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From Symmetry of Soul

Seek first the kingdom of heaven

Main article: Seek first the kingdom of heaven

You must be saved

Main article: You must be saved

Follow God's instructions

Supply favorable conditions to be grown

Get over yourself, Narcissus.

Main article: Favorable conditions

Emergency! Be not deceived

Main article: Emergency

How to be a serious student of The Urantia Papers

Main article: Being a serious student

Evolutionary religion is everywhere

Top 10 other essential concepts

  1. Levels of meaning
  2. Mind
  3. Top-down versus bottom-up
  4. Threefold actuality. Core to the nature of reality.
  5. The part and the whole
  6. Four experiential divine ideals
  7. Four phases of religious philosophy
  8. Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny‏‎
  9. All good things taken to an extreme become bad
  10. The seven developmental epochs of progressive civilization, notably the material-comfort era and its excesses.