Episode:Jesus Faces Death—The Crucifixion (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

Jesus had acquired that type of human character which could preserve its composure and assert its dignity in the face of continued and gratuitous insult. He could not be intimidated. Jesus revealed to all beings the manner in which God can become manifest in the life of the creature when such a creature truly chooses to do the will of the Father, thus becoming an active son of the living God.

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Keywords: Urantia, Jesus, Simple Dignity, Unostentatious Majesty, Dependable David Zebedee

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

We discussed more about the functioning and naming of the seven adjutant mind-spirits. They are given names from biblical reference. The adjutants being a mind ministry of the Local Universe Mother Spirit (LUMS) also have a spiritizing influence due to their origin in the spirit person of the LUMS, hence the validity of using the word spirit in their names. However, for the adjutants to function in the fullness of their names, we mortals must engage them from the top down with our personality (freewill). Without definitive personality engagement, the adjutants function in the mode of mind energy, with each adjutant evincing a particular aspect of mind energy e.g., symmetry, zeal, socialization etc. It requires freewill personality purposing to realize them into the spirit of wisdom, spirit of worship, spirit of counsel, etc. However, such freewill engagement if mal-purposed can result in an unfortunate spiritualizing of and application of adjutant energies to ideas resulting in some -ism or other.

Considering Andon and Fonta and the engagement of their 6th adjutant, recall this was the first functioning of this adjutant on the planet and occurred in the absence of any Holy Spirit encircuitment, which had to wait for the 7th adjutant to function for the first time thereby initiating the HS encircuitment with its spirit influence. Up to that point the 6th adjutant function was a mind energy phenomenon only.

Listen to the archive of the broadcast for details of the discussion exploring further the role of providing favorable conditions to enhance the spirit-mind interface with the HS. It was through a lifetime of supplying favorable conditions that Jesus was able to actualize his potentials of human character. Likewise consult the archive for the discussion of the effects of the protracted and building fear triggered by the global pandemic situation (COVID-19) and its manifestation in primitive evolutionary religious forms.

186:2.5 The Master’s Attitude (cont.)

Concerning the composure and dignity exhibited by Jesus through this whole appalling part of his bestowal, he was able to embody such heights of perfection of his human character because he spent a lifetime supplying favorable conditions to be grown, such as we are all challenged to do. Remember the inevitabilities and how they present the necessary contrasts to showcase and call forth the very best in human beings. Further that Jesus’ human character could not have developed to the levels it did were it not for the trying conditions existing in that time and place. “We mortals are experiential potentialities waiting to be grown, not existential beings waiting to be unmasked!”

The question was asked about spheres in some stage of light and life and how they would be able to present the kind of environment characterized in the inevitabilities. The interesting point made is that not all worlds are required or suitable for the production of agondonter character. Advanced spheres are concerned with producing ascenders with many other noble and commendable characteristics which we cannot even imagine.

Ironically, it was the Master himself who after all the perjured testimony had broken down provided the evidence used to convict him by declaring the truth of his divinity. In the face of Jesus’ mighty works the Jewish leaders willfully blinded themselves with their unfortunate use of their 6th adjutant (their zeal) to reject him and his mission.

Completely disinterested in Pilate’s attempts to save him, Jesus actually pitied him and made more than one sincere attempt to enlighten his darkened mind. In simple dignity and unostentatious majesty the Master revealed to all mortals the supernal human character man can perfect in partnership with God, and to the universe how god can become manifest in the life of a creature when such a creature truly chooses to do the will of the Father. Note the emphasis on “truly chooses” signifying the additional consecration of the creature mind to seeking the universal harmony of God the Mother.

Who of us can hope to not even be angry in the face of the jeers, blows, and buffetings the likes of which Jesus endured at the hands of the soldiers and servants? Most of us consider it a victory to restrain from expressing our anger when it wells up in us. Such a human character is available to each of us. Even the favorable condition of patience is transcended in Jesus’ character to a forbearance born of real understanding.

