Episode:Experiential Deity—The Almighty Supreme (Part 5)

From Symmetry of Soul

The struggle for perfection pertains not only to the intellectual and the spiritual levels but also to the physical level of energy and mass. The settlement of the seven superuniverses in light and life presupposes their attainment of physical stability. And it is conjectured that the final attainment of material equilibrium will signify the completed evolution of the physical control of the Almighty.

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Keywords: Urantia, The Almighty, Sevenfold Controllers, Energy Pattern, Physical Power

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

We briefly explored the necessity for cultivating a reflective teachable mind throughout life in contrast to a natural tendency with age to routinize life tasks to a point of near mechanization. Only a reflective mind can hope to find engagement with spirit and thereby progress cosmically.

In meeting the demands of our second master in this life, it is of cardinal importance to employ and cultivate the teachable adjutant mind as well as the higher functions of spiritualized mind and counteract the drag of material gravity to mechanical levels. Stop to ponder that mind energy is teachable by virtue of its transcendent and immediate relationship to Deity.

Reprising [116:4.12] wherein mortal man (creature) is cited as necessary for the fulfillment of the function of God the Sevenfold, we refer to the Foreword [0:I] where we note the list of the seven functional levels of Total Deity, to wit #5 Evolutional—creature-identified Deity (the Sevenfold), and #6 Supreme—creature-Creator unifying Deity (the Supreme).

Also recall the short discussion we had about the serviceability of using a relatively true concept frame even with limited intellect in the philosophic quest for truth. Mere brilliance of mind can never make up for a false concept frame. Anyone remember Lucifer and how that worked out?

116:5. The Almighty and the Sevenfold Controllers

This section focuses on the power side of the power-personality unity of the Sevenfold. The facet of Deity called the Sevenfold when observed from the reality perspective reveals an intimacy of the two sets of 7 Controllers and 7 Creators. Note this list of controllers is not to be interpreted as complete or comprehensive any more than the seven item list of the levels of God the Sevenfold is exhaustive.

We stepped through the controller list noting parallels with the list of the Sevenfold. In keeping with the power nature of the Almighty, the controllers are referred to in terms less personal than the corresponding terms for the personality side of the Sevenfold, e.g., controller #7 the Source of Paradise—The Universal Controller is hardly personal compared with the Universal Father. And so with controller item #5 the God of Action—the Infinite Spirit also known in a more personal mode as the Conjoint Actor.

Controller #s 3, 2, and 1, match to the Supreme Creators and collectively can be referred to as the Supreme Controllers. Not all of these beings making up the controllers are personal. For example, of the seven flavors of Master Physical Controllers, four or five are not personalities in a sense recognizable to us. Also of note, the power beings are not in the Father’s personality circuit, being Third Source personalities. Interestingly, the power beings are not hierarchically ordered in comparison to the specific levels of universe function assigned to the personality side of the Sevenfold. They do however, function as a system of reflectivity with the Ancients of Days serving as a center-point fulcrum in parallel with and corresponding to the Supreme Power Centers. Throughout our discussion we find hints that suggest we avoid time-based thinking in favor of the eternal perspective.

Through synthetic logic we are led to recognize that the power-personality unity function of God the Sevenfold when viewed in the reality viewpoint requires in addition to the parallel sets of seven Creators and seven Controllers, the mind functions of the seven spirit person cosmic mothers to hold the system together in a cosmic triunity. Recall that our personal psychic circle attainment is a function of cosmic (triune) levels of harmony.

Due to the incomplete state of the evolving grand universe there are local universes already settled in light and life as well as local universes yet to be formed. The Universe Power Directors must manage these already settled regions in balance with emerging universe domains in the process of development. Even these physically powerful beings must struggle in perfecting their realms of responsibility.

Stop to consider what their role might be with respect to protecting and ensuring the physical well-being of our own planet Urantia, the World of the Cross, it being the sentimental shrine of all Nebadon, the chief of ten million inhabited worlds, the mortal home of Christ Michael, sovereign of all Nebadon.

