Episode:Jesus Goes Public—Preparation and Preaching (Part 18)

From Symmetry of Soul

Preaching in the temple in Jerusalem, Jesus proclaimed: “The Supreme Spirit shall bear witness with your spirits that you are truly the children of God. And if you are the sons of God, then have you been born of the spirit of God; and whosoever has been born of the spirit has in himself the power to overcome all doubt, and this is the victory that overcomes all uncertainty, even your faith.”

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Keywords: Urantia, Jesus, Admiration of Beauty, Religious Assurance, Born from Above

Opening thought: While inherited urges cannot be fundamentally modified, emotional responses to such urges can be changed; therefore the moral nature can be modified, character can be improved. [140:4.8]

Closing thought: We hope this is slowly bringing greater depth of recognition into your life.

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

A question about the symbols encountered in dream life led to consideration of the Thought Adjuster’s work in the human mind as well as details about the how the revelation was put into English. In dream life where sub-conscious material is brought into conscious registration, symbols are necessary because the sub-conscious of much of the content of our dreams is a realm that is instinctual, pre-linguistic. Consider the top-down process of Thought Adjuster work in the superconscious realm of the human mind. Even the high celestial authors of the revelation are not clear on how a fragment of infinity is able to engage the lowly animal origin mind of material mortals. The specifics of putting the revelation into English, at least for authors of very high origin, required the Thought Adjuster of the sleeping subject to bridge the vast disparity in the natures of the author and the midwayer such that the secondary midwayer can transcribe the communication into material form.

Reflecting on the “old” ten commandments of the Hebrews note not so much their parochial and fear-based content but simply their consecration and focus on God. Today fear-based appeals to putting God first find few takers in materially advanced cultures. We allude frequently to the risk of the collapse of civilization and the inauguration of an interregnum of wisdom, one of the effects of which would be a restoration of the primitive wisdom of fear of the Lord, a religious reset. Even a primitive fear dominated religionist can respond to truth. Animal-origin fear is pregnant with cosmic utility. Moses expanded the old ten commandments to the new and improved ten commandments in line with the seven commandments introduced by the Prince’s staff as the Father’s Way.

Finally, we noted how the Hellenization of Judaism likely served as something of a substitute for the philosophic uplifter (Magisterial Son) which we did not receive prior to Michael’s bestowal mission. Here we have an example of evolution providing for that which revelation fails to accomplish. Note the quickening of the sixth-century before Christ was a manifestation the Mother not a Father-like intervention. Consideration of the “whole” illuminates relationships in ways the examination of “parts” cannot.

142:4 Flavius and Greek Culture

Flavius provided his home as a venue for many prominent Jews to meet with Jesus out of the public eye. A proselyte of the gate, Flavius was not subject to the full requirements of Jewish law in order to participate in many of their religious services. Brief discussion called attention to a proselyte of the gate and a proselyte of righteousness having a parallel with being born again and being born again, again.

Brief comparison was made between the truth behind primitive religious practices based on erroneous ideas of God which SoS characterizes as “backing into the kingdom of heaven”, and the truth embodied in the fact-based front facing entrance into the kingdom of heaven enabled by the 5th ER.

To Flavius’ surprise Jesus was most appreciative of the many objects d’art and sculptures in Flavius’ home. Jesus spoke frankly of Moses’ well-intentioned efforts to combat idolatry. However in light of expanded revelation of God, these continued prohibitions against artistic reproductions of grace and beauty represent their own versions of false gods. Jesus forecasts a new dispensation wherein the one supreme duty of man expressed in two great privileges consists in:

  • the sincere worship of the infinite Creator, and
  • the loving service for one’s fellows.

Again we see Jesus conserving the truths behind the primitive practices of the Hebrews providing continuity of religious heritage rather than condemning their erroneous ideas.

Thus did Flavius believe all that Jesus taught him and enter the kingdom.

142:5 The Discourse on Assurance

In answer to the question of his hearers, as to how can they be certain he is sent from God, the Master delivered one of his more noteworthy sermons. As to Jesus’ message and his disciples teachings, they are to be judged by their fruits. As to the truths of the spirit they proclaim, such assurance is provided by the divine indweller in the heart of the seeker. Entrance into the kingdom is neither automatic nor a passive eventuality. Note the number of "if...then" conditional statements governing one’s entrance into the kingdom and attainment of eternal life laid out by Jesus.

Listen in the archive to the explanation of the revelators’ use of the term Supreme Spirit in the reworking of Paul’s letter to the Romans 8:16, suggesting the interplay of Mother Deity (Supreme Spirit) with Father Deity (your spirit-Thought Adjuster).

142:6 The Visit with Nicodemus

This famous episode is found in John’s gospel chapter 3. Comparisons between John’s version and the 5th ER version are instructive for its differences.

The material-minded Nicodemus was bewildered when confronted with Jesus’ teaching concerning being born from above. Again, consult the archive of the broadcast and the Perfecting Horizons Institute library for Dr. Halvorson’s paper on “Fruits of the Spirit”, wherein distinction is made between being “born from above” spirit born, and “born above”, spirit born and God-knowing.

Nicodemus while thoroughly sincere did not know how to submit his will to the divine Father as a little child. He left his visit with Jesus bewildered. Over the ensuing three years he did however summon his faith to enter the kingdom and with Joseph of Arimathea courageously attended the Master’s crucifixion and claimed his body for reverent interment while most of his disciples had fled in fear.

Notes by Brad

  • Why do both the Thought Adjuster and our subconscious communicate in symbols?
    • Same reason the Voyager Golden is written in symbols, not English. Too big of a discrepancy to allow direct language communication.
  • Fearing God was appropriate and natural in times long ago, but we're called to more.
  • Evolution of God concept in the age of written record

  • Can you walk face-forward into the kingdom, instead of backing into it?
    • The Urantia Book offers us a way, with details like the science of worship.
    • It offers a top-down philosophic perspective.