The indispensables

From Symmetry of Soul

There are two groups of four indispensable factors in fostering the progress of early and advancing civilization. These are given by the revelators in various places throughout the revelation. A word search of "indispensable" opens the door to this synthesis.

What may be good for civilization in one age may be bad for it in another age (e.g., war and slavery).

Early civilization

The early civilizations of primitive man has factors that enable it to progress. In their order of presentation in the 5th ER:


  • "From chaos and indolence to order and civilized activities." [69:8.6]
  • Farming takes a lot of energy. Animals can help, but only to a point. A cow cannot pick cotton. Until you invent a cotton-picking machine, progress needs something to fill this need.
  • We acknowledge how politically incorrect this, and how painful and rugged the truth can be for many people.
  • Superiors with leisure time (to think and build civilization) and inferiors forced to not be indolent and lazy [69:8].
    • Superior and inferior are not about spiritual standing (created equal). They are about material issues (being born equal or not).
    • Our present-day bias toward unity consciousness dislikes that "born equal" is not the same as "created equal."
  • But a little goes a long way. A short, passing phase is what it should be, lest it begin to degrade civilization.
  • The U.S. tried to end slavery quickly, but there is no sudden in these matters. It needs gradual evolution.


Social classes.

The profit motive.

Advancing civilization

Advancing civilization has factors that enable it to advance:

True religion.

True monogamy.

  • True implies there is a triunity to it: two sides in tension with one another, and a superadditive consequence. Spiritial idealism in tension with material pragmatism and the resultant superadditive consequence that advances.
  • Source: March 3, 2015 episode


God consciousness.