Episode:Purpose and Destiny—Universal Unity (Part 4)

From Symmetry of Soul

The Unqualified Absolute and the Deity Absolute are unified in the Universal Absolute. The Absolutes are co-ordinated in the Ultimate, conditioned in the Supreme, and time-space modified in God the Sevenfold. On subinfinite levels there are three Absolutes, but in infinity they appear to be one. On Paradise there are three personalizations of Deity, but in the Trinity they are one.

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Keywords: Urantia, God the Supreme, Absolute Unity, The Paradise Trinity, God the Father

Opening thought: All streams flow into the sea, yet the sea is never additively full. To the place the streams come from, there they return again. Forever force and energy go on; having gone out from Paradise, they must return thereto, even if age upon age be required for the completion of the ordained circuit. All things are hard: man cannot explain them by word. (Ecclesiastes Ch. 1; and Paper 42)

Closing thought: Spend some time with Deity. It will improve your life.

Note: Justin Armstrong filled in for Andrea Barnes this week.

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

As we fledgling finite creatures struggle to arrive at some understanding of the Deity unity and unification of cosmic reality on various universe levels we are confronted with increasingly complex problems in reconciling the finite and the absonite. Consider the relatively simple concept frame of the orientation of the billion Havona worlds existing in a flat finite three-dimensional plane. Now try to imagine a concept frame for the orientation of these worlds in absonite geometry.

Complexities are also encountered in attempting to penetrate the physics of personality recognition enabled through the agency of Deity. Creature personality recognition is a special case of deity recognition involving the facet of Deity called the First Source. Deity recognition in relation to an additional facet of Deity called the Sevenfold is the context for creature personality recognition of the Father.

Even the most basic phenomena of sensation recognition, the mind registration of sensory stimuli, would be impossible without the functioning of Mother Deity. Herein are the foundational elements for a more correct understanding of the mind’s interaction with the external world, the nature of consciousness, even the actual science and validity of the term recognition. With these principles as a starting point the revelators progress to much more abstruse realms as the Supreme, the Sevenfold, the Absonite capacity, etc.

Man’s understanding is mightily augmented when the role of Deity is included in his deliberations on the nature of reality. Such inclusion enhances the ability to access the full wholeness of Holy Spirit encircuitment transcending the partwise activity of the three cosmic intuitions. This in turn facilitates a more profitable engagement with the Spirit of Truth.

SoS regularly speaks to the emergency conditions cited by the revelators’ “sad to record...” sentiments which summoned the revelation. Adding the study of Deity to contemplations on reality provides a path out of the contemporary philosophic abyss threatening civilization. Pause to reflect on the simple but profound fact that Mother Deity transcends the absoluteness of reality for us in each moment and in the seemingly simplest of phenomena.

56:8 The Supreme Unifier

The term unifier suggests an actor consistent with our monotheistic theological traditions rather than the functioning of Deity, thus providing us an onramp to this material. The threefold functioning of the Supreme Being is downstepped as the Universal Mother (Finite Upholder), the Supreme Father, and the Supreme Spirit.

Attention is directed to a chart Finite Careers of Creature and Creator Sons found on the Perfecting Horizons website which illustrates the two phases each of ascending creatures' and descending Creator Sons' universe careers. Consult the chart and the archive of the broadcast for explication of the reciprocation action wherein the Supreme Creators manifest the Almighty and finaliters become Mother revealing. Note the manner in which the entire cosmos is spanned in the declaration of the literal truth of Jesus’ statement, “The Son does only those things which he sees the Father do,” in illustration of the grand disclosure by the revelators, “All creational phenomena are reflective of antecedent creator-spirit activities.”

56:9 Universal Absolute Unity

In the simplest approach to this daunting section title, think of the influence in reality from Absolute Deity. The revelators being enjoined to write in the reality perspective makes for some difficult parsing of terms. Lack of familiarity with the Deity-Reality reciprocation of terms renders this material most challenging if not impenetrable. Yet each attempt to grasp this material (in the company and with the assistance of those who are more familiar with such terms and relationships) yields incremental insights. One such increment being the clarification of the two meanings of the term, lower-case “i” infinity. (Those being: 1) the totality of reality and, 2) the divinity of Infinity (upper-case Infinity), where capital “I” Infinity is the function of Deity on the infinite level.

Fortunately the revelators do resolve the major philosophic proposition of the master universe, which is: Did the Absolute (the three Absolutes as one in infinity) exist before the Trinity? and is the Absolute ancestral to the Trinity? or is the Trinity antecedent to the Absolute? Again, listen to the broadcast for the unpacking of this. Spoiler alert, the Trinity is antecedent to the Absolute.

Throughout this narrative we note the revelators begin each topic with expressions aimed at speaking to us in our monotheistic foundations with anchor-point statements like: “The Universal Father is the explanation of universal unity as it must be supremely, even ultimately, realized in the postultimate unity of absolute values and meanings—unqualified Reality.” And concluding the section with: “Philosophically and experientially, in concept and in reality, all things and beings center in the Paradise Father. God is all and in all, and no things or beings exist without him.” And in so doing further establish this revelation as a philosophic text.