Episode:Thought Adjusters—Selfhood, Death, and Survival (Part 7)

From Symmetry of Soul

Humans generally recognize only one kind of death, the physical cessation of life energies. But concerning personality survival there are really three kinds of death: spiritual, intellectual, and physical. After death, two nonmaterial factors of surviving personality persist: the Thought Adjuster and the immortal soul.

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Keywords: Urantia, Indwelling Spirit, Personality, Death, Guardian Angels

Summary by Kermit

Commentary on Previous Broadcast

We had some follow up comments on the parallels and reciprocal relationships of the two phases of the finite careers of ascending mortals and descending Creator Sons in terms of their God seeking and revealing activities with respect to God the Father, God the Mother and God the Supreme.

We further discussed the question, why the 5th ER contains disclosures and information well in excess of that which is revealed on so-called normal worlds. We’ve commented in the past that The Urantia Book is an emergency revelation. This highlights the fact that the normal sequence of events no longer applies to our world. The beginning of our deviation from the “norm” is signaled by the fact of Urantia being a decimal planet, whereupon a greater variance in the standard life designs is permitted, compared to the other non-experimental worlds. The planetary rebellion and subsequent Adamic default continued to take us off the beaten path of a normal evolutionary course. Michael’s decision to forego the Magisterial dispensation in favor of his seventh bestowal on his way to achieving Master Son status forever put Urantia into a unique class of one in our local universe. Further, the entire local universe of Nebadon now has access to information normally only vouchsafed local universes settled in light and life.

112:3. The Phenomenon of Death

Finally getting back on the track of our series, we spent the remainder of our time completing the section on the ever-intriguing topic of death. Typically, humans recognize only one kind of death. This is because we have never had any genuine understanding of personality as, an influence from eternity, a spirit pattern, or an individuation of will. Considering death as a process of ending personality’s identification with the mindal self, we are given three mechanisms, which parallel the threefold actuality of spirit, mind, and matter whereby this can happen. Recall the big picture, we are addressing personality survival, i.e. the re-identification of personality with a different mindal self, the next self. The revelators begin with the most consequential form of personality disconnection.

1. Spiritual (soul) death

We discussed the details of this form of death at length, invoking our hourglass analogy of mind and the associated function of the adjutant mind spirits, particularly the 6th and 7th. In short this is iniquity, willful rejection of survival. In this case, the meanings and values resident in the soul have been evacuated, described as “morontially bankrupt”, and “spiritually insolvent.” As previously mentioned, respecting iniquity, it needs to be remembered that the degree of cosmic connection required to make possible iniquitous choices, is far greater than is appreciated by most humans. And as such, iniquity has to be far less common than conventional thinking might indicate. Note the involvement of various levels of universe beings involved in due process before the Thought Adjuster takes final leave of his subject. Also note that such death can occur prior to the dissolution of the flesh and in no way relieves our angelic custodians of their duties in this event. A take away point here is the invitation to take your salvation for granted!

Elements of our discussion involved specifics of Lucifer’s notorious journey into iniquity as well as consideration of contemporary terms as “psychopath” and “sociopath.” We noted that with the revelation’s disclosures of the physics of matter, mind, and spirit, psychologists going forward are in a position to begin to gain far greater understanding of these phenomena.

2. Intellectual (mind) death

This type of personality disassociation from the mindal self takes two forms. The first involves the disruption of higher adjutant ministry through aberrations of intellect. A person can be on a path of negative relationship to reality and in the process of evacuating the soul of meaning and value through a life of sin, but stops short of complete destruction of the soul. In this case, connection to the 7th adjutant is disrupted and personality can no longer identify with the mindal self, but the soul is not necessarily bankrupt. Thus death as we are characterizing it occurs irrespective of the continuation of the physical life vehicle. And again, with the 5th ER’s knowledge of the mechanics of mind, psychologists might be able to begin to objectively assess one’s degree of cosmic connection. Therefore, such a death is not necessarily of eternal consequence.

The second type of mind death can occur by virtue of brain damage, in which case the soul is not destroyed and may survive.

3. Physical (body and mind) death

This of course is classical death with which humans are familiar. As the physical mechanism loses life animation, physical life ceases, and the adjutant mind connection is lost. For us mortals, personality only identifies with adjutant mind. On the mansion worlds, our personality will identify with the morontia realities prepared for us.

Following death the TA departs for Divinington with the memory transcription of the mortal career, and the destiny guardians (or group custodians in the cases where the human subject does not have a personal seraphic guardian) take custody of the immortal morontia soul. The reunion of these elements of the onetime mortal, the soul and the TA constitute repersonalization (resurrection) on the mansion worlds.

We hurried somewhat through the final paragraph of this section and may wish to unpack further the interplay of the TA, the human subject with identity and personality. Also included in this paragraph are statements designed to authoritatively establish that there is no manifestation of a deceased human between death and resurrection of the first mansion world, nor a manifestation on our world of a person following resurrection on the mansion world. The false teachings of what is called spiritualism have no validity.