Episode:Last Ministry of the Master—Jesus' Final Tour (Part 6)

From Symmetry of Soul

You should not become discouraged by the apparently slow progress of Jesus’ doctrine of the kingdom of heaven. Remember that the order of progressive evolution is subjected to sudden and unexpected periodical changes in both the material and the spiritual worlds. The bestowal of Jesus as an incarnated Son was just such a strange and unexpected event in the spiritual life of the world.

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Keywords: Urantia, Jesus, Promised Return, Next Age of Man, Christian Propaganda

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

The Kingdom of Heaven constitutes a divine invitation from Jesus to initiate a living experience with God in the domain of the inner life. This divinely enriched inner life of the individual serves to enhance the whole of civilization. Fruits of the spirit are a natural outgrowth of cultivating the kingdom within. The absolute individuality of the Father’s love initiated within however must be transmuted, reciprocated into the universe totality attitude which characterizes Mother love if it is to be in conformity with the cosmos. Recall, the Father initiates and direction-izes, sets us on the right direction while the Mother focalizes and upholds. The 5th ER clarifies the cosmic physics of these transactions and finds a parallel in the case of ideals and ideas. Ideals, found in the inner life, must be transitioned into ideas in order to find righteous application in the outer life arena of human activity.

Endeavoring to be God-like is best accomplished, top-down initiated by Deity instead of bottom-up anthropomorphic extrapolation of old concepts of God.

170:4. Jesus’ Teaching About the Kingdom

While never giving a precise definition of the kingdom, Jesus always spoke of the kingdom in terms of the brotherhood of God’s reign in the hearts of men. We must count ourselves more than supremely fortunate to have the precision of this narrative penned by the midwayers, what with their enumerated lists, to elucidate and clarify the complexities of the subject.

Listen to our explanation of the five phases of the kingdom noted in Jesus’ sermon and their parallel with the final four of the seven developmental epochs of progressive civilization found in [50:5]. The levels of meaning can also be discerned in these phases and epochs. This kind of synthetic engagement with the 5th ER discloses an elegance of structure which, sad to record... too often escapes the casual reader.

The outcome of attempts to skip some of the stages of development found in these stepping stones to light and life is starkly illustrated in our system and planetary history of rebellion and default.

The midwayers note that we must use our faculties of discrimination to ascertain which of the five phases of the kingdom the Master is referring to when he uses the term. And further note that they begin with the inner transformation of will and progressively unfold in the modification and enhancement of the entire course of human evolution, social and otherwise.

In addition to the phases of the kingdom, we are presented with five cardinal features of the gospel of the kingdom. Founded on the preeminence of the individual and the individual’s sovereign will in choosing spiritual fellowship with God the Father, the loving service of one’s fellows naturally follows. And all of this operates in consonance with the transcendency of the spiritual over the material as concerns human personality.

The benefits to society and civilization begin with the preeminence of the individual as opposed to the primacy of the collective. The personal sovereignty within thus finds expression in a society as individual freedom. Herein did Jesus sowed the seeds of a new dispensation of true social righteousness. Founders of the United States ventured to structure a nation based on the preeminence of the individuals in spiritual fellowship with God.

Notwithstanding the slow progress of the kingdom idea on our world, it rests with each individual to establish the kingdom within his own soul. The Master did refer to a future in which the kingdom would find full flower, even intimating that a world crisis might be coincident therewith. He also, on more than one occasion promised to return to our world. He never linked these events, but of course his apostles and followers did. Today, as well as two thousand years ago, believers entertain such notions.

170:5.1-10 Later Ideas of the Kingdom

The midwayers admit to being permitted to present a prophetic forecast of the kingdom’s possible future evolution. Note genuine prophecy involves direct engagement with celestials, which the midwayers may certainly claim.

The midwayers proceed to chronicle the course of the kingdom of heaven’s metamorphosis as influenced by Greek idealism, to its modification from Jesus as Jewish Messiah to Redeemer of the Christian church where Jesus’ teachings became overshadowed and supplanted by ideas of Paul, Philo, and the dual spiritism of the Persians. Today we are confronted with a formal and institutional church as a substitute for the individually spirit-led brotherhood of the kingdom.

