Episode:Thought Adjusters—Relation to Universe Creatures (Part 4)

From Symmetry of Soul

An Adjuster did indeed triumph in Jesus’ human mind—that mind which ever maintained a consecrated dedication to the Father’s will, saying, "Not my will, but yours, be done." Such decisive consecration constitutes the true passport from the limitations of human nature to the finality of divine attainment.

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Keywords: Urantia, Indwelling Spirit, Personalized Adjuster, Superpersonal, Omnipersonal

Summary by Kermit

109:6. The Persistence of True Value

Thought Adjusters (TAs) are the key to the persistence of everything in life experience that is worth-while, irrespective of the survival or nonsurvival of the personality of the associated will creature. The meaningful values of nonsurviving creatures are copied in the TA, to be bestowed upon some other mortal mind of survival capacity. The ensuing discussion, of the question, “what is the difference between merely value and survival value?”, led to an intensive examination of our author’s multiple use of the word “worth” and its relation to the word “value”, in the context of the threefold cosmic actuality—thing-meaning-value. Worth and its companion worth-while represent the unity quality of value brought into relation with the individuality in time. Values exist at large in the cosmos. Survival values are those values brought into relation with individuality through personality in experience resulting in meaningful values, individuated survival values. The depth and complexity of this material and its discussion warrants more than one or even two hearings. Further, parallel phenomena were noted in the TA copying meaningful value into the soul, and in the absence of an Adjuster, the Supreme Creators reflecting meanings and values into the Almighty and God the Supreme.

To illustrate further, imagine a struggling mortal without a TA, on a world where TAs aren’t universally bestowed. What happens to those meaningful values in this mortal’s life upon death? There is no soul into which these values have been copied. All meaning is captured by the Supreme Creators, e.g. the Creative Mother Spirit and are reflected in the Almighty i.e. the summation of the parts of the finite. The personal purposing of such an individual is duly reflected in God the Supreme, the personalized facet of the Supreme Being. (And that was a truncated review of the discussion of the first paragraph of the section.)

Concerning fusion candidates, in the case of a mortal choosing iniquity, the Adjuster literally keeps a copy of everything of survival value. Should an Adjuster repeatedly fail to attain fusion personality, yet subsequently be personalized, all previously acquired experiences become the possession of the newly Personalized Adjuster. Such PAs are a composite assembly of all the survival traits of all previous creature hosts. Thus, these PAs represent in miniature, a summation of the parts of the survival values of non-surviving mortals, as God the Supreme is a summation of the finite personal purposing of non-Adjustered, non-surviving mortals. Thus it is true, “Nothing of survival value is ever lost in all the wide universe.”

Further explanation of the phenomenon of death can be found in [112:3]. Adjusters do sometimes depart their subjects while still in the flesh, while the mandates of universe justice afford the due process of adjudication to proceed. Note, that on our world where all normal minded mortals have souls by grace, short of an individual rising to genuine personality function and willing their Adjuster in a negative way (antagonistic), resurrection occurs.

Adjusters of long universe experience who indwell divine Sons on bestowal missions are unable thereby to attain personality, but are often personalized by the Father. These PAs go on to serve as directors of the activities their kind, as does Jesus’ PA, who is the director of all TAs in Nebadon. Not only do these PAs embody the mosaic humanity of their previous mortal hosts, but they also incorporate the human divinity of the divine Son. In Jesus’ case this would be his human experience as the Son of Man. How appropriate, that those qualities of creature nature, divinely portrayed in Jesus’ life, be reflected in the administration of the divine gifts throughout the local universe in symmetry and alignment with the deity nature of our Master Son, Michael of Nebadon.

We noted that in Jesus’ public ministry and the manifold circumstances confronting him he repeatedly asserted “not my will, but yours be done.” Michael’s final bestowal was prosecuted in accordance with the “will of his Paradise Father.” So it is more appropriate for Jesus, in limiting his own will, to declare in the negative, “Not my will be done, but the will of my Father in Heaven be done.” However, for us mortals, the positive form of consecration “it is my will that your will be done” is actually more appropriate, wherein we exercise and execute our will in alignment with the Father’s.

We’ve been told that TAs hold everything of permanent value in trust, often to be bestowed on a mortal mind of future indwelling. Now we are told that these conserved realities may be held in trust for a future universe age in the service of the Architects of the Master Universe. Such is the transcendent nature of the activities of TAs, that their doings span the complete vertical range of universe levels of reality and Deity.

109:7. Destiny of Personalized Adjusters

Our revelator author confesses ignorance concerning the personalizability of the non-Adjuster Father fragments. Other than the Father fragments which fuse with seraphim prior to joining the Paradise Corps of the Finality, we know nothing of these rarified transactions.

The PAs combine the Creator and creature experience—existential and experiential. As untrammeled, unassigned, and sovereign stabilizers and compensators of the far-flung universe of universes, the PAs can be seen as the “work around” to the fact of the Father’s personal absence outside of the eternal realms. They are the all-wise and powerful executives of the Architects of the Master Universe, and represent the full personal ministry of the Father—prepersonal, personal, and superpersonal.

In trying to fathom the role of the PAs, think of their combined experiential personality, and existential prepersonality in liaison with the infinite and absolute personality of the Eternal Son in their shared destiny and I quote “to the future superpersonality of the transcendental ministry of the absonite realms of the Ultimate, the Supreme-Ultimate, even to the levels of the Ultimate-Absolute.”

Additionally, the revelators mentioned and we discussed the interesting consultations of the PAs of the sevenfold Creator Sons with the Ancients of Days and even with the Vorondadek constellation rulers (Most Highs.) Again, listen to the archive of this broadcast for the intriguing reflections of our SoS team.

As is often the case, our revelator author discloses that there is nothing they can tell us of the wide range of duties and services abroad except that these human divinities are among the most remarkable personalities of the entire grand universe, and no one dares to predict what their future missions may be.

We had an interesting sidebar conversation about what constitutes a “spirit” word. Spirit words describe qualities of unity, in contrast to qualities of individuality. Using the revelation it is possible to test words or word pairs to distinguish spirit words from “material” words. Using the words “value” and “worth” as examples, from our everyday usage we might ascribe the word value to a material or individuality meaning and worth to a unity quality. When we test this proposition with the revelation we find that this is incorrect. This practice of reversing the spirit and material designations of common words in our language is frequent and can lead to erroneous conclusions and no small amount of confusion in our attempts to organize a philosophic standard of living. I see this as an invitation to sharpen our reflective thinking faculties and use the revelation to reform our recognition of the cosmic meanings in our usage of our daily language.