As Pilate exhibits the battered Jesus with his declaration “Behold the man”, there echoed throughout all Nebadon, “Behold God and man!” Throughout his life the Master ever revealed God to man, now at the end of his mortal career he makes a new and touching revelation of man to God.

186:3. The Dependable David Zebedee

The midwayers give David Zebedee a tip of the hat in this section. While all the apostles and so many of the Master’s disciples were so disrupted by events as to be all but useless, David maintained the presence of mind to focus his attention on the practical matters of securing a portion of the Gethsemane camp for use in running his messenger service. Surprisingly David was the only one of the leading disciples of Jesus who took a literal matter of fact view of the Master’s declaration that he would be put to death and rise again on the third day. Listen to the archive for the discussion on the importance of the faculty of using the fear stimulus in times of danger to focus on immediate and practical responses thereto. Upon Jesus’ burial David sent runners to the distant outposts of believers with the message that the Master had been laid in the tomb. He then dismissed his local runners to partake of the Passover and quietly instructed them to assemble at the home of Nicodemus on Sunday morning in anticipation of the Master’s resurrection.

Notes by Brad

  • It's in your freewill hands as concerns spirit influence over adjutant-mind spirit ministry in your mind.
    • These act in their lower energy modes (e.g. zeal) naturally. But your will can make them obtain their higher function (e.g. worship)
    • They don't confer the spirit of worship on you! You ennoble them from above with your own free will!
    • Do you really think, by grace, you'd have the full encompassment of the spirit of wisdom?
      • Sounds like the Lucifer rebellion--do you think you are innately divine?
    • the 6th adjutant (zeal/worship) is definitely tricky.
      • Ideas are fine. Theories are fine. But energizing them with "join me in this great cause" is problematic. A lot of conspiracy theories fall into this problematic mode, among 1,001 other things in life today.
    • You can't build a better mind yourself though. It's grown in you. Supply favorable conditions.
      • Just as a physical bodies needs favorable conditions for growth, so does the mind and spirit.
      • It's really one triune energy system, after all.

  • Does it feel like we now live in cursed times? A black ooze everywhere and disfavor with the gods?
    • It's inescapable. Thoughts of purity. and stress causing individuals and society to revert to more primitive modes of responding to life.
    • Can you avoid letting that run endlessly? It's quite self-destructive, after all.
    • Can you exercise self-control? Use reason?
    • Can you exercise proper overcontrol of your fear impulse?
      • Do it improperly, you spread the fear of the moment out to dread--out to infinity, as it were.
    • It's also possible, in our material-comfort era, to forget what dread is all about, what it feels like.
      • Or why it's there by design: dread can actually motivate you ("I am tired of dreading tomorrow! I will do something about it!")
      • Perhaps panic grocery buying is a manifestation of this? A sense of asserting control in the face of dread and distress.
    • It's a complex phenomenon, the mind sloshing hither and yon untethered like a firehose.
      • It eventually can result in waking life feeling like dream life. And people report such experiences in times like this.

  • "Get a hold of yourself" remains a relevant exclamation in these times.
    • "Be collected. No more amazement. Tell your piteous heart there’s no harm done." --Prospero, from The Tempest
    • The animal you will always fear death. The 5th ER doesn't dispel this away. Your mortal self died.
    • Grace is about something above your mortal self that does go on.
    • Can you identify more with your potentially immortal self in times like this?
    • Establish real trust in eternity.

  • Consider the inevitabilities when considering Jesus' character.
    • Do we desire this caliber of character? Then continuous and gratuitous insult was inevitable!
    • And we are potential agondonters, our world is full of tribulation more than many other mortal spheres.
    • Every actuality is a potentiality. It's in your freewill hands.
      • You can grow in relation to a difficulty, or be crushed by it. Always. Always. Always.
    • Everything for us in life is a test.
      • Not an eternal test, of course. But can you not be "continuously and gratuitously insulted" by the news of the hour, and the empty grocery store shelves?
      • Pilate was on trial. We each are on trial.
      • Do you know truth? Do you obey truth? Or do you rage like the heathen?
    • Can you be collected even when the news cycle tries to make you behave like an animal?