Notes by Brad

  • Being a serious student
    • Can you avoid becoming a machine (glorified typewriter or programmable calculator) as you age?
      • Keep your material mind teachable! Only a teachable mind can have real relationship to spirit.
      • A teachable energy system is a profound reality. It's because mind is related to Deity.
      • Paying bills, parallel parking, etc... don't indicate your mind is teachable, only programmable.
      • Material gravity naturally pulls mind downward toward mechanical levels as we age. But personality can choose a path other than this.
      • How? Courageously examine any part of life where you declare, "I don't need to think about that anymore. I've figured that out."
      • Acting lessons might help if done wisely. Some thoughtful actors report seeing themselves better by acting outside themselves. But others don't and what they say is disturbing: "There is no me. I do not exist. There used to be a me but I had it surgically removed." —Peter Sellers
    • Allow your connection to the Holy Spirit to function in its innately holistic way.
      • Strive for synthetic, precise understanding of the 5th ER.
      • For example, from various parts of the book you may synthesize the following.
      • For example, in [116:4.12] mortal man "appears to be necessary" for the full function of the Sevenfold. Why? One must synthesize "creature-identified Deity" and "creature-creator unifying Deity" from way back in the foreword.
      • For example, Creator Son and Physical Controller are reciprocal word pairings. Creator/Controller and Physical/Son. This suggests they have some common origin.
    • There are no trivial sentences in the 5th ER; synthetic scrutiny is rewarded.
      • Even if you cannot see past the first layer (the words), can you using insight to know a deeper layer is there?
      • Note some curious of a word or concept, then see if it ties in elsewhere in the text. Ancients of Days are "center" in the cosmos, for example, and synthesis helps flesh that out.
      • Find your onramp to deeper understanding. It's personal. This author reports his was [Paper 195].
      • The earnest student is OK with the revelators only revealing what they had to, and the rest of the unpacking being earned.
    • Get out your big eraser: have you unwittingly absorbed sophistries of the Lucifer rebellion?
      • A lot of what you've read in your life may be objectively false and may need erasing.
      • Those bad ideas—false non-reality-based liberty—overrule the Holy Spirit and you won't experience synthesis.
      • Back up and begin again "as a child."
      • True liberty is liberty in law. Only in that are you truly free. Lucifer knew this thought does not come naturally to the animal-origin mind.
    • Remain humble when reading. Our authors' use of language is far beyond any sophistication in a human text.
      • Herman Melville might have been a fine author, be he's no Mighty Messenger.
      • Try to avoid engaging the 5th ER purely poetically, like one might engage Melville.
    • It's not how brilliant you are. It's how ignorant you aren't.
      • The horsepower of one's mental engine is a bottom-up and genetic fact. A subjective phenomenon.
      • The concept frame is top down; ignorance is about conformity with the cosmos.
      • Brilliance does not innately confer a true concept frame; Lucifer was brilliant, but in many ways just as ignorant as us.
      • Can you avoid thinking, "wow, I'm in awe. That person seems really smart, so everything they say must be valid."

  • Rational versus reasonable
    • Brilliant people produce shelves and shelves of books.
      • But if the material is in a false concept frame, it's garbage, objectively speaking. It doesn't take us cosmos-ward.
    • It may seem rational to put brilliant people in authority to rule over our lives... but it's not reasonable! And certainly not logical!
      • Brilliance in no way guarantees a true concept frame.
      • There's nothing reasonable about putting a brilliant but ignorant person in charge of your life.
    • A world of people who are both brilliant and possess valid concept frames?
      • Beyond our imagination. That's the post-bestowal-Son era.

  • The philosophic emergency we plunged into in the 20th century.
    • Even basic data is problematic insofar as it was collected using a false concept frame.
      • Modern science's distance to Andromeda is predicated on oodles of false assumptions.
      • The 5th ER gives us the authoritative distance as a calibration.
    • But our world seems to experience, over and over, a tendency to run off the rails. So maybe that's where things head for awhile.
      • In supremacy, the cosmos can deal with any set of negative facts and make them a net positive.

  • Power is purposed (and patterned) energy.

  • The sevenfold creators & sevenfold controllers are lists that aid comprehension. They are not exhaustive.
    • There are many unrevealed beings not encompassed by the 5th ER.
    • Nevertheless, these two sevenfold hierarchies are relatively true because this is a revealed concept frame.
      • The revelators don't have to reveal everything in order to reveal a complete slice.
    • In the reality perspective, The Sevenfold encompasses many beings that fit into this categorization.
      • The Sevenfold is a power-personality synthesis down in reality.
    • But through the looking glass in the Deity perspective, The Sevenfold is unity—a facet of Deity.
    • Hence its power-personality synthesis ("continuum-ness") represents unity.