Yet, we are assured by the authors that the kingdom of God’s reign in the hearts of men which yet exists will find full proclamation to the whole world—even to every individual.

Notes by Brad

  • Are you properly founded on the inside, in the inner life, so you can engage the outer life correctly?
    • This isn't fashionable these days. Do you have the courage and independence to do it anyway?

  • Fatherly love is only an initiation--it is discovered only within your inner life.
    • Direct manifestation of fatherly love is impossible--it's only indirect, through the Mother.
      • If you think this is possible--if you anthropomorphize the Father too much--it becomes a kind of self love.
    • If it has direct application, it's Mother love
    • The outworking of this is in the fruits of the spirit, a manifestation of brotherly love (through the Mother)
    • Remember that human fathers are mammals... their fatherly love is not heavenly Father stuff.
    • Can you break your bottom-up anthropomorphic exultation of mammals?
      • Be born again in your concept? Can you start with deity in attempting to understand reality?

  • Being born again is not just an exultation of your first birth. It's being reborn from the top down.
    • Think totally differently.
      • Most of us never get far away from our existing thoughts--just like the apostles
      • The apostles were the poster children of dense. But so are you and me.
      • We are supposed to be naturally dense. You must be unnatural to transcend this animal-origin estate.
    • We think a thought is some totally new thought--but it's lipstick on a pig most of the time.
  • Can you be born again?
    • Have genuinely new thoughts? And escape old wineskins?
    • Can you want to find where you are falsely assuming success?
      • Even if in all honesty it appears you have succeeded have you really?
    • Sounds like a lot. Can you just be humble?

  • There are 5 phases "or epochs" in the kingdom, which appear to parallel planetary developmental epochs.
    • The authors' hint is in calling them epochs, and ending the list with light and life!
    • Concerning planetary developmental epochs
      • There are 7 of them. 3 initial, 3 final, and a middle fulcrum (quest for knowledge and wisdom)
      • The final 3 epochs are predicated on the inner life (as opposed the first 3 and the outer life)
    • Phase 1 is about founding your inner life, which parallels the quest for knowledge and wisdom (planetary epoch #4)
    • Phases 2 and 3 are about brotherhood, which is the epoch of philosophy and brotherhood (planetary epoch #5)
    • Phase 4 is the ago of spiritual striving (not material striving) (planetary epoch #6)
    • Phase 5 is light and life (planetary epoch #7)

  • Ever-more rich inner lives is the only way civilization progresses.
    • Seek first the kingdom of heaven... not the kingdom of elites.
    • Their treatises on fixing the world are dazzling intellectual pieces, going on for thousands of humanistic pages...
      • "A dream comes when there are many cares, and many words mark the speech of a fool." —Ecclesiastes 5:3
    • ...but they aren't predicated on an inner life--often their prefaces discount the very notion of such a thing.
    • So they're as fraudulent and as unreal as Caligastia.
    • Predicate a society on individual freedom, not a centralized collectivist model.
    • Want to improve society? Focus on the preeminence of the individual.
      • Who have inner lives. Where there is liberty.
      • That inner life liberty, through wisdom, will manifest outward into freedom.
      • You still need collective endeavors, but don't found society on collectivist matters.

  • For 2000 years, successive generations have awaited Jesus' return--an "inspiring but disappointing" hope.

  • Can a midwayer be a prophet? To engage in "prophetic forecast"?
    • Oh yes! The definition of a true prophet is one in direct contact with celestial intelligences
    • They can, well, do that for sure.
      • Unlike most of our so-called prophets (ghost cult notions).
      • "Some ideas flashed into my mind. So some angel whispered in my ear." Not so fast. Our minds are quite fancy.
      • But anyway...

  • A vivid external church will lead you away from the inner life.
    • Which is the foot early Christianity got off on.
    • There was more to the 5th century than the Visigoths. The inner life has vanished as a concept, which sent Christianity into hibernation for 1000 years.

  • For us today, an interregnum would be "between the reigns of the inner lives in the hearts of men."
    • See to your inner life. Start with yourself. The Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men. Stop trying to be a Most High.