Episode:Experiential Deity—God the Supreme (Part 8)

From Symmetry of Soul

When ascenders are admitted to the Mortal Finaliter Corps of Paradise, they take an oath of allegiance to the Paradise Trinity. Subsequently, as the finaliter companies function throughout the evolving universes, they are solely amenable to the mandates of Paradise origin until a local universe is settled in light and life, only then acknowledging the jurisdictional authority of its new government.

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Keywords: Urantia, Future of the Supreme, Absonite, Coabsolute, Coinfinite

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

We have often referred to the revelation as an emergency mission to our world designed to help mankind avoid a collapse of civilization. We have also attributed the increasing probability of such a collapse to the seemingly counterintuitive idea that mankind collectively has, in relatively recent times, begun to manifest increasingly genuine spiritually motivated action most unwisely, stemming from the persistent use of the old wineskins of evolutionary religious concepts and the collective loss of previously acquired evolutionary philosophic wisdom.

To the end that we might escape detrimental effects of some of the old accumulated wineskins about the love of the Father, its discovery in the soul and its subsequent sharing with our fellows, we discussed at length the implications of the distinguishing aspects of Father love and Mother love beyond the absolute and inner individuality mode of Father love and the cosmic totality attitude of Mother love. The foundational difference between them in our discussion has to do with the absolute and existential nature of the Father and the relativity of the Mother’s experiential domain. We also included considerations of true and false liberty which correlate with true and false love.

Having discovered the unconditional love of the Father in our inner-life, subsequent attempts to bestow this Father love without the transforming influence of the Mother leads to dangerous destructive consequences, in the same manner as does unconditional liberty exercised from unintelligent, unconditioned, and uncontrolled motivational impulses. To avoid false application of love and liberty in the outer life, the Mother’s totality attitude must be embodied reflecting facets of cosmic responsibility consonant with social equity, cosmic fairness, universe fraternity, and divine obligations. The absoluteness of the Father nature must find relativity of expression via the Mother. Remember the unconditional nature of both the Father’s love and liberty are existential only in the inner-life. Endeavor to express them both humbly and wisely. The revelation is here to antidote the residue of the Lucifer rebellion and temper the zeal of our spiritually animated sixth adjutant.

117:7 The Future of the Supreme

The revelators introduce a logical time-view narrative of the completion of personalization of the Supreme in all three elements:

  • the discretely personalized Mother (focalized),
  • concretely powerized Almighty (summarized), and
  • both as unified in the Supreme Mind (encompassed).

However as we have been emphasizing in our study, the time view alone is inadequate for a more truthful understanding of experiential Deity. Three specific problems with this singular time-viewpoint approach are mentioned. They illustrate the need for what we have denominated “end from the beginning” reasoning to resolve paradoxical situations encountered when attempting to address eternity considerations. Listen to the discussions involving such rarefied universe personnel as the Unqualified Supervisors of the Supreme, and the Qualified Vicegerents of the Ultimate. Particulars of these two groups are accessible through detailed unpacking of details of the Central Universe.

Paragraph six of this section gets a prize for its tortuous, convoluted, construction. Here our author gives an explanation from the time viewpoint of how the above three specific problems can be reconciled, culminating in the denomination of the Universal Mother as the Immanence of the Projected Incomplete, a moniker cited one other time in the revelation as a way to think about Providence [4:1.10]; that is as the upwelling power-pattern influence of the Almighty and the downwelling personal-purposive influence of the Mother. Yet when approaching this material from the unity-completion, top-down perspective the convoluted becomes holistic. The Supreme Being downsteps from the absonite thru Supremacy into the finite producing the immanent personal-purposive influence within the finite. From this vantage we can now see the Mother as the Immanence of the Injected Complete! We conjecture that the revelators present such agonizing abstruse time based explanations to motivate sincere students use Occam’s razor to find a more direct explanation within a more advanced concept frame where time is not a reality.

Further elaboration of the outworking of the of emergence of the sovereignty of the Supreme shows how the finaliters’ oath to the Paradise Trinity is equivalent to fidelity to God the Supreme, and further is demonstrated in their acknowledgement of trinitarian jurisdictional authority in the local universes becoming settled in light and life. Remember the inheritance from the Mother of totality attitudes, coordinate action, and cosmic overcontrol. This is where the finaliter as God the Mother revealing exhibits attributes of coordinate action and cosmic overcontrol.

Completing the hypothetical picture of the future of the Supreme regarding superfinite possibilities we are presented with the whole stack of universe levels from the finite all the way through absonite, absolute, to infinite. These levels correlate to the realms of the grand universe, master universe and beyond to the cosmos infinite. These levels are also correlated with the first and second Experiential Trinities, and the Trinity of Trinities. And with these complex considerations the authors concede that they are out of their depth of understanding. Listen to the discussion if you dare. You may never view the trials and tribulations of your earth days in the same light.

The remainder of the section focuses on the implications for the grand universe, of the achievement of the spirit person of the Supreme, attained power of the Almighty, both unified in and by the Supreme Mind, fully functional as the Supreme Being.

The section and Paper end with a soaring flourish by our Mighty Messenger visitor to Urantia inviting us to set our sights ever higher to horizons and attainments of which we can at present hardly conceive!