Marriage and Family (study arc)

From Symmetry of Soul

Marriage and Family was a 15-episode arc covered in 2015 by Symmetry of Soul. It comprises 3 series covering 3 papers of The Urantia Book: Papers 82, 83, and 84.

Some things to keep in mind

  • These papers reveal the evolution of men and women's relationships
    • It's one evolutionary system.
    • Seeing the evolutionary history ought to help serious student better contextualize the times he or she now lives in.
    • The institutions evolve over time to realize higher and higher ideas as they are recognized by evolving mankind.

  • Marriage AND family must be understood together to properly understand either one.
    • Family is the foundation of all human institutions.
    • Marriage gave us the home, and the home is the "crowning glory" of the struggles of evolution.
      • The home is nucleus upon which all civilization is based on.
      • If the family is in jeopardy as an institution, then civilization also is in jeopardy--in danger of collapse.
    • These papers are in the 5th ER because of their direct implications for civilization.
      • They aren't merely here to help us understand how men and women can understand each other better (though that's a decent side effect)
      • We have a duty to civilization by way of these institutions.

List of Series and Their Parts

  • The Origins

  • The Institutions

  • The Ideals
    • Part 1 [Paper 84:0-2, p. 931]
    • Part 2 [Paper 84:3-4, p. 933]
    • Part 3 [Paper 84:5-6, p. 936]
    • Part 4 [Paper 84:7, p. 939]
    • Part 5 [Paper 84:7, p. 939] and [Paper 142:7, p. 1603]
    • Part 6 [Paper 84:8, p. 942] and [Paper 68:2, p. 764]