Symmetry of Soul:Video podcast concept

From Symmetry of Soul

Title: Short video podcasts for 13-year-old virtual study group

Description: Symmetry of Soul has been online for 13 years with weekly 2-hour in-depth study of The Urantia Book. Its audience is established and loyal. We would like to develop a new broadcast format of 21-minute video podcasts that are more discussion and application based.

Problem being solved: Many people won't listen to a 2-hour audio podcast with landline-telephone audio quality. We believe more people will listen to a high-quality 21-minute video podcast series and then perhaps become more interested in the long format.

How does this support the movement?: We want to show what "living the teachings" looks like, where serious students of The Urantia Book talk through their everyday issues and seek practical solutions guided by advice from the Fifth Epochal Revelation.

How does this support seeding TUB and its teachings globally?: By talking about how we live the teaching in everyday life, we will be promulgating the teachings. We also will, as needed, challenge those unquestioned assumptions that have built up over the last 70 years and become something of the "doctrine" or orthodoxy of the Urantia Book readership.


  • We want a live audience for these podcasts episodes but may not be able to obtain one consistently. If not, we may try a virtual audience or an audience-free format.
  • We may lack sufficient technical skill to achieve the video and audio quality we want. In this case, we will simply do the best we can with our initial pilot offering and see if someone else is willing to help us.
  • We may find we run out of things to talk about, or that this is not a viable format of discussion. If so, we will let the pilot offering stand as it is and discontinue the project.

Metrics: Podcast platform must indicate number of listens, abandonment rate, and other typical metrics. Goal of 10% increased audience episode-to-episode. Minimum views of 200 by Jun 2024 of each episode is the goal.

Impact potential: We hope this will model a different and more dynamic way to discuss our everyday problems and seek solutions being guided by The Urantia Book. We hope it improves outer lives and (more importantly) inner lives.

Communication: Announcing this series in Fellowship publication and on Symmetry of Soul's Tuesday evening broadcast. Also share on Facebook and by email, to the extent we have an email list. Ensure podcast can be subscribed to on all major platforms.


  • A/V equipment (up to $2000, but start by using existing)
  • Computer software (up to $1000, but start by using existing)
  • Craft services for audiences ($0 for pilot prerecorded, but for live audiences $100 per episode)
  • Facility rental ($0 initially, but up to $150 per episode if using a rented space)