Episode:A Life's Journey with The Urantia Book, with Russ McClay

From Symmetry of Soul

Russ McClay of Taiwan was introduced to The Urantia Book as a teenager nearly 40 years ago. As a young student of the world's religions, teachings and philosophies, the book has provided the perfect foundation to appreciate all of them.

Russ left his native home of the United States and moved to Taiwan in 1987 where he initially continued his studies in Chinese language and culture and eventually entered the field of computers and internet technology. He and his wife of 19 years have two daughters who are 17 and 15 years old.

Over the last few years Russ has experienced a deep and renewed interest in The Urantia Book which continues to enrich his life in many ways. His dedication to being of service resulted in creating "word clouds" for every paper of The Urantia Book which are seen at the onset of each paper of the on-line version at www.truthbook.com.

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Keywords: World Religions, Philosophy, The Urantia Book, Great Books, Future of Planet

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  • Truthbook presents Russ' word clouds at the onset of each online paper of The Urantia Book.