Episode:Purpose and Destiny—Planetary Dispensations (Part 7)

From Symmetry of Soul

The Trinity Teacher Sons come in groups to the spiritualizing worlds. A planetary Teacher Son is assisted and supported by seventy primary Sons, twelve secondary Sons, and three of the highest and most experienced of the supreme order of Daynals. This corps will remain for some time on the world, long enough to effect the transition from the evolutionary ages to the era of light and life.

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Keywords: Urantia, Trinity Teacher Sons, Cosmic Uplifters, Millennial Reign, Evolutionary Utopia

Opening thought: "The story of man's ascent from seaweed to the lordship of earthly creation is indeed a romance of biologic struggle and mind survival." And also downreach from up above.

Closing thought: If you can't do your best, at least do better. Perfectingness.

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

More discussion on the issues involved in extending planetary mortal lifespan emphasized the idea of the top-down higher mind engagement enabled through genetic engineering. The resulting improved genetic foundation on which mind is seated allows for higher mind engagement, which having a closer resonance with eternity, enables mind-body functioning in greater harmony such that the body is able to retain more robust life animation (less resistance) resulting in increased longevity. That's the idea, anyway.

True spirituality is indissolubly linked to harmonious coordination and function of each cosmic intuition. Notably absent in conventional notions of spirituality is the integrous functioning of the mathematical form of the cosmic discrimination, scientific consciousness—the first cosmic intuition.

Urantia’s post-bestowal age is most atypical. The apparent premature universal bestowal of Thought Adjusters allows for the spiritualization of loyalties without the adequate foundational principles of reality established through the previous planetary dispensations, i.e., Planetary Prince, Material Son and Daughter, and Magisterial Son. Thus setting the stage for the dangerous misapplication of the spirit ministries.

52:7 Post-Teacher Son Man

The Trinity Teacher Sons (TTS’s) differ from previous dispensational visitations in their origin, being offspring of the Paradise Trinity (the whole), and not of one or more of the three personal Paradise Deities. Jesus’ promise to return to complete his mission of spiritual uplift to Urantia invites speculation as to when he will come relative to the anticipated arrival of a Magisterial Son and TTSes. Such speculation may be informed by the idea that before a (w)holistic ministry can be of maximum value, the “parts” of a system need to be harmoniously balanced and potentialized.

Note our synthetic method employed in studying the revelation to sort out the details of the various designations of the Daynals comprising the dispensational group assigned, i.e., the planetary Teacher Son, the primary, secondary, and supreme Sons. No less than three different locations in the revelation are consulted ([20:8.1], [46:5.13], and [20:9.3]) to obtain the specific information necessary to ascertain further significance to their designations.

Interestingly, in the synthetic journey mentioned above, we find that the TTSes do not incarnate or otherwise materialize to become visible to mortals, but they work through the Brilliant Evening Stars, whom mortals can see, inasmuch as in their advanced stage they are more closely akin to Material Sons and Daughters.

Universe administration is revealed up to the central universe during this dispensation. Also, note the planet is undergoing radical transformations of educational, economic, and administrative systems (so-called down to earth activities) in addition to spiritual increase.

Adjuster fusion is increasingly common, their universal bestowal having been inaugurated upon the departure of the Paradise Bestowal Son. Such Father fusers also skip the mansion world training in increasing numbers to the point that the planet eventually is designated as of the primary modified order of mortal ascension, whereupon ascenders translate directly to the local universe headquarters.

A true golden age is approaching. TTSes remain for a thousand years of planetary time, completing successive missions punctuated by Magisterial Son judicial actions. They can be thought of as cosmic uplifters fostering ever increasing planetary allegiance to the Supreme Being. Still finite and mortal, the inhabitants of such a world are evolving a quality of near perfection. The inauguration of a world to the era of light and life is proclaimed by the appearance of the System Sovereign and the elevation of the Planetary Prince to the position of Planetary Sovereign. It should be noted that this era of light and life is attained irrespective of historical antecedents of rebellion and default.

The section and the paper conclude with several passages from scripture by Isaiah, Peter, and John’s revelation. Such use of scripture in the 5th ER should encourage all students to approach the scriptures in a top-down manner and discern the truth contained therein.

Notes by Brad

  • On our strange world, we're like 10-year-old kids trying to run a lemonade stand with no input from above.
    • That kid has no hesitation to jump right into the venture!
    • But the spiritual matters we deal with are more than mere lemonade stands!

  • You can never truly go backward--the imagery of a flaming sword outside the garden reminds us of this.

  • Trinity Teacher Sons have a very special origin: the Paradise Trinity itself.
    • They aren't functioning so much as partwise sons, like the others.
    • All these and preceding teachers have been top-down teachers, but these are top-down teachers in a different whole way, not a parts way.
    • These teachers "are a Trinity contribution" (emphasis added) to the world.

  • We explored much more deeply the assistants who come along with the Trinit Teacher Son
    • Jumped all around The Urantia Book to figure this out.