Episode:Purpose and Destiny—Stages of Light and Life (Part 7)

From Symmetry of Soul

When a local universe becomes settled in light and life, it soon swings into the established superuniverse circuits, and the Ancients of Days proclaim the establishment of the supreme council of unlimited authority. This new governing body of Supreme Trinity Personalities is chiefly concerned with the new problems and the new conditions arising out of the advanced status of light and life.

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Keywords: Urantia, Midsoniters, System Stage, Constellation Stage, Local Universe Stage

Opening thought: "If the gods designed merely to take you on one long and eternal joy excursion, they certainly would not so largely turn the whole universe into one vast and intricate practical training school."

Note: Justin Armstrong filled in for Kermit Anderson this week.

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

Distinction was made between the stages of light and life considered from the individual planetary perspective (previously considered) and the universe administrative perspective. Individual planets ore limited in their rate and quality of advancement by the context of the whole. The top-down influence of supremacy greatly affects and modifies the processes, procedures, and practices of bottom-up evolution, making for markedly diverse evolutionary paths for each of the seven trillion worlds in the evolutionary universes.

Recall, of the seven trillion worlds mentioned, a number of them are architectural. The evolutionary worlds moving up through the stages of light and life represents the gradual attainment of architectural-world status. Here we begin to see a realm of activity involving beings and elements of universe reality which are not revealed in the Urantia Papers, vastly complex and of no apparent immediacy to our mortal experience. Here we find details less pertinent to individual mortals.

From these heights of advancement and complexity we might imagine this revelation we study to be something akin to a simplistic preschool primer. Such reflections should produce an attitude of profound humility. Look back in human history at the crude concept frames entertained by our forebears and imagine we are likely doing the same. We are called upon to strive for flexibility and teachability of mind. Using the gift of personality to spiritualize our thinking, while at the same time seeking a strength of mind in cultivating the cosmic intuitions for a more solid grasp of reality instead of reinforcing our preconceived opinions, settled ideas, and long-standing prejudices.

55:8 The Second or System Stage

Note the fewer references to the doings of individual mortals and the emphasis on administrative details. We are asked to imagine the diversity among the system worlds when the final planet in a system to reach light and life has been so settled for a thousand years, while many other planets have been settled for many many millennia. The stratification of the executive, legislative, and judicial functions are moving up to the superuniverse level. Systems become virtually self-governing, achieving through due process what Lucifer attempted by fiat. With each advancing stage we discern patterns and parallels which evince the ever-increasing influence, direction, and coherence with the downwelling of the Paradise Trinity, making the universes more Havona like, predicated on the whole and less on the existential parts (the three infinite persons). We noted the increasing involvement and larger role of Trinity-origin beings in administrative roles. System Sovereigns become perpetual heads, note the parallel with the Planetary Sovereign’s permanent installation in the previous stage.

Midsoniters for the first time come to counsel the legislative assemblies and advise the adjudicational tribunals. They serve as genuine philosophic uplifters inculcating new mota meanings into their teaching (think more fluid spiritualized thinking). Spiritualized thinking—obeying the truth—liberates man from bottom-up concept frames and fosters ever more precise cosmic wholeness. It is this spiritualized thinking which is able to counter the inherent quality of material gravity and material mind to follow a path of least resistance. To us animal-origin creatures in our still primitive state such precise cosmic alignment appears a tall mountain to climb. The spiritualization of our thinking is not synonymous with a path of bliss. Think more what it takes to find a positive response to a negative stimulus, effort, struggle, conflict etc.

We are told Nebadon does not have any constellations in this stage. The mansion worlds are still ascension training worlds. However, with the constellation stage, the mansion worlds cease to function, and advanced ascenders are no longer able to return to them as teachers therefore alternate compensating opportunities need to be provided. The repurposed mansion worlds are put to unrevealed use by the finaliters. The beings and activities hereon are increasingly remote to our comprehension.

Note the vast time spans in play. Nebadon is two hundred billion years old and no constellation settled, or even a single system where the mansion worlds have been repurposed from ascension training spheres to whatever is next.

55:9 The Third or Constellation Stage

The universe hierarchy continues to flatten, with many constellation and universe activities transferred to the system level. Greater superuniverse-like functioning penetrating further down, with more direct engagement of constellation affairs with superuniverse agencies. The ascension scheme activities are gradually being supplanted by the unrevealed activities resembling a consolidation of superuniverse function. Note regardless of our benighted state, Urantia will eventually take its place among the settled spheres of a settled universe.

Upon attainment of the final system in light and life and the inauguration of the third stage, the Most Highs are proclaimed truly Most High and unqualified rulers of the constellation, in realization of their true designation as the Most Highs, inasmuch as the Creator Son and universe Mother will leave for the outer space levels and the Most Highs will deal directly with the superuniverse rulers elucidating the nature of the Vorondadek Sons as incorruptible.

55:10 The Fourth of Local Universe Stage

With inauguration of this stage comes the supreme council of unlimited authority, its composition being the one hundred Faithfuls of Days under the direction of the Union of Days, thus further underscoring the extension of the Trinity Havona domain.

We note that each advancing stage is characterized by the problems encountered. Evolutionary progress is a series of problems to solve. Consider this when reflecting on our individual nature and natural tendency to avoid problems and find a path of least resistance.

More collapse of hierarchical relationships witnessed by Gabriel dealing more directly with the Ancients of Days, and the Mother Spirit engaging more directly with the Master Spirit. Note [Paper 17] has reference to the Mother Spirit’s next, but unrevealed sixth phase of her universe career.

This stage involves profound adjustments across the full range of universe administration (planetary to universe headquarters). One hundred Magisterial Sons now constitute the new high council of the Bright and Morning Star. Trinity Teacher Sons transition from jurisdiction of the local creation to service of the supreme council of unlimited authority finding their place in the local universe serving with fellow trinity origin beings.