony and co-ordination with all other spirit influences.

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Keywords: Urantia, Indwelling Spirit, Deity Fragment, Heavenly Helper, Spirit Gravity

Summary by Kermit

108:4. Relation of Thought Adjusters to Other Spiritual Influences

Thought Adjusters (TAs) are alone in their sphere of activity in the mortal mind, save their possible coordination with the other Deity fragments previously mentioned. Even though the Father is not personally present in the universes of time and space, delegating his personal power and authority to the Supreme Creators, the TAs are evidence of the fact that the Father has reserved to himself the right to be present in the minds and souls of his evolving creatures. In so doing and in coordination with the spiritual gravity of the Paradise Sons, he acts to draw all creatures to himself. We had an informative discussion concerning the omnipersonal omnipresence of the Father in distinction to the ubiquity of the Creator Son’s divine associate.

TA’s activities span the vast vertical hierarchy of the Supreme Creators, ever urging the creatures of their indwelling toward divine ideals and luring them upward toward the purposes and aims of a future and better life. Independent of any and all other spiritual presences, the TAs function in perfect synchrony and coordination with all other spirit ministries. In this manner, the TAs represent a transcendent and indirect personal ministry of the Universal Father to the ascending creatures of time. We are reminded elsewhere that the Father would reveal himself in many other ways were is possible to do so.

Utilizing their previously mentioned extensive vertical range of action in the Grand Universe, the TAs are of great assistance in circumventing the handicaps of planetary isolation on quarantined worlds challenged by rebellion like Urantia. An example of this is found in the revealed role of the TA of the human subject utilized in the transmission of the revelation.

The final paragraph of this section reminds us that the SMs are at a loss to fully understand many the spirit phenomena of which they are cognizant. The SMs believe that the role of Personalized Monitors and other orders of unrevealed prepersonal spirits represent the Father’s direct and unexplained contact with creatures of the realms. The activities of these spirits are not just about us making our way to the Paradise Father.

108:5. The Adjuster’s Mission

The nature of the composite beings inhabiting Urantia make the TAs indwelling assignment most difficult. Part of their role, by virtue of their vertical range of action is to receive the admonitions from various spiritual intelligences on high and to redictate and translate these messages to our material minds. Thus, the MMs can downstep “warnings” from any level of universe domain and try to put it into our minds.

As experiential beings we must eternalize our nature. The TAs indispensible to this work. And so in ascending from level to level of cosmic achievement, the TA carries over the truths necessary to our development for when we can receive and integrate them into our experience.

As inexperienced ascending children of time, we can depend, absolutely on the infallibility and unfailing nature of our TA. In this regard, we are reminded that in our current state we consist of three selves. There is our Adjutant mortal self which is destined to die. There is our divine self, the TA’s mindal self. And there is the morontia mindal self, seated on our budding soul. We may be familiar with the TAs job of copying those aspects of our mortal self of survival value into our soul, but contemplate the fact that the TA is also attempting to reflect these soul acquirements back onto the personalized self of our material nature, conferring a cosmic stability to our otherwise vacillating and inconstant makeup. Most of this activity is registered in our superconsciousness, if not our consciousness. But these phenomena are nonetheless real. Thus it is by faith that we grasp these realities, as we are yet known as faith sons.

Ever remember that TAs are not thought helpers, nor are they earthly helpers, but thought adjusters and heavenly helpers. Their job is to construct, adjust, and spiritualize a new mind for the new worlds and a new name of your future career. Their mission concerns the future life, not this life. Part of this discussion included the distinctions between the work of the TA in our mind, and the promise that if our own mind does not serve us, we are invited to exchange it for the mind that was in Jesus. The difference is found in the TA’s work in the mind and the SoT’s work above the mind, but with a transcendent quality making accessible to the creature the fullness of Jesus earthly life that is of greater assistance in his earthly doings. We are told the TA is concerned in making our lives reasonably difficult, but do not mistake this for the TA withholding of any real assistance in our struggles.

TAs aren’t interested in smoothing our ruffled feelings or ministering to our injured pride. Those aspect of our lives are primarily in the lower domains of our minds on lower levels of meaning. They strive to prepare our soul for the long ascending career. In parallel we’ve been told elsewhere that our guardian angels are not occupied with our vicissitudes of daily living as they are guardians of our destiny. But mistake not, in situations of sharp conflict between our higher and lower nature, between what really is right and wrong, the TA will always participate. Our lack of awareness of this participation does not detract from it value and reality. However, with the 5th ER we now have a reliable guide to what really is right and wrong.

Animal-origin beings that we are, fear presents an obstacle to cosmic achievement. These phenomena occur at the lowest levels of mechanical mind well beyond the downward grasp of the TAs, thus, Jesus exhortation, fear not! We do have the promise that when we do manage to free ourselves from the fetters of fear, our TA can use such decisions as a fulcrum on which to apply a spiritual lever of uplifting and advancing illumination! Such a promise indeed! Endowed with the perfect guide we can even enjoy the promise of the attainability of perfection!

108:6. God in Man

The indwelling of the minds of material creatures such as we, is described by our revelator as “a marvel of divine condescension.” We are reminded that this is a probationary union of God and man. And as previously mentioned on this broadcast, by grace, our resurrection on the mansion worlds is ours by virtue of the consequence of the bestowal of the Spirit of Truth upon all humans following the successful bestowal mission of our Creator Son on Urantia. It is the presence of the SoT that enables all normal minded mortals to receive these divine gifts. Yet, this grace does not relieve each of us of the necessity of confirming the gift by consecrating our will to the will of God the Father. And further, must we consecrate our mind to the universal harmony of God the Mother, thereby enabling us to achieve the cosmic levels prerequisite to fusion with our MM, ensuring our connection to eternity.

During this probationary period our TAs must co-exist with human unrighteousness and are tormented by our sordid and selfish thoughts, distressed by irreverence, and thwarted by our foolish fears and childish anxieties.

It is the TAs that are the image of God abroad in the universe. They are the possibility of survival distinguishing us from mere animals. They are the divine parent to our soul, the spirit re-creations of our spiritual selves. It is this higher and advancing self that the judges and censors discern when decreeing our survival upward to higher realms in eternal liaison with our faithful Adjuster.

The final two paragraphs of this section are a stirring recital of the promises of more direct communication with our TAs and the boundless cosmic adventure that awaits the willing.