Episode:Jesus Faces Death—Farewell Instruction (Part 3)

From Symmetry of Soul

The new helper which Jesus promised to send into the hearts of believers is the Spirit of Truth, and it has poured out upon all flesh ever since that Pentecost. This divine endowment is not the letter or law of truth, neither is it to function as the form or expression of truth. The new teacher is the conviction of truth, the consciousness and assurance of true meanings on real spirit levels.

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Keywords: Urantia, Jesus, Spirit of Truth, Levels of Meaning, Golden Rule

Summary by Kermit

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180:5. The Spirit of Truth

This section is an aside by the midwayer commission which further develops the physics of the mind and spirit ministry of the Spirit of Truth (SoT) and to a lesser degree the Holy Spirit (HS). Christian writings make no distinction between these two ministries; thus Christianity today uses the SoT and the HS interchangeably for that spirit ministry poured out on all flesh at his ascension.

Alluding to the preexistent HS presence, Jesus promises to send a new helper upon his departure—the (SoT) to engage the hearts of believers. Recall this heart refers to the believer’s higher mind (upper domain of the hourglass analogy of the human mind) initiated at the moment of the creature’s encircuitment in the HS. In this engagement the SoT is delivered to the creature via the mind-spirit infrastructure of the HS by the Local Universe Mother Spirit. (Listen to our explication of the meaning of Jesus’ declaration that he is, “the way, the truth, and the life” in connection with his attainment of experiential Deity nature through coordination with local Mother Deity.)

This SoT is the spirit of living and growing truth, expanding, unfolding, and adaptive truth and NOT the letter or law of truth. Neither is it to function as the form or expression of truth. As mentioned on previous SoS episodes, the SoT functions in two modes:

  1. Spirit of Unification. Given by grace, whereupon the creature is superconsciously effectively established as a third psychic circler, capable of receiving a Thought Adjuster.
  2. As the guide into all truth. This requires the free-will cultivation of favorable conditions.

Divine truth is a spirit discerned and living reality. SoS has previously explored the inner workings of HS encircuitment in terms of the function and presence of the three cosmic intuitions (insights). We continue on this path pursuing the physics of SoT as an additional (fourth) insight into truth more directly, as an augmentation of the reality response, i.e. conviction of truth, the consciousness and assurance of true meanings on real spirit levels. In the sense that the HS can be called the spirit of fact, so the SoT enables the discrimination between truth and falsehood. The SoT’s fullness of function presupposes a harmonious balance of the working of the three cosmic intuitions.

We discussed the difficulty in discerning a true reality response from a false reality-ized signal. It is in this circumstance that confused believers are encouraged to access the mind which was in Jesus (SoT) when their own mind does not serve them well. But again as mentioned previously the higher the spirit influence one engages the greater the potential for both creativity and destructivity. Humility remains an effective antidote for the destructive use of spirit.

The revelators draw striking contrast of the exalted nature of divine truth existing on high levels of the realization of divinity and consciousness of communion with God compared with man’s attempts at the human formulation of divine truth, which result in intellectualized glorified wisdom, static forms, and theories.

Here the revelators address directly our old friends the levels of meaning (LoMs). They do so however from a considerably elevated perspective above that which Jesus introduced definitively in relation to the golden rule [147:4]. Rather than rungs on a ladder climbed in a bottom-up fashion, the levels of meaning are engaged in a more top-down holistic fashion. Listen to the archive for the full discussion involving the hourglass analogy of the human mind.

This parallel teaching converges in the new commandment which Jesus has just formalized for the eleven, loving their fellows as Jesus has loved us all. This Fatherly love of which Jesus speaks is transcendent of the 6th LoM thanks to the dynamism of the SoT, even to endless levels of eternal spiritual attainment. As tadpoles of budding cosmic consciousness we need not demand full recognition and realization for ourselves of these lofty truths. Recognition precedes realization. Recognize that whatever current level of realization of these truths we happen to enjoy, the lure of endless ever higher levels of love and service to be reached should disabuse us of complacency and self-satisfaction and keep us thirsty for enhanced righteous living. Again: humility carefully cultivated will serve well in this regard.

A recognition of these sublime truths is essential to understanding the Master’s teaching and practice of nonresistance to evil. This teaching is a spiritual pronouncement. The material implications of this teaching must be considered in connection with their spiritual correlations. In confronting and attempting to correct social wrongs care must be taken to avoid enshrining a resistance for the wrong or its perpetrators in your heart, lest it becomes hatred. Herein lies a great test of self-mastery, learning how to act externally in light of an inner life lived on Jesusonian levels.

The section ends with a contrast between elements of the old religion and the new religion—self-sacrifice vs. self-forgetfulness, fear-consciousness vs. truth conviction, piety and creedal loyalty vs. spontaneous, generous, and sincere friendliness, tradition and ceremony vs. genuine compassion for one’s fellows.

Keep cultivating those favorable conditions especially humility as we children of God seek to be grown.

Notes by Brad

  • The Spirit of Truth is a form of 4th cosmic insight, added atop the three cosmic intuitions. Paragraph 5 here literally says as much, calling it an insight.