Episode:Thought Adjusters—Relation to Universe Creatures (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

On worlds such as Urantia there is a real betrothal with the divine gifts, a life and death engagement. It is sometimes possible to have the mind illuminated, to hear the divine voice that continually speaks within you, so that you may become partially conscious of the wisdom, truth, goodness, and beauty of the potential personality constantly indwelling you.

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Keywords: Urantia, Indwelling Spirit, Mystery Monitor, Communion, Personality

Note: Andrea Barnes filled in for Brad, who was away this week.

Summary by Kermit

Commentary on Review

In the waning moments of the previous broadcast, we discussed the meaning of the phrase, “Supreme and self-acting Adjusters can leave the human body at will.” Inasmuch as, we are told to think of the Adjusters as dwelling in the minds of their subjects, why does the author make reference to leaving the body? Prior to indwelling a mortal subject, the TA is a non-localized fact, capable of being anywhere, and everywhere simultaneously. The mystery of mysteries is most certainly centered about the fact of a Thought Adjuster (TA) being from eternity and infinity and yet able to engage time-space material creatures. When TAs are so engaged, they have a localized presence in the creatures’ minds. Likewise is the ubiquitous mind-energy system of the Local Universe Mother localized or seated on the physical body, specifically the brain of the material mortal. Thus in few words and in terms readily understandable to us, the TAs are said to “leave the human body at will.” Of course further mystery is encountered when we imagine that TAs are simultaneously localized in creature minds and in touch with all universe broadcasts and intelligence. Analogies were provided to aid in conceptualizing these relationships.

TAs are divine superimpositions i.e. imposed from above, upon a creature’s physical mechanism. Always remember that these relationships are transcendental, i.e. not on the same plane of existence and much more complex and hitherto unknown.

Also a final note on super-acting Adjuster is the thought that the term super-acting can refer to the TA being above acting, having accomplished all of its work in the mortal and is waiting for fusion or death.

109:3. Relation of Adjusters to Mortal Types

The work of the mystery Monitors depends very much on whether they are liaison (loaned) or fusion (everlasting association) Adjusters. Differences in their work also depend upon variations among planetary types as well as systems and universes. Variations at the system level are pertinent because each system in the grand universe is patterned after one of the billion Havona worlds, and each local universe bears a characteristic pattern of the Creator Son and Universe Mother Spirit. The information in this section refers directly to the three planetary series groups described in [40:5].

  1. Mortals of the transient or experiential Adjuster sojourn.
  2. Mortals of the non-Adjuster-fusion types.
  3. Mortals of Adjuster-fusion potential.

Essentially, series one group worlds are primitive planets whereupon Virgin Adjusters are bestowed on primitive mortals to obtain experiential training. Few of the subjects of these TAs will, “elect to ascend the moral heights beyond the hills of self-mastery and character acquirement to attain the higher levels of emerging spirituality.” Yet many of those subjects who fail of Adjuster fusion survive as Spirit-fused ascenders.

Note, these early experiences are primarily for the benefit of the virgin TAs, who in turn utilize this exposure to primitive mortal minds for the benefit of superior beings on other worlds. It is here we are reminded, “Nothing of survival value is ever lost in all the wide universe.” Note that this statement doesn’t preclude the willful destruction of a morontia soul by an iniquitous personality, remembering all the while that any residual value in such a soul is in possession of the associated TA.

[102:7.4, p. 1126] was cited in our discussion where the distinction between mere value and survival value was clarified by the revelators. We are reminded that “Man can, intellectually, deny God and yet be morally good, loyal, filial, honest, and even idealistic.” These are all “values”, but not the survival values of God-knowingness, and God-ascension.

On the series two group worlds, TAs cannot fuse with their subjects. Yet, we are told that they are able to do much more in the life of the flesh for these mortals than they can do for us during our material lives. These mortals generally go on to become Spirit-fused upon their resurrection on Mansion world #1.

On series three group worlds, (such as Urantia), there is a real betrothal with the TAs. Explication of the word “betrothal” reveals that the TAs are “in truth” united, notwithstanding the actual fusion event has yet to take place. This is a life or death engagement. It’s a matter of fusion or oblivion. Adjusters bestowed upon the mortals of Urantia are fusion candidates.

On fusion worlds the one, two, and three-brained types of mortals have significantly different degrees of contact with their TAs during the life in the flesh, the three-brained type enjoying far more actual contact than the two or one-brained types. However, these differences do not persist far into the ascension career.

Early in Urantia’s history three groups of beings existed, those utterly lacking Adjuster capacity (subhumans), those exhibiting undoubted Adjuster capacity, and a third group of borderline humans, who showed capacity for Adjuster reception, but could only be indwelt upon their personal petition.

Our discussion around these types prompted much speculation and inquiry in the chat room concerning manifold scenarios of these types of humans and circumstances, which would lead to Adjuster indwelling, subsequent fusion or not.

It should be remembered, regardless of all of these schemes, since Pentecost, and Michael’s bestowal of the Spirit of Truth, on our world for the last 2000 years, Thought Adjusters, automatically indwell all normal minded mortals by grace. Armed with this knowledge and our own faith-trust we can take our resurrection to the Mansion worlds for granted. Being thus indwelt, we can begin our eternal career here and now. While we can not cause our own growth, we can supply the favorable conditions of cultivating reflective, courageous and independent cosmic thinking. We can ascend with our thoughts and reflect from above the immediacy of our daily life, to seek the illumination of destiny that is the reward of genuine worship.