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Jesus Goes Public (2022)

Main article: Jesus Goes Public (Study Arc)

Purpose and Destiny (2021-22)

Main article: Purpose and Destiny (Study Arc)

Last Ministry of the Master (2021)

The Corps of the Finality (2021)

Experiential Deity (2020-21)

Jesus Faces Death (2019-20)

Main article: Jesus Faces Death (Study Arc)

God the Father (2019)

Jesus in Galilee (2018-19)

Evolutionary Religion (2017-18)

Jesus the Tutor (2017)

Religion in Depth (2016-17)

Civilization (2016)

Thought Adjusters (2015-16)

Jesus—The Transition Years (2015)

Marriage and Family (2015)

Main article: Marriage and Family (Study Arc)

Melchizedek Gospel (2014-15)

Prayer (2014)

The Five Epochal Revelations (2013-14)

The Life of Jesus (2012-13)

  • November 20, 2012: Thanksgiving—The Spirit of Gratitude [Paper 30:4, p. 340] and [Paper 66:7, p. 750] and [Paper 89:4, p. 977] and [Paper 89:8, p. 982] and [Paper 100:5, p. 1098] and [Paper 146:2, p. 1638]

The Paradise Ascent (2011-12)

Early series (2011)

Early episodes with Guests (2010-11)