  • The sevenfold controllers list in section 6 tries to ease us into the power beings.
    • Power beings are remote to us, having never really been revealed before.
      • To speak of the power beings is to talk of the things of the cosmos instead of the beings of the cosmos.
    • Items 7, 6, and 5 are named in a way to help us related them back to existential deity, but let's consider pure power facts.
    • 7. The Universal Controller. Maybe a better name for this item, a name that denotes a pure power fact.
      • The individual whose face is oriented toward the Isle—toward the absolute of matter—rather than toward other beings (through facing toward The Eternal Son)
      • But even still, the Universal Father as "The Source of Paradise" is a remote concept indeed.
      • The Universal Father/Controller is antecedent to the bifurcation of energy and spirit.
    • 6. The Isle of Paradise. The absolute of matter makes sense at this position in the list, matching The Eternal Son (the absolute of spirit) at this position in the sevenfold creators.
    • 5. The Infinite Spirit. The impersonal controller "face" of the Third Source and Center.
      • As opposed to The Conjoint Actor, which is a personal face, an individual.
    • 4. The Almighty Supreme. It makes since this would be here, in the middle of this list.
      • It's the summation of all the doings of the power beings in the experiential domain.
    • 3. The Supreme Power Directors. Quasi-material beings produced by the Master Spirits (which, not coincidentally, are number 3 as well in the sevenfold creators)
    • 2. The Supreme Power Centers. The Ancients of days are not involved in their creation. You might have expected them to be since they're item 2 in the sevenfold creators.
      • But Ancients of Days are "field fulcrums" between Master Spirits and Creator Sons. And they are central to the entire reflectivity system.
      • Hmm. So they're parallel to beings with the word "center" in their name. That can't be a coincidence.
    • 1. The Master Physical Controllers. 5 of the 7 types are only minded entities, not personalities! The remaining 2 are third-source personalities, not first-source personalities.
      • So they aren't in the Father's personality circuit (his personality is not a factor in the sevenfold controllers).
      • It's no coincidence that the Master Creator Sons (the name for a Creator Son in his fullness) parallel them at list item 1 in the sevenfold creators.
      • Even though all Creator Sons are not Master Creator Sons (yet), it's fitting to think of them when considering a list that includes The Supreme Being—also not fully manifested yet in time.
    • Items 3, 2, and 1 are called the Supreme Controllers, to parallel the 3 Supreme Creators.
      • But they function at all levels of the cosmos, not in the more strict hierarchy of the Supreme Creators.
      • Also known as the Universe Power Directors.

  • First-source personality produces spirit. Third-source personality produces matter.
    • All these power beings are children of The Infinite Spirit—the power "face" of the Third Source and Center.
    • Angels (e.g., supernaphim, secondaphim, etc) also are children of the Third Source and Center, but its personality "face" of The Conjoint Actor.
      • It's a complex cosmos.

  • There are things (power), and their are beings (personality). But what holds it all together?
    • Mind. And mother Deity. [116:5.10] hints at this in referring to the cosmic mind appearing on the scene, long ago.
    • Mind is not only energy. It is also activity.
    • Of course. On the one end it's related to matter (energy). And on the other end to spirit (activity).

  • God's liberty is in law. He must conform to cosmos as well, otherwise there would be no cosmos.
    • "God's the boss. He can do whatever he pleases."
      • No! He has to absolutely conform to an infinite system.
      • God is not a magic man with puppet strings down in time.
    • God's sovereignty in time is and increasingly will be trinitarian sovereignty—The Paradise Trinity.

  • As above, so below.
    • Triunity is key. Even in how we ascend the psychic circles of mortal progression.
      • You cannot progress by ignoring matter and focusing only on mind and spirit.
    • [116:5.16] The cosmos has difficulty arriving at dynamic equilibrium. Just like each of us does in our lives.
      • A stasis of bliss is not the way forward. You will engage a vigorous unsettled domain for trillions of years to come.

  • Matter versus mass
    • Matter is individuated energy. It has individuated properties like, say, a radius.
    • Mass is at the electronic level.
      • There is linear gravity response.
      • (Ultimatons are not at the electronic level and thus don't possess mass or respond to linear gravity.)