I have no words

From Symmetry of Soul

Throughout The Urantia Papers, the authors regularly point out they can't explain things to us because of our language. This is a working (incomplete) list of all those places. Paper 44 wins the award for "most pained or exasperated author," probably because it's so difficult to convey something of high art to us with our crude forms of art that (to them) are barely above cave paintings.


  • [0:0.2] Famously the second paragraph in the book disclaims everything that is to follow. A "circumscribed language of the realm" is limited but the authors are "admonished" to coin new words only as a last resort.
  • [0:2.6] "God" will have to have many definitions.
  • [0:6.2] The therms force, energy, and power must be assigned multiple meanings because of "paucity" of language.
  • [0:12.13] An "acknowledgement" they know it's impossible to convey divinity and eternity to us. But it's not hopeless, because we have Thought Adjusters and spirit ministries.

Part I

  • [1:7.8] Unable to explain how the 3-in-1 Paradise Trinity is still consistent with "divine unity."
  • [2:0.3] Handicapped in this assignment of portraying "divine values" and presenting "spiritual meanings."
  • [2:5.11] "Pained" to have to use the mere word "love" to describe God.
  • [6:0.2] and [6:0.4] "Distortions of language" used to convey a seeming sequentiality of events that have no beginnings.
  • [6:3.5] It's "crude" yet instructive to compare God the Father's and God the Son's to an earth father and mother, respectively.
  • [6:7.3] "Word pictures" cannot convey the personality of the Eternal Son. Wait till you're on Paradise and you'll understand why.
  • [8:0.4] and [8:1.10] Transactions of eternity are conveyed as a sequence to try to get the reader to think.
  • [10:4.5] It's "futile" to further try to "elucidate" the Paradise Trinity's three-in-one-ness.
  • [10:5.8] No language to convey how the Trinity's three beings interassociate.
  • [11:0.2] Paradise is beyond material mind's ability to comprehend (so it's implied they have no language for this)
  • [11:3.1] Useless to try to portray the Most Holy Sphere of Paradise to us, since it's wholly spiritual.
  • [11:4.5] Futile to continue trying to visualize "the glories" of Paradise to us.
  • [Paper 13] is filled with them saying they cannot or will not reveal things to us. In [13:1.21] they specifically mention the human imagination being unable to grasp some activities.
  • [14:0.1] Havona's true magnitude is beyond the grasp of the human mind
  • [14:3.7-8] Havona worlds' physical features and activities are "quite beyond" our imagination and comprehension.
  • [14:4.10] They "cannot portray" the creation of Havona to us. They must concede a "point of origin" even though it never occurred.
  • [16:4.2] It's difficult for the mortal mind to understand the Master Spirits because of the huge range of activity they span.