  • Jesus wasn't really blasphemous, but in the subjective non-reality of the Sanhedrists, he was.
    • They let their -isms get out of control. And to them Jesus evoked purple-faced, garment-rending subjective rage with his supposed blasphemy.

  • Consecrating your will to God the Father's will. How do you do it truly?
    • You start with the initiation of God the father.
    • But to uphold this choice--to make it true--you need consecration to the whole, to God the Mother.
      • You cannot even truly love without this wholeness.
        • Instead of a benign virus of love, you'd get a malignant virus.
    • God the Father can make it real. But only God the Mother can make it true.

  • Instead of mere self-possession (overcoming your anger), can you strive to be a true human, to have great self-possession (not even get angry)?
    • And recall that anger is just the other side of the coin of impatience ([48:7], mota item #18)
    • And even beyond patience, there is long-suffering.

  • David Zebedee seemed to always be a step ahead, always have a plan. Methodical. And collected.
    • He seemed to be able to turn fear into focus.
      • Which speaks to us today, in these strange times.
    • If you cannot focus, you certainly have no capacity to have wisdom, insight, or foresight.
      • You can't even get to the first of the three cosmic intuitions without focus. That first one is called the logical acumen for heaven's sake! (acumen means "brought to a point")
      • Be focused, not fuzzy, in your thinking.
    • David Z. seems biased toward his individuality consciousness, allowing him to focus more easily.
      • Which is unusual for a follower of Jesus, usually more likely biased to their unity consciousness.
    • David tended to see things clearly in these stressful times, while even Jesus' apostles were taken to illusions or even utterly disordered minds.

  • Focus is something to strive for, even if your genetics don't predispose you to it.
    • You can be grown. Just be patient and someday you can transcend your genetics.
    • Though you also can spend a lifetime practicing the defocusing of your mind. Which is unfortunate.
    • But even if that's so, it you can just let go a bit, your mind can arbitrarily re-find some focus.
      • Vivid islands of thought will individuate certainly! But if it's a vivid of island of heat (instead of light), it might just make your subjective condition even worse.
      • Seek vivid islands of light, not vivid islands of heat, in your mind.
    • Perhaps a great actor can let illusions take total hold of them. and maybe that's fun on stage.
      • But that isn't focus. In a crisis, you need focus and sober thinking. No illusions.
      • Are you someone who has an illusion that light and life is nigh? You need focus! This is material-comfort era, sliding back into security and even nutrition eras. Not light & life!

  • Appreciate what kind of organization David Z has here.
    • Messengers went out far and wide, east and west of the Jordan River.
    • And all the way over to the west, to Alexandria.
    • They started running with 5 minutes of Jesus being taken away for crucifixion. He was loaded and ready to go.

  • Several references to David Z.'s literal and peculiar mind.
    • Most Urantia Book readers are not like David Z. They're unfocused and frothy.
    • So even if you weren't "born on third base" as regards focus, you eventually need to be grown to have focus.
    • That said, someone who is uber-focused may be very prosaic and miss the big picture, or have imagination to see other possibilities.
    • So, like most things, it's a balance here when it comes to maturity.

  • Note: Nicodemus was a member of the Sanhedrin, but didn't want Jesus killed. He was a Pharisee, not a Saducee.
  • Note: "Five or six tents" -- could the Midwayers' records possibly not even be infinitely precise?

  • This author notes: many this week say,"I'm so bored! What TV should I watch? what should I do?" as they remain at in seclusion in their homes like so many apostles in hiding.
    • What you elect to read, how you decide to allocate your time right now, is up to you.
    • How you elect to use your mind in times like these is in your freewill hands.
    • What if you came out of these troubled times more educated and reflective on the 5th Epochal Relevation?
    • we invite you to use this website, our archived recordings, and Perfecting Horizons Institute's Library [1] to enhance your time at home especially in the coming days and/or weeks.