Episode:Traversing the Superuniverse (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

The autocracy of perfection and the democracy of evolution meet face to face on the superuniverse capital of Uversa. There are no disagreements nor minority opinions in the decrees of the supreme and superlative tribunals.

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Keywords: Urantia, Evolution, Perfection, Democracy, Supreme

Note: We noted the passing of Charles Montgomery, a close friend of Kermit's who had joined us on 8/9/2011 in a memorable episode.

Summary by Kermit

15:11. The Deliberative Assembly

The executive branch of the superuniverse government originates in the realms of perfection while the legislative branch springs from the evolutionary universes.

While Nebadon has no standing in the superuniverse councils, other local universes send representatives to the deliberative assembly chosen from the ranks of ascending-pilgrim graduates of Orvonton awaiting transport to Havona.

There is no record of the executive and legislative branches of the supergovernment being in disagreement, testifying to the fact that evolutionary beings are able to really attain the heights of perfected wisdom.

15:12. The Supreme Tribunals

The judicial branch of the superuniverse government shares personnel with the executive and the legislative branches. Ancients of Days, Perfectors of Wisdom or Divine Counselors may preside over tribunals depending on the severity of the case. Evidence is presented and interpreted by the Universal Censors. Mighty Messengers serve as defenders of evolutionary realms and beings. Those High in Authority offer the attitude of the higher government, and verdicts are rendered by a commission composed of varying and equal numbers of Those without Name and Number and members of the deliberative assembly.

It’s important to note that the Sovereign Michaels are supreme in their domains and are subject to the superuniverse government only for those matters which they voluntarily submit for counsel or adjudication. The only exception being cases where extinction of will creatures is in play. This is the exclusive domain of the Ancients of Days.

15:13. The Sector Governments

Here, we reviewed units of superuniverse administration concerned with the ten major sectors of a superuniverse, with each major sector being composed of one hundred minor sectors.

We also inserted text from other portions of the papers having to do with the rulers of the sector governments. The Perfections of Days being the rulers of the major sectors and the Recents of Days directing the minor sectors.

Major sector training of ascenders is of an intellectual nature in contrast with the more physical and material training at the minor sector level.

15:14. The Purposes of the Seven Superuniverses

We were intrigued by the knowledge that there are seven major purposes which are evolving in the seven superuniverses, only one of which will find fullest expression in each of the seven superuniverses.

Our superuniverse Orvonton, is primarily known for its lavish bestowal of merciful ministry to mortals. It is renowned for the way justice tempered by mercy and power and conditioned by patience prevails. The sacrifices of times are freely made to secure the stabilization of eternity, a true demonstration of love and mercy.

The true nature of the evolutionary purpose unfolding in Orvonton is difficult to describe. The authors feel that in Orvonton the six unique purposes of cosmic evolution occurring in the other six superuniverses are here being interassociated into a meaning-of-the-whole. This leads to the conjecture that the finished personalization of God the Supreme will in the remote future rule the perfected superuniverses from Uversa.

Each of the seven superuniverses is unique in nature and individual in destiny. Much is going on here that is unrevealed. The nature of the other six supercreations is likewise unrevealed primarily because we would not be able to understand much. The entire Urantia Book provides only a fleeting glimpse of the immense creation of which we are a part.

Our book does enable us to locate our place in the heavens, and while we are part of a well-nigh infinite family of worlds, we are precisely administered and lovingly fostered as if we were the only world in existence.