Episode:Jesus in Galilee—Building to the Climax (Part 3)

From Symmetry of Soul

Entrance into the Father’s kingdom—salvation—is wholly free, but progress—growth in grace—is essential to continuance therein. Acceptance by faith on your part makes you a partaker of the divine nature, a son or a daughter of God. By faith you are justified; by faith are you saved; and by this same faith are you eternally advanced in the way of progressive and divine perfection.

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Keywords: Urantia, Jesus, Salvation, Sonship, Righteousness

Summary by Kermit

Commentary on the Review

Continuing commentary on Jesus’ teachings about Magic and Superstition led us to consider the unrecognized and confounding powerful presence of mind activity and mind energy in the apparent efficacy of material remedies for treatment and prevention of physical ailments, as the common cold. Further we were reminded that the relative constancy of our physical forms (bodies) and their functioning is due to the action and presence of mind. And so does the barren philosophy of materialism rest on the unacknowledged principle of magic matter to explain the apparent violation of the second law of thermodynamics exhibited by living things.

A caller dogmatically asserting the primacy of the Bible over the 5th ER provided an occasion for discussing the challenge of the 5th ER in presenting mankind with new ways of understanding everything that has never previously been considered. We are routinely confronted with new meanings for words like righteousness, salvation, and the like. Sad to record that man’s age-old search for truth is becoming supplanted by a search for certitude in the completeness of philosophic systems supplied by others. Can the individual find truth by one’s self and avoid the false foundations of "intellectual assent, credulity, and established authority?"

150:4. Sending the Apostles Out Two and Two

The twelve apostles, the apostles of John, and the newly commissioned women’s corps were all gathered together in Tiberias whence Jesus directed the apostles go out in pairs over all Galilee preaching the gospel, while he remained with the younger teachers.

We were curious that in designating the apostolic pairs, Jesus ordered the pairs in the order of their calling, with the exception of Thomas and Matthew, whose order was switched. Long-time students of the revelation have time and again recognized the authors’ precision and care in their use of words, causing us to wonder at the possible significance of this variation.

We also remarked on the trust Jesus put in the evolutionary process by pairing the Alpheus twins in their preaching foray, notwithstanding their aforementioned mediocrity.

With instructions to meet at Nazareth on March 4 he sent them forth with specific instructions to carry the gospel to the Jews exclusively and with intimations foreshadowing the impending persecution by the religious leaders. He further warned of the discord among family members which would attend their preaching of the gospel and urged them to do their utmost for all of every family, but declared that family loyalties are in no way superordinate to the gospel. Note the level of meaning of brotherly love is two levels below the love exemplified in the gospel. Also, note the sword of truth which often cleaves kin.

150:5. What Must I Do to Be Saved

Following the departure of both John’s and Jesus’ apostles, Jesus endeavored to enhance the younger evangelists’ and the twelve women’s understanding of righteousness and salvation. The conventional meaning of righteousness in that day was correct conduct, and in like manner the conventional meaning of truth was correct understanding. Instead of works righteousness, or self-righteousness, Jesus taught and illustrated with scripture that a genuine righteousness is a top down process wherein a righteous mind is grown in you in response to your providing favorable conditions. The conventional understanding of salvation for the Jews consisted in a salvation from difficulties, prosperity predicated on righteousness. Jesus attempted to turn this temporal understanding upside down. The eternal salvation of which Jesus spoke is garnered by faith, not correct conduct. We also discussed the meanings of justification and salvation through faith and Jesus’ role in making salvation more real and acceptable. Jesus made clear that eternal salvation was free to men and women alike, being a state transcending gender.

Summing up his teaching Jesus makes clear that salvation is not won through righteousness, rather is righteousness the fruit of the acceptance of the Father’s free gift of sonship (salvation). In this teaching a clearer distinction between top-down versus bottom-up cosmic orientation can hardly be found in the revelation.

150:6. The Evening Lessons

The midwayers tantalize readers with a list of fourteen discussion topics covered with these younger groups of evangelists and women, prior the reunion of the entire group of kingdom workers in Nazareth. The topic titles are certainly profitable food for our reflection.

We noted that in this section the value and significance of David Zebedee’s messenger service to the kingdom labors underscores the cosmic nature of the enterprise, with its balance of material pragmatism and spiritual idealism.

Notes by Brad

  • Mind dominates matter.
    • This is such an omnipresent phenomenon, we hardly reflect on it and see it.
    • You hand can be moved in front of your face. Not how... but why? And why is there a hand in the first place?

  • There's a list of pairings of apostles. And Thomas and Matthew are flipped from their obvious order. WHy?
    • We don't know. Anyone got an idea?

  • Is the 5th ER a secret society? No, but it also is not a dispensational revelation.

  • "He who loves father or mother more than this gospel..." Remember that love has different levels of meaning.
    • Are you stuck at the "kin" level on the 4th level? Or even lower?

  • Do your little part, and trust the big picture, the overall evolutionary context.
    • Jesus knew he couldn't micromanage the teachers as they went out and about (that would kill any living truth at play).
    • This isn't a retail store with its specials of the week to keep staff mechanically on-message about.

  • Righteousness does not follow from precisely following a list of rules and procedures in exact robotic order.
    • That's been a popular thought throughout history.
  • For other ancient concepts of salvation, see [5:4.5]. Don't let these old wineskins unwittingly influence.
    • Entrance into the kingdom is free. And that's a fine and simple definition of salvation.
    • But once you're in the kingdom, you're not done. You've got a job to do! Supply favorable conditions to be grown.
    • There is still lots of grace in this kingdom, though, so fear not.
    • After Pentecost, we can take our salvation for granted. Which should leave open the space for asking, "Well, what now?"

  • Justified: a word that reminds us of law-abiding
    • Faith is a beginning--a nucleus--around which more can grow.